Otome Game no Hametsu Flag shika Nai Akuyaku Reijou ni Tensei shiteshimatta… Episode #01

Well everyone, I would like to introduce you to Catarina Claes, the villainess of Hamehura (or Hamefura) where she’ll ruin the lives of heroines by acting like a bitch.

Of course, we have to know how did she became the villainess of this anime show…

Let’s start with a young Catarina Claes where she’s engaged to Geordo Stuart and I have to say that she’s acting like a typical spoiled brat.

That’s until Catarina tripped and fell down to the floor. Well, that’s the end for Catarina Claes but it’s not!

Because you see, Catarina remembered her past life as a normal Japanese girl, who just got hit by a truck after being chased by dogs or something.

In any case, Catarina’s memories from her previous life has returned after hitting her head. But wait, there’s more…

You see, there’s more to Catarina’s previous life as she’s actually a fan of otome games, visual novels aimed for girls.

One such game she played is Fortune Lover where the story revolves around a commoner named Maria Campbell, who learned magic at a young age and enrolled to a magic academy where Maria will meet one of four lovely guys.

Of course, Maria Campbell will have to overcome the villainess of the game named Catarina Claes in order to reach the good ending with one of the love interests or suffer the bad ending.

And this is where Catarina will suffer the most because this villainess will either be exiled to a faraway place…

…or get murdered as seen here where Catarina got slashed to death by her fiancé Geordo. So yeah, not looking good for the main character on this show!

With that said, Catarina Claes will have to use her knowledge from her previous life in order not to trigger doom flags.

And really, it’s gonna be very difficult for her to prevent them from happening. C’mon, she’s already engaged to Geordo Stuart and the only thing Catarina can do is to politely break-off the engagement at the right place at the right time.

Man, I have to say that Catarina Claes made one mistake for becoming a fiancé to Geordo Stuart. It’s no wonder why fans call her as Bakarina!

Now then, the first order of business for the villainess is to learn swordsmanship ’cause who knows if she got attacked by thugs or even Geordo.

Next up, befriend her half-sibling Keith Claes in which he got mistreated by Catarina in the original game, became a playboy and eventually fall in love with Maria Campbell.

And yes, you know the rest for Catarina Claes if she got the doom flag for both endings in Keith’s route.

While we’re at it, Catarina must learn earth magic from Keith if she got exiled to a faraway land. Unfortunately, that’s a bad idea from Bakarina!

That’s because Keith’s earth magic is so strong that he can’t control it. Heck, his golem is about to kill Catarina way before her 15th birthday.

And here’s the thing on why it’s a bad idea to learn magic from Keith Claes is because he killed some people, possibly including his siblings too.

Now then, it appears that Catarina Claes survived and it turns out the first half is only just a dream, meaning that Catarina remained as a spoiled brat who will become the thorn to Maria’s side.

Actually, I take it back as Catarina got out of bed and tries to find Keith. C’mon, it’s her fault for learning earth magic from a boy who can’t control his powers.

And here’s Keith Claes where he’s cooped-up in his room, forever being resented by everyone due to his unstable earth magic powers.

And it gets worse for him when someone tries to destroy the door with a hatchet and possibly kill Keith. Oh please, this otome game is getting worse!

Turns out that Catarina Claes used an axe to open the door because it’s locked as she wants to make an apology to her half-brother for her trouble.

I mean, she really mean it after all ’cause Catarina doesn’t want to trigger death flags on this fantasy world of Fortune Lover.

Anyways, I have to say that Hamehura (or Hamefura) is one entertaining isekai show and I can’t wait for the next episode. Let’s hope that Bakarina will survive by not triggering doom flags!

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  1. Absolutely loved this and I can not wait for the next episode. I’m reading the manga too, really funny and I love this so much.

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