Tsuujou Kougeki ga Zentai Kougeki de Ni-kai Kougeki no Okaasan wa Suki Desu ka? Episode #13

Well everyone, I hope you like beach episodes ’cause this MILF anime has one. And of course, let’s start with Mamako Oosuki as she’s wearing a bikini!

Also, here’s Porter where she tries to blow this inflatable float and while it’s cute to see her struggling to blow it, I think it would be better if Porter used an air pump instead.

But don’t worry though ’cause Masato Oosuki will help Porter out, although I would rather have Masato use the pump instead of exhausting his lungs.

On the other hand, Wise tries to stop Masato ’cause he’s having an indirect kiss from Porter. Well that was cute and all Wise, but who cares if Masato will get an indirect kiss as he’ll blow the float anyway.

This angered Wise as she blows him away with her wind magic. Of course, it won’t inflate the float as the strong wind might destroy it.

Oh and speaking of Masato, it appears that he lost his trousers thanks to Wise’s strong wind. Better cover himself quickly or his wiener might get exposed.

But don’t worry though ’cause Mamako is here to cover her son up, although Masato felt embarrassed that his mom would cover his private part. Oh, and not to mention that there’s some unfortunate implications down the line.

Now then, it’s time to break some watermelons as Shirase gave a wooden sword to Masato. Then again, I bet that he might miss hitting the watermelon.

And to make matters worse, the girls spin him around until Masato got very dizzy. Good luck on splitting that watermelon!

Then again, instead of splitting watermelons, looks like Masato Oosuki stumbled upon a pair of soft melons instead.

Well actually, it’s none other than Mamako’s breasts as Masato freaks out and throws his wooden sword.

Um Ma-kun, what if that sword went back to you like a boomerang after throwing it in the air?

Unfortunately, it appears that my warnings were ignored as Masato got hit by his own wooden sword and knocked-out.

Well Ma-kun, you shouldn’t throw your sword up in the air.

But it gets worse as Masato got amnesia after being hit by a wooden sword. What an inter- I mean, unfortunate turn of events on this beach episode!

But you know what, I think the only way for Ma-kun’s memories to return is to play with his mommy as Mamako wants to play Twister!

On second thought, it’s a bad idea as Masato is getting a bit horny when he saw Mamako’s ass. Yeah, seems that regaining his memories will be a bit tougher.

On the other hand, Medhi and Wise has decided to take Masato on a stroll at the beach. This will help him regain his memories.

Actually, forget about that as Medhi and Wise are planning to seduce Masato because he’s the hero, even though Mamako surpassed him in every way. Cheeky little girls!

Sadly, Masato saw right through their plans and leave. Looks like Medhi and Wise’s charms won’t work against Ma-kun!

And as you can see, they’re pretty much disappointed with Medhi kicking coconut trees like a yandere, while Wise got devastated because her chest is flat as a board.

After he ditched both Medhi and Wise, Masato went to Mamako where he confesses his love for his mother.

Of course, Mamako is happy but then again, nobody likes incest because it’s wrong for one guy to be in love with his own mother!

But who cares about those haters, let them kiss because some fans are horny for mother-son incest!

However, someone interrupted their kiss when Mamako Oosuki got caught by something, which led Masato to rescue his own mother.

Except that Masato got captured instead by this kraken. Gotta say that this beach episode is getting wild now that we have a monster to deal with.

Well then, time for Porter to bring both Terra di Madre and Altura to Mamako Oosuki ’cause she’s gonna rescue her son.

Of course, she’s just swing her two swords to create a powerful magic against the kraken. C’mon, Mamako can attack two time against multiple targets.

But yes, this kraken is already toast thanks to Mamako’s overpowered attacks. Now the only thing she needs to do is to rescue Ma-kun.

And speaking of Masato, looks like he’s gonna drown himself to death. But before he kicks the bucket, Ma-kun remembered something from his past.

You see when he was a young boy, Masato fell down and almost swallowed by the ocean waves. Yeah, it was a traumatic experience for him.

Fortunately, Mamako saved her own son because c’mon, she’s a loving mother who really cares about Ma-kun’s well-being.

Now then, looks like Masato has saw the light as he’ll go to heaven ’cause Ma-kun is dead. No, we can’t end like this!

Actually, Masato Oosuki didn’t die as the ocean split into two much like how Moses split the Red Sea. Okay, I wonder if it has something to do about Mamako Oosuki?

Well it turns, Mamako did split the ocean using Altura’s powers. I have no words to describe on this amazing feat from Mamako!

Anyways, Mamako rescued Ma-kun yet again as he finally regained his memories. I’m so happy to see this touching moment on this beach episode.

As for the kraken, looks like they’ll cook it because they want to eat some octopus, especially when it’s grilled.

However, it appears that they grilled it too much in which one of the octopus legs flies off and hits Mamako and Shirase.

Oh, and the flying octopus leg hits Wise, Medhi, and Porter. Good thing Masato managed to dodge it but he’s gonna face another problem…

You see, everyone got amnesia upon getting hit by an octopus leg, meaning that Masato will have to painstakingly regain their memories. Oh and as for Shirase, looks like she died again!

But that’s the end of this special beach episode and I’m hoping that Kadokawa and J.C.Staff will make another season of Tsuujou Kougeki ga Zentai Kougeki de Ni-kai Kougeki no Okaasan wa Suki Desu ka? Then again, they’ll just tell the fans to read the novels anyway!

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