Carole and Tuesday Episodes #18 – #20

Well, this is a rare sight as Mr. Tao and DJ Ertegun are working together but then again, it appears that they clashed when it comes to making music for Angela Carpenter.

Speaking of Angela, I think she wants to get over with their clashing egos and make some good music, but I think Angela should worry about her assistant.

That’s where Dahlia steps in to deliver the bad news as she told Angela that Aaron got hit by a car.

So when they check on him, Aaron is alive as he’s recovering from his injuries. Of course, he’s gonna call it quits because Aaron doesn’t want to endanger himself when sticking closer to Angela.

Well, that’s a good thing as Aaron is just leeching on Angela’s popularity. Now then, where’s Katy Kimura?

Now let’s move onto Carole and Tuesday where they’re invited by Höfner to perform at the Cydonia Festival as he saw that they girls are rising in popularity.

Also, Höfner is impressed that Carole and Tuesday stuck around with Tobe as most of the artist won’t stick to him for much longer.

But hey, at least that they’re not gonna perform as backup musicians as the girls will take the spotlight at the festival.

Moving back to Angela Carpenter and I must say that things are not looking good for this diva as she received a message from Black_Knight.

But seriously, this anonymous user is worst that Cybelle where Black_Knight can hack everything to kill everyone who are closer to her.

But now, Black_Knight is gonna ditch Angela and I fear that this hacker will do something terrible.

Now then, here’s Kyle Davis where he’s conducting an interview with Tuesday Simmons, but it seems that Tuesday is the one asking questions on why Kyle decided on becoming an journalist.

Of course, Kyle became a journalist as he was inspired by a man named Capa, although taking that job isn’t easy as he went to far-flung places, even war zones where Kyle can’t use his right ear due to a land mine explosion. Well, Kyle is fortunate that he survived to conduct investigations in regards to the Mars Presidential Elections.

Suddenly, Kyle’s interview with Tuesday got interrupted when an explosion occur at the weather plant.

This is gonna suck for most people as the temperature of Mars will drop, covering the entire planet in snow within days.

While nobody got hurt, the explosion frightened lots of people including Tuesday Simmons. Fortunately, Kyle Davis is here to calm her down since he got used to it.

Anyways, Tuesday is reunited safely with Carole but you know what, I have a feeling that Black_Knight is the one who cause the explosion at the weather plant just to scare the shit out of Angela Carpenter.

Of course, the explosion at the weather plant will take advantage by Valerie Simmons as she’ll use the incident to boost her chances of becoming president.

And once Valerie becomes the president, she’ll enact laws that would make Mars as an independent planet from Earth while expelling illegal immigrants.

Still, it’s not enough to entice more voters so Jerry Egan suggested to recruit Mr. Tao to help Valerie Simmons on her presidential campaign.

Then again, Mr. Tao is not the guy who’s interested in politics just because he’s a genius when it comes to artificial intelligence.

Now let’s go back to Tuesday Simmons where she wants to see Kyle Davis again and thanked him for helping her back then.

I mean, Kyle is the one who calmed her down when the weather plant exploded.

But then, Tuesday saw Kyle kissing a woman and I guess she’s devastated to see it as Tuesday left the building.

Well, at least Carole is her to comfort Tuesday, although it’s sad that her crush towards Kyle Davis has been cut short.

Anyways, the only thing that the girls will focus is finish recording their album and prepare for the Cydonia Festival.

Now let’s go back to Mr. Tao where he got a call from Angela Carpenter as she feared for her life thanks to Black_Knight snooping Angela at every direction.

Well, good thing Mr. Tao knows how to catch a hacker but first, he needs to crack down on anything that spies on Angela like this bunny robot for example.

Turns out that Black_Knight is using this robot to spy on Angela Carpenter at every moment. Yeah, it’s creepy that a hacker will do such a thing!

Now then, let’s move onto the Cydonia Festival as Carole and Tuesday have arrived. On the other hand, Carole saw someone who is very familiar to her.

Anyways, this is Ezekiel who is a rapper and also one of the guest artists in Cydonia Festival.

However for Carole, she knows him as Amer Souleyman although it appears that he doesn’t know Carole as Ezekiel ignores her. We’ll know later if Ezekiel is indeed Carole’s childhood friend.

On the other hand, here’s Angela Carpenter where she’ll be one of the secret artists at the festival, although I think Black_Knight knows that Angela will perform there.

But if the Black_Knight knows that Angela will perform at the festival, Mr. Tao will make sure that he’ll outsmart and apprehend the hacker.

Anyways, let’s begin the Cydonia Festival starting with DJ Ertegun’s comeback performance. He’s still lit as hell after getting back on his feet!

Also, looks like the security team managed to capture Black_Knight.

However, turns out that dude is not the Black_Knight as the hacker used him as a decoy. Now wait a minute, where’s the real Black_Knight?

Oh my god, the real Black_Knight is about to shoot Angela Carpenter at the back. This is the worst thing that this hacker will do!

Unfortunately for the Black_Knight, it’s checkmate for the hacker as Mr. Tao is about to stun him with a taser. Well, looks like this producer/engineer outsmarted the hacker at his own game.

So yeah, Black_Knight is apprehended and I must say that Mr. Tao saved Angela Carpenter’s life from this crazy hacker. Then again, it seems that we’ll never know if Black_Knight is responsible for causing an explosion at the weather plant.

Now that Black_Knight is arrested, it’s time for Angela Carpenter to make an appearance as she performs “LIGHTS GO OUT” together with DJ Ertegun.

And I have to say that Ertegun’s music and Angela’s vocals makes it a killer combination, although I wonder if Mr. Tao did some input on this collaboration?

Afterwards, it’s time for Carole and Tuesday to perform “Message in the Wind” and it looks like the audience loved their performance.

C’mon, it’s a jam session where Carole and Tuesday are just chilling out while they play their respective instruments, all while the backup musicians just keep on snapping their fingers.

Regardless, the girls had a successful performance at the Cydonia Festival.

And there’s more good news to them as they’re nominated for Best New Artist at the Mars Grammy Awards and they have an opportunity to perform there.

Of course, Carole and Tuesday will have to compete against the likes of Angela Carpenter and Ezekiel, where the former will also perform at the event.

And speaking of Ezekiel, Carole wants to contact her childhood friend as she wants to meet him personally.

Well, Ezekiel agreed to meet up with Carole at a skating park. Then again, I’m not sure if Carole can pull amazing tricks with her skateboard.

But anyways, here’s Ezekiel or should I say Amer Souleyman as he still perform awesome tricks despite his new career as a rapper.

So while Carole is happy to see her childhood friend for a long time, Ezekiel told her that the person named Amer no longer exists as everything changed from the past 10 years.

In fact, the situation on Earth has gone worse and most of them went to Mars to seek refuge, although Martian refugees are facing discrimination and it’s gets worse when Valerie will enact anti-immigration laws if she becomes the president.

And so, he’s planning to release a music video soon that would shook the entire planet to its core, although I fear that Ezekiel will face trouble along with his gang which is why he doesn’t want Carole to join his fight.

Now let’s move onto something very important as a certain benefactor named Schwarz has returned as he asks Mr. Tao for help.

For you see, Mr. Schwarz is funding Valerie Simmons’ presidential campaign and he has ties with the political consultant Jerry Egan. This means that if Valerie becomes the president of Mars, Schwarz will reap all of the rewards as he’ll be the one controlling the planet under the president’s shadow.

However, Mr. Tao refused to help Schwarz on aiding Valerie’s presidential campaign as he’ll rather make AIs that can express emotions instead. It’s ironic consider that Mr. Tao doesn’t show any emotions as he acts like a robot.

Well then, looks like Mr. Tao walks out as he doesn’t want to help Mr. Schwarz in regards to Valerie’s presidential campaign. Of course, Schwarz won’t let him do as he pleases.

Instead, Schwarz used his influences to have the authorities arrest Mr. Tao for conducting illegal experiments on humans.

While we’ll never know the truth if Mr. Tao made horrible experiments in the past, but one thing is clear as opposing Schwarz’s demands is a mistake.

And so, the news reported the arrest of Mr. Tao where Dahlia and Angela Carpenter are shocked to see it. But, it seems that Mr. Tao left something behind…

You see, he finally completed the AI replica of Angela Carpenter and while Mr. Tao intended to use it in place of the real thing, I think Mr. Tao wants the real Angela to copy the AI until she’s achieved perfection.

Then again, having the real thing copying the impostor is so wrong and I bet the real Angela won’t do what Mr. Tao says.

Meanwhile, here’s Carole and Tuesday as they watched Ezekiel’s latest music video at Tobe’s rundown studio.

And as you can see, this rapper is making a bold statement as Ezekiel raps about the denouncement of Valerie Simmons’ anti-immigration policy which turns Mars into a fascist planet.

Gotta give credit to Ezekiel for having the balls to tell Valerie that her policies are wack, despite the fact that he’s nominated for Best New Artist at the Grammy Awards.

Unfortunately, it appears that Ezekiel and his gang are gonna get arrested by the police for instigating subversion and scaring the public leading up to the presidential election.

For Carole, it’s shocking that her childhood friend got arrested for voicing his opinion, albeit having his music video being portrayed as an attack on Valerie Simmons and her policies.

While her life was spared from the authorities, Carole feared that she might be targeted because she’s a refugee from Earth. But you know what, she’s a tough girl!

Oh yeah, and about the explosion at the weather plant? Looks like Kyle Davis might found a clue as it was deliberately set up by Jerry Egan in order to bolster Valerie Simmons’ chances on being elected as president.

For Spencer Simmons, he’s very worried that his mother is now walking towards the dangerous path thanks to Jerry Egan’s strategy. And really, things won’t end well for Valerie Simmons if she continues to listen Jerry’s suggestions.

But let’s go back to Angela Carpenter where she decided not to take Mr. Tao’s instructions. I guess Angela doesn’t like to copy an impostor ’cause that would hurt her pride as a singer.

Also, Angela told Dahlia that she had enough of listening to her mother’s demands. Could it be that she wants to express freely instead of being the yes-woman to her mom?

But that made Dahlia very angry as she poured her heart and soul to make her daughter into a star, only for Angela to defy her own mother at the last minute.

Remember, Dahlia was once a child star and she really wants to push her daughter’s career into greater heights, something that Dahlia failed to do so because her voiced have changed. Coupled with the fact that she was arrested before, I think the reason why Angela had enough of listening to her mother is because Dahlia physically abuse her.

Sadly for Dahlia, it appears that she got a heart attack. You know, I think Dahlia shouldn’t be angry but alas, it’s already happened as Angela will have to call the ambulance to save her mother’s life.

Well, I have to say that things are looking bad at Mars leading up to the Grammy Awards as not only Mr. Tao and Ezekiel were arrested, but Dahlia Carpenter got a heart attack. And really, Carole and Tuesday will be caught in the crossfire as Martians will decide the planet’s future as the presidential elections is reaching its climax.

In any case, I’ll see you next time as there’s 4 episodes to go. Let’s hope that Carole and Tuesday, as well as Angela Carpenter, are alright!

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