Carole and Tuesday Episodes #16 & #17

Here’s Roddy where he delivered some good news that their single “Army of Two” is at No. 53 in the music charts.

And sure that Carole and Tuesday’s latest song is impressive given that they’re indie artists, they’ll reach higher at the charts eventually!

By the way, there’s more good news as Gus Goldman told the girls that they’re invited to perform at the famous South by Southwest Festival.

Also known as SXSW where it’s based on the real festival in Austin, Texas. Of course, I feel that the festival will be held in Mars.

Still, Carole and Tuesday are happy that they’re gonna perform there but they need some backup musicians.

Well, they found one and I’m not sure if they can help the girls around. But hey, it’s better than nothing!

Meanwhile, things are looking good for Angela Carpenter as she’s chilling out with her new assistant Aaron.

Then again, I feel that he’s somewhat suspicious as he wants to be the knight that would protect Angela from any harm. Wait, don’t tell me that he’s the Black_Knight?

And speaking of Black_Knight, this anonymous stalker strikes again as Black_Knight thrashes Angela’s apartment.

Now then, let’s move back to Carole and Tuesday where they found someone they recognized. Heck, even Gus Goldman remember this person.

Said person happened to be Flora who is the famous singer that Gus found during his younger days before fading into obscurity.

Still, Gus is relieved that Flora is safe as he’s worried that she disappeared without a trace, although Flora is not feeling well because she’s very depressed.

So while Flora is sitting at the lobby area, it looks like Gus will tell the girls about how he met Flora.

Let’s start at the beginning where Mars’ colonization is booming and most of them left Earth to seek new fortune, although Gus Goldman got down to his luck and drown his sorrows at a bar.

That’s when Gus found Flora where she has a beautiful voice despite being born from a poor family. This struck him hard as Gus wants to hear Flora’s voice across Mars.

And so, Gus Goldman helped Flora out as they begin their journey to stardom.

With Gus becoming the manager, Flora traveled and performed to various places in which everyone loved her.

And when Flora signed a major record contract, her popularity skyrocketed as Flora’s music has reached across Mars. But afterwards, the good times has come to an end…

Everyone betrayed Flora, took her fortunes, and left the once-promising diva to ruin.

I must say that it was a tragic end to Flora’s music career as she got to a great start thanks to Gus Goldman. But once she took the big contract and left Gus, everything falls apart and it seems that Flora regretted on leaving Gus.

For now, Flora went to Carole’s apartment to sleep as she’s nowhere to go.

While the girls are happy that they’re sleeping with the legendary diva, Flora is not keen on telling her story.

The next day, Flora left the apartment as Carole and Tuesday are stunned that she’s gone.

Of course, they can’t afford to miss the South by Southwest Festival so they have to find her as quickly as possible.

Anyways, Carole and Tuesday told Gus Goldman about Flora’s disappearance, although he’s not keen on finding Flora as he blamed himself for letting her go.

But you know what, I think Gus needs to redeem himself and find Flora, otherwise there’s no second chance on finding her again.

On the other hand, it appears that Carole and Tuesday had an idea on making a cover from one of Flora’s famous songs. That would spark her passion to sing again, but first they need to find Flora fast.

Well, good thing Gus managed to find her at the fountain. Of course, they’re not just gonna cry over something that happened in the past as Gus wants to show something to Flora.

Then again, I’m hoping that both of them will make it to SXSW as Carole and Tuesday are performing there.

And here are the girls as they sing “Give you the world”. I must say that they did a great job on singing one of Flora’s songs as a tribute.

And speaking of Flora, it seems that Carole and Tuesday’s performance has reignited her passion to sing again.

With that said, Carole and Tuesday’s live gig at SXSW was a success. I’m sure that these indie artists are making waves across Mars.

As for Flora however, I’m not sure what will happen to her after attending the festival, but I’m hoping that she’ll get back in her feet.

Meanwhile, let’s briefly talk about Valerie Simmons where she still struggling to gain support from the incumbent president.

Of course, there’s Spencer Simmons where he tries to convince his mother on not to listen Jerry Egan’s advice like revoking the trade deal with Earth, but Valerie has no time for that because she’s desperate on winning the election.

This led Spencer to tell his mother that he had enough on becoming the yes-man to her presidential campaign.

You know something, I think Valerie should understand her children better but it appears that she might be a lost cause at this point.

With that said, Spencer Simmons left the building, meaning that Valerie will have to continue her presidential campaign without the support of her two children.

Now then, let’s focus on DJ Ertegun shall we as he’s still partying like an animal, hanging out with the ladies.

Also, this robot here reminds Ertegun about his financial state, although the DJ will scoff it out as he’ll continue partying with the ladies. I mean, his AIs will do everything from making music to finance.

By the way, this robot will be relevant later on because his master ignored him.

The next day, DJ Ertegun received a letter of forclosure as all of his wealth went down the drain. Yeah, I feel that he’s having the same predicament as Flora.

Anyways, Roddy went to Ertegun’s place, only to find out that everything is seized by the authorities.

And here’s Ertegun where he’s dejected of everything. His friends left him because he’s bankrupt and there’s no way that anyone will help Ertegun ’cause everyone is in for his money.

But hey, at least Roddy is here to help Ertegun out but then again, the once-popular DJ told Roddy that he’s calling it quits. Oh c’mon Ertegun, it’s not the end of the world!

So while Roddy is trying to help Ertegun out, looks like the news surrounding his bankruptcy has made public but more importantly, Dahlia Carpenter is concerned about the paparazzi snooping on her daughter.

Heck, she’s worried that her daughter’s relationship with Aaron will be blown beyond proportion, although Dalhia and Angela will need to worry about another threat.

That’s right, it’s the Black_Knight as this individual is gonna take down Aaron as he’s an obstacle to Angela’s affection. God, I hope nothing bad will happen!

For now, let’s move onto Carole and Tuesday where the girls are recording their first album at a rundown studio. C’mon, they don’t have enough money to rent a modern studio.

Also, here’s Tobe where he still acts as the nasty producer and he’ll reject everything that’s mediocre until Tobe can accept some fine shit of music from Carole and Tuesday.

Yeah, their recording will take a long time to complete until Tobe is satisfied with the results.

Meanwhile, Kyle Davis is here to conduct an interview to Carole and Tuesday, although he’ll asks questions to Tuesday Simmons even though her brother Spencer warned Kyle regarding it.

Still, Kyle wants to conduct an interview anyway because he wants to know the human aspect from those girls.

Oh yeah, he asked Carole if she’s aware about Valerie’s policies in regards to barring refugees from Earth to Mars. Then again, Carole doesn’t care about the politics as she wants to reach her dream of becoming a musician together with Tuesday.

Now then, let’s move onto the next scene where Carole and Tuesday were surprised to see DJ Ertegun at their doorstep.

And sure that Ertegun rejected them in the past, there’s no time to get angry at the DJ as Roddy asked Carole to let him borrow her keyboard.

On second thought, it appears that Ertegun couldn’t make music ’cause he relied on AIs to do his bidding that he forgot to play the keyboard in the first place.

Heck, the evil ghost standing at his left tells him that he’s washed-up and he’ll embarrass himself on playing the keyboard.

However, the good ghost standing at his right tells Ertegun that he’s still got this. I hope that Ertegun will spark his passion on making music again!

And sure enough, Ertegun’s groove has returned as he can now play the keyboard much like his younger days. Looks like he lit his own fire to make music again!

Sadly, we’ll never know who took his money but you know what, Ertegun doesn’t care about the money anymore as he wants to make music.

Well actually, Roddy found some clues on who stole Ertegun’s fortune. And you’ll be shocked to see who’s responsible for taking his money away.

You see, it turns out that this Pinocchio-looking robot is the one who stole Ertegun’s money after being ignored. Now, he’s partying like an animal!

Except that this robot’s happier days are numbered when Ertegun and Roddy are here to take their money back, although the robot already spent all of it.

This made Ertegun very angry as he punt the robot sky-high. Remember kids, don’t use AI on managing your finances or you’ll get screwed in the long run.

One last thing, here’s Aaron as talking to his friend that being with Angela Carpenter is awesome. Of course, he’ll take Angela’s money once her music career went down the drain.

I have to say that Aaron is basically an asshole who wants to stick with Angela ’cause she has money. God, I feel that those people are not supportive ’cause they want to stick around on those who have the moolah!

Unfortunately, this is where Aaron will meet his end as he’s gonna get hit by a runaway AI car and he might reincarnate into a bug.

But yes, Aaron has died but who would do such a thing as hacking an unmanned vehicle?

Oh, it’s the Black_Knight and damn, he’s going too far on killing everyone just to be with Angela Carpenter. I have a feeling that he’ll do something worse than hacking cars.

But that’s about it for Episodes 16 and 17. I have to say that I love watching both episodes as they show two musicians like Flora and Ertegun who have fallen to hard times, only to get back on their feet thanks to music. Of course, I blame those people who betrayed them and good thing Aaron didn’t do a scumbag move on Angela.

Still, there’s a few episodes left for me to catch up so stay tuned for that!

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