Carole and Tuesday Episode #12

Let’s start with Angela Carpenter where she went to Mr. Tao because she’s concerned about the lyrics of the songs. Of course, Mr. Tao explains that it’s written by his AI as it examines everything about Angela, from her expressions to her thoughts.

So yeah, there’s no issue regarding Mr. Tao’s artificial intelligence as Angela will do anything to be accepted by her mother Dahlia. Well then, let’s see what’s happening to Carole and Tuesday…

Of course, let’s not forget that Valerie Simmons is very angry that Tuesday escaped to Alba City, so therefore she decided to lock her daughter up.

And really, I really hate Valerie for treating her daughter badly. C’mon, Tuesday wants to pursue her music career and she wants to perform with Carole on Mars Brightest. If only someone will set her free…

Well, there’s Tuesday’s brother Spencer where he’ll help her escape. After all, Spencer saw with his own two eyes when Tuesday perform at a bar.

Of course, getting out of the mansion will be tough as not only she’ll have to face various guard robots, but Valerie’s goons as well.

The only thing Tuesday will have a chance to escape is having some outside help.

Back in Alba City, Gus Goldman treated Carole at a burger joint as they have no choice but to forfeit in Mars Brightest ’cause Tuesday went home.

Except that Carole doesn’t want to end like this as she really wants to perform with Tuesday, although Carole needs to finish her meal first.

Because of this, Gus has decided to help Carole out but here’s the thing though, they’re gonna commit a crime and there’s no guarantee that they’ll take Tuesday out.

Anyways, they went to Hershell where Carole, Gus, and Roddy will try to get Tuesday and head back to Alba City.

Of course, someone needs to become the bait for the guards. I mean, it’s heavily-guarded after all!

That’s where Roddy comes in where he’s being attacked by guard robots. Poor guy, why Roddy has to be the decoy?

Meanwhile, Spencer Simmons will make a distraction to the guard robots as Tuesday makes a run for it!

Anyways, Carole and Tuesday have finally reunited but of course, it’s not over yet ’cause they have to head towards the train station and get a ticket to Alba City.

Oh, and they have to get there fast or Valerie’s goons are gonna take Tuesday back. Heck, even Gus couldn’t handle a strong guy as he got tackled down.

One more thing, they also need to get to the TV station as quickly as possible too. But luckily, Carole and Tuesday offered a ride.

Now while I don’t know who this old guy is but he’s a lifesaver for this occasion.

Well then, time to head towards the train station as Carole and Tuesday are gonna perform in Mars Brightest final showdown, although it’s gonna be a bumpy ride!

But hey, both girls have finally arrived at the train station as the old man told them to win the competition. Still, I have to thank him for giving them a ride.

So while the girls are taking a rest inside the train, Carole wants to give something special to Tuesday…

It’s an accessory in the shape of a guitar where Carole wants to give it to Tuesday Simmons as a birthday present.

Now I don’t know if it’s a keychain or some kind of a refrigerator magnet, but Tuesday appreciate Carole’s gift. Now then, let’s hope that they can make it to Alba City…

…as Mars Brightest has begun for the final showdown. Everyone is glued in to both competitors and there’s no indication on who will take it.

Oh yeah, both Mr. Tao and Dahlia Carpenter are here to watch Angela perform. Let’s see how Angela performs on this final showdown.

Well I have to be honest here, but Angela’s singing voice got Autotune’d.

While it’s justifiable given that Mr. Tao used AI to make her sing, but it felt unnatural upon hearing it.

Meanwhile, Carole and Tuesday have arrived at the TV station as they sprint their way to the stage.

Unfortunately, Catherine told the girls that they’re disqualified as they should have arrived before the show starts.

Basically, Angela Carpenter is the winner by default but that won’t satisfy everyone as they want Carole and Tuesday to perform.

Heck, even Angela wants them to perform ’cause her victory is meaningless if Carole and Tuesday didn’t perform in front of the audience. Well, looks like Catherine has no other choice but to let them sing.

And really, I have to say that Catherine made the right decision to let Carole and Tuesday perform with their first song “Loneliest Girl”. C’mon, they have an amazing voice and synergy that’s refreshing to hear!

Heck, even DJ Ertegun cried a bit as he heard something that is magnificent in his life. In any case, looks like Carole and Tuesday’s performance is finished and the crowd loved it.

Of course, rules are rules as Catherine declared Angela Carpenter as the winner of Mars Brightest, due to the fact that Carole and Tuesday arrived late in the competition.

But, she decided to changed the rules for once as Catherine told Carole and Tuesday that they’ll make their major debut instead as a consolation prize.

So yeah, everybody wins on this episode as Carole and Tuesday will become professional singers. And while Angela Carpenter will start her music career after winning Mars Brightest, Carole and Tuesday’s musical journey has just begun as they’ll face many challenges, including Valerie Simmons who is very angry that her daughter escaped again.

Well then, looks like I’m done with the first half of this show. Of course, I still have to catch up with the rest of the episodes so stay tuned!

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