Carole and Tuesday Episodes #21 – #23

Well everyone, looks like Dahlia Carpenter has taken to the hospital but she’s in critical condition where her chance of survival might be slim.

On the other hand, the mass media are hounding on Angela Carpenter in regards to Mr. Tao, which you might remember his arrest due to Tao’s illegal experiments but now it appears that the engineer/producer has bailed out.

Unfortunately for the reporters, Angela doesn’t want to make a comment in regards to Mr. Tao because she’s not in her stable state right now.

Oh, and to make matters worse for Angela, it turns out that she’s not the legitimate daughter to Dahlia as she saw the birth certificate. Yeah, this is gonna suck for her leading up to the Mars Grammy Awards.

Now then, let’s focus on Ezekiel or should I say Amer Souleyman as he’ll be deported to Earth to serve his prison sentence.

Fortunately, he get to see Carole for one last time but man, it’s sucks that Ezekiel will be separated to his childhood friend again.

On the other hand, looks like Carole is surprised to see a large Christmas tree at her apartment. Yeah, the holiday season is coming to Mars.

But you know what comes next? That’s right, it’s Carole’s birthday! I hope that she’ll get something that’s sentimental.

Meanwhile, here’s Spencer Simmons where he tries to be a good boy to Valerie, but he’s just snooping into Jerry Egan in regards to the weather plant explosion.

Speaking of Jerry, he sees Spencer as a threat alongside Kyle. Because of that, I fear that he’ll do something to take Spencer and Kyle out of the picture.

Now let’s return to Carole and Tuesday where they saw a music video posted on the internet.

Oh yeah, and it’s filmed inside a prison cell. Okay, why would someone- Wait, is Ezekiel made a music video while being incarcerated?

Turns out, he made one but this time, he goes by his real name Amer as he made this song dedicated to Carole.

But that was Amer or Ezekiel as he’ll serve his penal sentence in Earth, although we’ll never know how many years will he stay behind bars.

Now let’s move onto the next scene as various people saw something that’s divine inside the church.

For you see, Carole and Tuesday are performing their last song of their album “Lay it All On Me”. And really, their song is a good way to close out their album.

Heck, even Tobe approved it that he helped the girls by playing the pipe organ. And with that, their album is finished.

Oh yeah, here’s Gus Goldman where he wants to deliver some good news as Carole and Tuesday will have a collaboration with a famous musician at the Mars Grammy Awards.

Said musician happened to be Crystal and I have to say that Gus managed to snag a deal with this diva.

For both Carole and Tuesday, they’re happy yet shocked at the same time as they’re gonna collaborate with the famous diva.

Oh yeah, and they’re gonna write a song that would fit Crystal’s standards so I have to say good luck to them!

Moving back to Angela Carpenter where she’s having paranoia that Angela takes a lot of medicine to calm herself down.

But even then, having a drug overdose is not good and it seems that Angela is suffering the same predicament as Flora. With her mother being hospitalized, Angela needs help right now!

And the only one who can help Angela is Mr. Tao as he’s busy exposing Schwarz’s illegal activities as payback for his arrest.

So yeah, Tao is throwing a spanner to Schwarz’s plans ’cause remember, he’s the benefactor behind Valerie Simmons’ presidential campaign.

Anyways, Mr. Tao receives a text message from Angela as she cries for help but even then, he can’t do it right now ’cause this producer/engineer is having his own fight for the fate of the planet.

Moving back to Carole and Tuesday where they celebrate Christmas at the apartment.

And speaking of Christmas, Tuesday Simmons has a present for Carole ’cause it’s her birthday.

Turns out that it’s a snow globe where there’s miniature keyboard inside. Gotta say that it’s nice gift to Carole and I’m sure that she’ll treasure it.

Now then, it’s time for the girls to finish the collaboration song in time for the Grammy Awards.

However, there’s one musician who was also nominated for Best New Artist, but she’s spending time with her parent.

I’m talking about Angela Carpenter and she went to see Dahlia where her mother told the truth that they’re not related by blood. Regardless, Dahlia told Angela that she still loves her daughter very much.

But sadly, that would be the last time Dahlia said something nice to her own daughter as she dies at the hospital.

This doesn’t take very well for Angela as she’s deeply hurt in regards to Dahlia’s passing. Coupled with the fact that she’s taking drugs, the only suggestion for her is not to go to the Grammy Awards.

But let’s begin with the Grammy Awards ceremony where Carole and Tuesday are here to serenade the guests with their song “After the Fire” together with Crystal.

And really, the girls nailed it that Crystal approved their song as she enters the stage to join Carole and Tuesday. Anyways, it was a successful performance.

And now, it’s time to find out who is the winner for Best New Artist as DJ Ertegun is here as the presenter.

Of course, he wants to give a shout-out to Mr. Tao before announcing the winner. But anyways, who will it be?

Well it’s none other than Angela Carpenter as she makes an appearance, although it would be better if she didn’t appear in the first place.

But still, Angela is not in her right mind and condition to sing at the Mars Grammy Awards as her voice felt out of tune.

Even Carole and Tuesday are worried about Angela but unfortunately, the worst has finally happened…

…as Angela Carpenter collapsed at the Mars Grammy Awards and was rushed to the hospital. Seems that her depression and drug overdose has taken its toll on Angela’s body.

Fortunately, she’s okay but the problem is that it will take a long time for Angela to wake up. And even if she did wake up, it seems that Angela won’t be able to sing again.

On the other hand, Katy Kimura has returned as she takes care of Angela Carpenter. Then again, she can’t do anything to cheer Angela up.

Now then, everyone have gathered at the church to pay their respects to Dahlia Carpenter as she’ll be laid to rest.

Oh yeah, Carole and Tuesday attended the funeral where they asked Katy if they can visit Angela.

Unfortunately, they can’t do it right now as Angela is still in a distraught state. Even then, she doesn’t have the will to sing right now.

And to make matters worse when Angela Carpenter can’t sing, the police are arresting anyone who defies the government, including the musicians as seen here when Skip and his crew are being confronted by the authorities.

In any case, things are looking grim in Mars and with the presidential elections coming up, everyone is too scared to voice their opinions on the government.

Of course, they can’t just hide under the shadows forever as they must create a united front against tyranny across the planet.

So, they went to Carole’s apartment as it’s the only place where every musician, plus Spencer Simmons and Kyle Davis, can gather in secret. Now then, what’s the plan on stopping Valerie’s anti-immigration laws from happening when she becomes the president?

Well, Carole and Tuesday asks them to gather all musicians across the planet at Mars Immigration Memorial Hall on New Year’s Day, which also celebrates the 50th anniversary of the first immigration to Mars.

Of course, it’s hard for the musicians to sing as a way to protest against the government as they perform in different genres, so the girls have decided to make a song that would unite all of them. I mean, they’re the ones who came up with this grand plan in the first place!

Unfortunately, time is running out as the likes of Schwarz and Jerry Egan are cracking down on anyone who sees them as a threat to their ambitions of controlling Mars under Valerie Simmons’ shadows.

And speaking of Schwarz, the benefactor is having a tough time stopping Mr. Tao ’cause he feared that Tao might leak his illegal activities.

Meanwhile, Carole and Tuesday are struggling to make a song that would unite all of Martians and while they’re bit lucky to make a collaboration with Crystal, the girls are having a slump right now.

That’s when they found the word “Mother” and while both girls came from different mothers, it can be interpret as being originated from Mother Earth since Mars was inhabited by Earthlings many years ago.

In any case, they found an inspiration to make a song as a way to promote solidarity among Martians. Of course, Carole and Tuesday will have to do it right or uniting all artists will be nothing but a pipe dream.

Now then, here’s something that might consider it as a miracle as a certain artist is being revived by robots.

Said artist turned out to be Desmond and man, I thought that he was dead in the previous episode.

Still, it’s good timing that Desmond has returned to help Carole and Tuesday on stopping tyranny across Mars.

But now let’s go back to Mr. Tao as he’s done gathering up various evidence from Schwarz as he’ll use it to destroy the benefactor’s career.

Unfortunately, he can’t afford to risk his life visiting Angela Carpenter as Mr. Tao will be very busy on fighting Schwarz… or is it?

Turns out, Mr. Tao made a surprising visit to Angela Carpenter and I must say that she felt a sigh of relief that the producer is gonna help her out.

Still, the only thing that bugs me is whether Angela will sing again. But anyways, tune in next time for the finale of this anime show!

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