Carole and Tuesday Episodes #09 – #11

Well, it appears that Cybelle is getting a bit clingy towards Tuesday Simmons such as combing her hair, as if she’s like an obsessive girl.

This prompted Carole to take Tuesday away as they’re prepping up for their upcoming performance. Good luck to those girls, but I hope Cybelle won’t do something bad!

Anyways, I’ve returned to blog Carole and Tuesday after a long hiatus and while it’s already finished, I think it’s time for me to catch this series up.

So let’s continue with Mars Brightest as who will move onto the semi-finals. Let’s start with GGK and while she’s weird, she has a mysterious voice that might attract some fans.

Of course, GGK will have to face against the Mermaid Sisters where they have a fabulous voice, but the lyrics are so shit.

This prompted one of the judges to disqualify the Mermaid Sisters for the obscene lyrics. Um Catherine, they don’t mean no harm, it’s just that whoever wrote those lyrics is a troll.

Regardless, GGK moved onto the next round and man, it’s a shame that the Mermaid Sisters would get disqualified as they have a beautiful voice!

Next one will be a showdown between Cybelle and Angela Carpenter, but let’s start with Cybelle where she sings in French.

Very unusual considering that most of the contestants sing in English, but it’s nice that Cybelle wants to do something different. Then again, what scares me is her obsessiveness towards Tuesday.

By the way, Gus Goldman and Roddy are at the audience section together with Angela’s mother/manager Dahlia Carpenter.

Of course, Dahlia is expecting her daughter to win the quarter-final showdown against Cybelle.

And really, it’s all thanks to Mr. Tao for giving Angela Carpenter a singing voice that would leave everyone in awe, including the judges. With that said, Angela moves onto the semi-finals over Cybelle.

But speaking of Cybelle, she wants Tuesday to be her partner because she believes that they’re a perfect fit.

Of course, Tuesday refused to become Cybelle’s partner because she got Carole already. As much as Cybelle wants to form a duo with Tuesday, it’s no longer possible.

And so, Cybelle left the stage in tears. Then again, I have a feeling that it’s not over for Cybelle because she’ll do something dangerous.

Heck, seems that Pyotr took a video of that stalker from his phone. I think Pyotr’s phone will be important later on…

Now then, time for the semi-finals where one of the judges were replaced by none other than DJ Ertegun.

Yeah, he’s still egocentric as ever, but Ertegun will be surprised when Carole and Tuesday are participating on this talent show.

Anyways, let’s move onto the competition where Angela Carpenter has won the showdown over GGK. No surprises there!

Oh yeah, Mr. Tao watched Angela’s performance and while there’s nothing special because he’s doing his job, Mr. Tao also told Angela to perform a different song in which Dahlia was surprised by his decision.

Come to think of it, was Mr. Tao trying to test Angela Carpenter and her capabilities and limitations as a singer, especially when he’s responsible for giving her a singing voice with his own brand of artificial intelligence?

Next up, it’s Pyotr where he’s still show some energetic moves and not to mention his voice would make everyone scream like a little girl.

Now that he’s done performing, it’s time for Carole and Tuesday to take the stage.

But first, it appears that Tuesday Simmons received a mysterious package. Um Tuesday, I think you shouldn’t open someone’s package ’cause it might harm you.

Unfortunately, turns out that Tuesday opened the package in which the backstage room is filled with smoke. Anyways, Carole went there to see her partner…

…only to find Tuesday having a burn on her right hand. Please don’t tell me that someone wants to ruin the duo!

In any case, it looks like she can’t play the guitar as Tuesday can’t pick up the guitar pick.

So, it’s up to Carole on finding an alternate plan if they want to compete, otherwise they’ll have to forfeit the competition.

Meanwhile, Gus went to the security room to find some clues on the perpetrator, although he thinks that Dahlia is the one who wants to ruin Carole and Tuesday’s chances by sending a saboteur.

On second thought, it’s not like Dahlia Carpenter will use underhand tactics as she would rather have her daughter compete fair-and-square.

Now then, here’s Carole and Tuesday where they performed “Lost My Way” with Carole playing the piano.

Sure that it’s unfortunate that Tuesday can’t play the guitar during the semi-finals, they still put on a great show.

For the judges, it’s gonna be a tough one to choose which performer will move onto the final, although DJ Ertegun won’t give a thumbs-up to the girls as he’s not impressed.

For Catherine however, she told Carole and Tuesday that their performance is great, but it would be better if Tuesday played the guitar. Well, if only Tuesday didn’t open that package.

In the end, Carole and Tuesday won over Pyotr as they’ll move onto the finals. For Pyotr, it was a great experience for him to participate in Mars Brightest as he’ll receive lots of followers.

But for Carole and Tuesday however, they’re getting closer to their dreams of becoming stars! Of course, we still don’t know who the perpetrator is…

Of course, Gus Goldman will accuse Dahlia for cheap tricks just to win the competition, but she won’t even do that because she didn’t went to the backstage in the first place.

Fortunately, Roddy stepped in to tell Gus on who’s the perpetrator as he found a video from one of Pyotr’s streams.

No, it’s not Pyotr who put that mysterious package, but rather it’s Cybelle who evaded the security cameras and planted the package for Tuesday. Glad that Pyotr managed to capture this evidence!

And so, Cybelle was arrested but of course, she’ll blame Tuesday for betraying her and thus Cybelle put the package full of liquid nitrogen at the backstage.

But seriously, Cybelle is beyond saving at this point because she’s an obsessive maniac towards Tuesday to the point that she’ll do more harm. Still, I wonder if Tuesday’s right hand will recover?

Fortunately, the doctors told Tuesdays that her right hand will be healed within a week. Of course, Carole wants Tuesday to open her heart up ’cause keeping some secrets to herself might put them in danger.

Um Tuesday, I think you should tell Carole that you’re the daughter of a prominent politician.

Unfortunately, Valerie Simmons sends some goons to take Tuesday back home ’cause y’know, her chances of becoming the president of Mars will be ruined if her daughter got hurt or caught in trouble.

Oh yeah, and these goons didn’t hesitate to punch Carole to the face because they don’t care about her anyway!

And so, Tuesday Simmons got taken by Valerie’s goons. Dammit Valerie Simmons, you’ve ruined your daughter’s chances to become a star on her own right!

Also, Roddy and Gus Goldman went to the scene but alas, it’s already too late.

Of course, the only one who got hurt the most is Carole where she was supposed to give Tuesday a gift, but now it’s too late because Tuesday is gone.

Man, when will the duo be reunited in time for the finals of Mars Brightest? Anyways, tune in next time to find out but then again, I feared that it might not happen!

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