Carole and Tuesday Episodes #13 – #15

Well everyone, looks like Carole and Tuesday are getting famous thanks to their wonderful performance during Mars Brightest, despite the fact that they lost the competition over Angela.

And speaking of Angela Carpenter, she’s about to sign a contract worth 20 million woolong with Brightest Records, meaning that she’ll make her biggest debut across Mars. By the way, where’s Mr. Tao?

Oh, he’s solving a Rubik’s Cube as fast as possible, as well as creating an AI copy of Angela since Mr. Tao might not need the real one anymore.

Anyways, time to listen Angela’s new single “Breathe Again” which will be released next month and I have to say that she’s getting a head start in the music industry.

But let’s go back to Carole and Tuesday where they’re being harassed by thugs as seen here where Tuesday Simmons is being coerced, to people who claimed to be Carole’s parents which it’s not gonna happen.

Speaking of Carole, she won’t let anyone lay a finger on Tuesday, although this situation will get worse as the thugs might beat and possibly rape them.

That’s until this guy named Dann appeared where he performed an aikido move against this thug and told him to get out.

Yeah, that’ll teach them not to harass people who can’t defend themselves. But seriously, I think Carole and Tuesday needs to be careful next time.

Anyways, it’s all thanks to Dann that both girls are safe but for some reason, I think he’s familiar to one of the main heroines, particularly Carole where she was an orphan at a young age.

Now then, here’s Gus Goldman where he’s looking at the contract offered by Catherine.

While it’s a good contract where they’ll be paid handsomely, Gus feels that both Carole and Tuesday will be stifled in both their creativity and freedom.

Therefore, Gus rejected Catherine’s contract offer much to the girls’ disappointment. But, Gus have a better idea as he found a producer who will help them.

This is Tobe and while he may look like a drunkard with an axe, he can turn amateur singers into divas if they can endure his training regimen.

Then again, both Carole and Tuesday are already terrified at Tobe’s mean attitude. But you know what, let’s see how this drunkard of a producer can do.

So first of all, Tobe performs a ritual check for good acoustics since he doesn’t have a studio. Once he’s satisfied with the acoustics, Tobe calls the cavalry.

…which turned out to be Skip and it’s been a while since we last saw him at the Cydonia Festival.

Anyways, Carole and Tuesday went on to record “Army of Two” at Tobe’s place, but it wasn’t easy as they have to re-take it 52 times until Tobe is satisfied with the results.

And speaking of Tobe, despite being a loud-mouthed drunkard, he has some keen ears when it comes to music. It’s no wonder why Gus Goldman respected him.

Moving onto Angela Carpenter where she has a new assistant named Aaron. Hm, I wonder what happened to Katy Kimura after she was replaced by this IT guy?

Still, it looks like Angela Carpenter will have a good friendship with Aaron… unless Angela did something wrong and blame him over it.

But sticking with Angela for a minute, Dahlia warned her that there’s a stalker lurking into one of her social media accounts like Instagram.

This individual named Black_Knight might be ranting some non-nonsensical words, but it’s clear that Black_Knight is very obsessive to Angela. Don’t tell me that we’re getting another Cybelle moment?

Now then, let’s move onto Dann where he says farewell to Carole as Dann will take his departure to Earth.

And here’s the thing about Dann because he was convicted of a crime and was forced to abandoned his ailing wife and child at an orphanage on a snowy day. Come to think of it, Carole remembered the time where she was taken by a nun on a snowy day. Wait don’t tell me that Dann is Carole’s long-lost father?

Regardless, it’s time for Dann to say goodbye to Mars as he’ll serve his remaining prison sentence on Earth. But still, Carole might see him again in the future.

Now let’s talk about something different as we’ll focus on Valerie Simmons and while she’s a bit angry that Tuesday escaped to her mansion again, Valerie is focused on her presidential campaign.

Of course, Spencer told his mother that her policies of an independent Mars would be very difficult, not to mention that being helped by a shady political consultant would make it worse.

And speaking of a shady political consultant, this guy has finally showed up as he offered a glass of wine.

This is Jerry Egan and it seems that Spencer warned his mother Valerie that siding with him won’t do any favors.

Unfortunately for Spencer, Valerie ignored his warnings as she’ll continue her policy of making Mars as an independent planet.

Let’s move back to Carole and Tuesday where they got invited by a legendary musician, although this person is very reclusive and it’s rare for anyone to get invited.

But anyways, the girls will meet the legendary singer named Desmond. And just to let you know that there’s a reason for Desmond’s private life and why he’s being assisted by various AIs.

You see, Desmond is born as a male but he has feminine characteristic due to Mars’ radiation altering his hormones, making Desmond an androgynous musician.

Also, the reason for not appearing in public is because Desmond lost a dear friend who’s responsible for writing his songs. Thus, Desmond sings his friend’s songs as a way to cope up his loss, as well as give some words of wisdom to various artists which is why Desmond invited Carole and Tuesday to tell them that there’s more than just making music.

Oh yes, here’s Desmond’s AI butler where it allowed them to take a picture along with the legendary musician. I mean, it’s a rare opportunity after all.

And so, they took a picture together with Desmond. I’m sure that Carole and Tuesday will treasure it in their lifetime.

Meanwhile, it’s time for the presidential debate between the incumbent president Adam Hamilton and the challenger Valerie Simmons.

And this is gonna be a challenge for Valerie as while her policies of an independent Mars is promising to some supporters, she can’t get enough voters to win the election against the current president.

Oh yeah, and there are some people who want to smear Valerie’s chances of becoming president, especially her dealings with Jerry Egan, like Kyle Davis for example where he gathers information regarding Valerie Simmons and her campaign.

Of course, he won’t hesitate on gathering information from Valerie’s children as Kyle asks Spencer in regards to his mother’s presidential campaign.

Unfortunately for Kyle, Spencer won’t tell him much about the elections and furthermore, he warned the reporter not to snoop in on Tuesday’s life as Spencer doesn’t want his sister to get dragged on this political mess.

And now, let’s end this episode where Desmond performed a song despite being bound to a wheelchair while AIs assist him by playing the piano.

But as you can see, despite having a frail body, Desmond still wants to sing will all his heart. I have to say that I appreciate Desmond’s unwavering spirit to perform as if this will be his last.

Sadly, the time is already up for Desmond as he finally breathe his last and dies.

The AI butler told Gus Goldman and Roddy that the reason why Desmond survived this far is because of medications.

Unfortunately, Desmond didn’t take his medications today and thus he performed his last song until his death…

…as the legendary singer laid to rest with a smile of his face.

It’s a shame that Carole and Tuesday saw Desmond’s final moments as his words of wisdom helped them to become better musicians, although it would be nice if his words will spread across Mars, especially when there’s uncertainty on the planet’s future.

In any case, that’s about it for Episodes 13 to 15 and while the citizens of Mars will choose the leader of the planet, Carole and Tuesday’s music career is still gaining up to speed. Anyways, I’ll see you next time!

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