To Aru Kagaku no Railgun T Episodes #07 & #08

Well everyone, looks like Maaya Awatsuki and Kinuho Wannai have managed to capture this black cat after thrashing out Yoshio Baba and his robots as payback for hurting Mitsuko Kongou.

Although Kongou is currently recovering from her injuries, it’s time to give the black cat to one of the Tokiwadai students who has psychometry.

Of course, this girl can’t talk to animal but she’ll do her best to see the memories of the black cat, which would give Mikoto Misaka a lead on finding her clone.

Anyways, here’s Misaki Shokuhou and her accomplice as they took MISAKA No. 10032’s unconscious body.

Also, you notice that the mysterious man said a latin phrase Auribus oculi fideliores sunt, which translates to “The Eyes Are More Trustworthy Than The Ears”. Hmm, I wonder if that latin phrase has something to do about Misaki Shokuhou?

Now that the black cat’s memory has been analyzed, it’s time to relay the information to Mikoto Misaka in which Ruiko Saten will deliver it to the Level 5 esper. Then again, I doubt that Saten will remember anything that the psychometry user said to her.

Oh, and let’s not forget that Misaki Shokuhou messed her memories that Ruiko doesn’t know Mikoto’s phone number until she found out that it’s already saved on her phone.

Meanwhile, here’s Kazari Uiharu where she saw Misuzu Misaka. Sure that she remembers Mikoto’s mom, but why Kazari can’t remember her friend?

Oh right, Uiharu’s memories were tampered by Misaki Shokuhou so that’s why!

Of course, it’ll get worse once Mitori Kouzaku is involved and I bet that she’ll kidnap both Kazari Uiharu and Misuzu Misaka in order to lure the Railgun out.

Moving back to Ruiko Saten where she tries to call Mikoto Misaka and tell her about Misaki Shokuhou, which will lead to the clues on MISAKA No. 10032’s whereabouts. Of course, I fear that Saten might not remember everything.

Unfortunately, Mikoto can’t pick up the call from Ruiko as she encountered a certain esper from MEMBER.

It’s none other than Mitori Kouzaku where she wants to talk to Misaka about her Sister clones. Oh, and the time when the Level 6 Shift project got cancelled when some Level 5 esper wrecked their facilities.

Should Mikoto didn’t comply to Mitori’s demands, she’ll gonna kill Kazari with her knife. Oh and you think that Kouzaku capturing Uiharu is worse?

Wait till you see Mitori’s clone attempting to kill Mikoto’s mom if she doesn’t tell the truth. Of course, we all know that Touma stopped the project by beating Accelerator, but none of them won’t believe that!

But you know what, Mikoto Misaka will save her friend and her mother by using her Railgun ability.

I mean, Biri-Biri won’t let anyone die but she can’t use her ability to save both at the same time.

Well, turns out that Kuroko Shirai has arrived to rescue Mikoto’s mother by taking out Mitori’s clone…

…by using her wheelchair to smash the hell out of it. Gotta pay my respects for Kuroko’s wheelchair!

But hey, Kuroko Shirai managed to rescue Misuzu Misaka from harm, meaning that the only thing Mikoto need to tackle is Mitori Kouzaku.

However, Kouzaku turned into metal as she’s about to kill Misaka with her sharp metal claws.

But in the end, Mitori Kouzaku melted into liquid metal. Okay, it seems that it’s actually Mitori’s clone as the real one got away.

It’s interesting that Kouzaku has an ability to use metal to create a clone of herself. Now then, where’s the real Mitori Kouzaku?

Oh, looks like Kouzaku is in the sewers but I bet that she’ll return to cause more trouble to Misaka.

For now, Mikoto Misaka will have to take her mother and Kazari Uiharu to Judgment 177 Branch Office.

Oh, and Kuroko Shirai too as she lost her wheelchair. Sure that she doesn’t remember anything about Misaka thanks to Shokuhou’s memory tampering, Shirai’s heart wants to scream “Onee-sama!” now that she’s close to her dear friend.

Now that they returned to Judgment 177 Branch Office, it’s time for Ruiko Saten to tell Mikoto Misaka in regards to Misaki Shokuhou as she finally remembered the latin phrase Auribus oculi fideliores sunt.

But when Saten typed the latin phrase to a search engine, it’s filled with dummy site which will lead to nowhere. Hm, could it be that Auribus oculi fideliores sunt refers to a site that shows rumors?

Speaking of that phrase, Kazari Uihari tries to find that specific website, but she find out that it’s already deleted.

Good thing Mikoto Misaka can restore the deleted data using her ability. In any case, the rumor-filled website Auribus oculi fideliores sunt has finally restored.

And it turns out that the website shows a facility where it’s said that a DNA computer is stored there. Said computer can generate psychic abilities, but we’ll never know if it applies to everyone including those who don’t have psychic powers.

Also, the website shows Misaki Shokuhou as she went to that facility. But anyways, looks like Misaka found a clue that would lead to MISAKA No. 10032’s whereabouts, and it’s no wonder why Shokuhou wants to leave no traces behind by tampering everyone’s memories and delete the website.

For now, Mikoto went to the facility where Misaki is waiting for her, although she doesn’t want to talk right here because someone would spy on them.

So, both Level 5 esper went inside a truck where Shokuhou convinced the driver to drive to a specific place. We’ll find out later on their destination.

Now then, it’s time for Mikoto Misaka to ask Misaki Shokuhou on MISAKA No. 10032’s whereabouts, and demanded to restore the memories of her friends.

Of course, Shokuhou won’t tell Misaka the location of her clone, but Misaki told her that MISAKA No. 10032 is fine. Also, she won’t restore the memories of Mikoto’s friends because they might dig deeper into the Sisters, which lead to the cancelled Level 6 Shift project.

But seriously, how did Misaki Shokuhou found out about that project in the first place?

Well to start things off, Shokuhou heard about the project from the scientists where they learned that it’s cancelled. Naturally, Misaki used Mental Out on the scientists to spill the beans but it’s not enough get the whole picture of the Level 6 Shift project.

Thus, she hired an investigator who will help her on finding the pieces surrounding the cancelled project, starting with Mikoto Misaka’s clones known as the Sisters. Of course, it’s gonna be hard to round them up and the only way to find the source of the MISAKA Network is Last Order, which she’s being taken care of by Accelerator.

Anyways, that’s about it for Misaki Shokuhou’s story on how she stumbled upon the Level 6 Shift project, but she’ll never gonna restore the memories of Kazari Uiharu, Ruiko Saten, and Kuroko Shirai ’cause they don’t want to get involved in Academy City’s illegal experiments, especially when the Kihara Family is involved.

But even so, there’s no excuse on tampering their memories as Misaka got very angry at Shokuhou. After all, it’s Misaki’s fault that Kuroko and the rest don’t remember Mikoto, and not to mention Mitsuko Kongou getting hurt on finding one of the Sisters.

Come to think of it, is Misaki Shokuhou not wearing any underwear? Seriously, her elastic PE uniform is the only one that holds her large breasts.

Now then, both Level 5 espers have arrived at School District 9 where the International Ability Researchers Conference is held there.

Oh yeah, there’s a possibility that Gensei Kihara will be conducting a seminar in School District 9, although I bet that he might not go to the conference.

Unfortunately, it appears that Mikoto is running so fast that she left someone behind…

Turns out that it’s none other than Misaki Shokuhou as she’s struggling to catch her breath.

I have to say that despite being Level 5, Misaki’s physical strength is so low that I found it to be embarrassing.

Heck, even Misaka calls Shokuhou a pathetic esper who can’t run fast without tiring out. I bet that her massive tits are wearing Misaki down which is why she gives orders to her clique to do her bidding.

You know something, I think Misaki Shokuhou is a liability at this point because she can’t defend herself in case her Mental Out ability didn’t work.

One last thing, here’s Mitori Kouzaku where she told a certain scientist on the phone that Misaki Shokuhou stole most of the data from the Level 6 Shift project. And you know who she’s talking to?

Why it’s none other than Gensei Kihara, the mad scientist who wanted to see an esper achieving Level 6, even as far as using brutal experiments to reach that lofty goal. And Gensei would have got a Level 6 esper if it wasn’t for Touma Kamijou punching Accelerator, although the head of the Kihara family thinks that Touma is just a Level 0 punk. But yes, Mitori is linked to Gensei which means that he’ll get another crack on the Level 6 Shift project.

Unfortunately, I’m gonna end this post right here as Mikoto Misaka and Misaki Shokuhou are infiltrating the facility where Gensei Kihara will be conducting his seminar. Then again, this mad scientist might change his mind and decided not to go ’cause he might be busy finding ways to produce a Level 6 esper. Anyways, I’ll see you next time!

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