Carole and Tuesday Episode #24

Well everyone, it’s the final episode and Mr. Tao is here to see Angela Carpenter for one final time as he wants to tell the truth about her origin.

You see, there was a scientist named Professor Zeeman who got arrested for making designer babies. Well, two of them as Mr. Tao explained.

While the first designer baby is actually Mr. Tao, the second one turned out to be Angela Carpenter. This revelation is a shocker to not only the viewers, but also Angela as she’s related to Mr. Tao thanks to being created by Professor Zeeman.

Anyways, looks like Mr. Tao is done telling the truth as he takes his leave. Of course, Tao will watch over Angela Carpenter from the shadows from now on.

Still, I’m not sure if Angela will join Carole and Tuesday as time is of the essence.

Meanwhile, both Spencer Simmons and Kyle Davis are discussing about the plans to stop Jerry Egan by exposing him. Of course, Spencer wants to convince his mother by telling the truth about Jerry’s illegal tactics.

For now, they need to get away from Jerry’s hired goons as the political consultant is serious on keeping his dirty tricks hidden in plain sight. Well, there’s only one thing to do…

And that’s by jumping towards the river. Let’s hope that Spencer and Kyle can get out alive.

Moving back to Carole and Tuesday where they finally finished their song in time for their secret New Year’s Day concert.

Of course, they need to freshen up their mind and body as the girls went outside to jog. Oh yeah, Carole wants to thank the landlord for letting her stay at the apartment.

However, the landlord told Carole that he still welcome her at his apartment whatever she likes. Thank you Mr. Landlord for giving Carole a place to stay!

Now it’s time for the juicy part as New Year’s Eve have arrived and Mr. Schwarz is being arrested by the authorities for his illegal activities.

And really, Mr. Tao paid him back big time as Schwarz is really pissed about it. Well, Schwarz deserved it for telling the police to arrest Tao just to silence him.

Oh yeah and as for Jerry Egan? Spencer Simmons is taking care of that as he told his mother in regards to the weather plant bombing. Then again, I fear that Valerie might not believe to Spencer’s words.

Anyways, here’s Jerry Egan where he got a call from Valerie Simmons on New Year’s Eve. Unfortunately, he’s not gonna receive some greetings from a politician.

In fact, Valerie decided to fire the consultant and drop out in the presidential race after learning the truth that Jerry Egan is responsible for bombing the weather plant.

Good decision there from Valerie as she doesn’t want to play dirty tricks to win an election.

But anyways, it’s game over now for Jerry Egan and I’m sure that he’ll be arrested for causing an explosion and blame it on the illegal immigrants.

Oh and here’s Kyle Davis where he received the message that Spencer successfully told his mother about Jerry’s dirty tricks.

Well then, time for Kyle to rub salt on Jerry’s wound by leaking the information that he planted explosives at a weather plant.

Now then, it’s time for the secret New Year’s Day concert at the Mars Immigration Memorial Hall, and it seems that Carole and Tuesday got some few artists to join in like Crystal for example.

Sure that she’ll dedicate to Skip and his crew as they’re currently in prison, Crystal also dedicates to those who wants to express their opinions on the planet’s future.

Oh yeah, it’s not just Crystal who’s joining the concerts as you have Lonesome Clarence where this country singer is known for being nominated as Best New Artist.

Gotta say that there are some musicians who wanted to join Carole and Tuesday’s cause as they don’t want their voices being crushed by tyranny.

There’s also Pyotr and GGK as they formed a duo after Mars Brightest and decided to join too.

Then again, I wonder what happened to Fire Brothers, OG Bulldog, or even the Mermaid Sisters? Man, I really want them to join the party.

Oh yeah, looks like Flora wants to join the party. I mean, it’s all thanks to the girls that Flora was inspired to sing again.

On the other hand, Crystal is happy that Flora has returned as she respected the diva with all her heart.

And to cap it all off, here’s Desmond as he makes a rare appearance. Well, that’s about it for all the musicians on this secret New Year’s Day party!

Actually, there’s one more as Angela Carpenter has arrived but instead of hating both Carole and Tuesday…

Angela thanked them for reminding her that she can have fun while singing in front of the crowd, or even her late mother Dahlia. Well, glad that she bounced back from depression.

Anyways, the clock strikes 12 midnight as Mars rings in the new year and while everyone is celebrating across the planet, they’re gonna tune in to the greatest show inside the Mars Immigration Memorial Hall.

And really, it was the most unforgettable night ever as everyone sing “Mother”, which is fitting since they came from Mother Earth and they all share the same dream together.

Sadly, their party is about to end as the police have barged into the hall and they’re gonna arrest everyone for trespassing. But you know what, I think they should lower their arms and watch.

Heck, even Gus Goldman told them that they’re just singing at the hall, so they don’t pose a threat.

And that my friends is the end of this wonderful anime series as Carole and Tuesday, plus various musicians, gathered together to perform the miraculous 7-minute performance at Mars Immigration Memorial Hall.

Well, I’ve managed to finished watching this show Shinichiro Watanabe and the staff from BONES. Honestly, this is the best anime that I’ve watched as not only the music is amazing to hear, but the characters are great and somewhat relatable on top of having an interesting plot where the main characters went from being nobodies, to become the voices of expressing freedom across Mars.

Sadly, I think we’ll never have an epilogue after staging a concert at the hall on New Year’s Day. I guess it’s up to us to figure it out but you know what, I feel that everything went well across Mars thanks to Carole and Tuesday.

Anyways, it’s time for me to say farewell to Mars and man, I have no regrets on watching this anime series!

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