Tower of God Episodes #01 & #02

In another time, in another world lies Bam where he must find Rachel in the Tower of God.

Okay, here’s an anime adaptation of a web manhwa made by S.I.U. (or Slave In Utero) where it’s been serialized back in 2010 and it’s still going strong to this day.

Now in 2020, Telecom Animation Film, with the help from Naver and Crunchyroll, make an anime series based on Tower of God.

In any case, the story is simple where Bam must climb the Tower of God in order to find Rachel who she already went to the tower at the start of this series. But then again, climbing the tower is not that easy.

You see, Bam must pass various tests in order to get inside the tower as the caretaker Headon will be facilitating the initial test…

…which is destroy the black ball while running away from this giant white steel eel. Yeah, seems that Bam will have to take the hardest test of his life.

Unfortunately, he got interrupted when a princess named Ha Yuri Jahad kicked Bam to the face. Man, that’s not nice for a princess to greet an Irregular with a dropkick.

Oh and Yuri is accompanied by her assistant Evan, although Headon told them not to interfere the test as Bam will take it whether he’ll like it or not. If he fails, so be it.

Still, Bam doesn’t have a weapon to break the black ball. What, is he gonna use his hands to break it?

Well, Ha Yuri Jahad has decided to borrow her sword called the Black March, one of the weapons from the 13 Month Series where only the princesses of Jahad can wield it.

Then again, Yuri is okay having an Irregular like Bam to wield the Black March.

Now that Bam is holding the Black March. it’s time for this Irregular to destroy the ball in order to get inside the tower.

But then, it seems that the sword just made a dent instead of breaking the ball. What’s going on?

Turns out, Bam needs to have the Black March recognize him as Evan told the Irregular to lend the sword’s strength by calling it out. Then again, will it work?

But you know what, Bam will try to ask the Black March to lend its strength to break the ball. As you can see, it works as the beam of light blinds the giant eel.

But here’s the manifestation of the Black March as she’ll lend her strength to Bam because he’s cute. Really, so this weapon like cuties huh?

Even Yuri couldn’t believe that the Black March prefers cute boys over princesses. Of course, I’m hoping that Bam can break the ball now that he has the Black March’s power.

In any case, Bam managed to break the ball, shattering into pieces. Well then, looks like Bam has passed the test.

However, it appears that he got eaten by the eel, meaning that Bam won’t give the Black March back to Ha Yuri Jahad… or is it?

Turns out, Bam was transported to the second floor of the tower where he’ll take the “real” first test in order to climb to higher levels.

Oh, and it involves eliminating other participants until there are only 200 left.

In any case, looks like Bam will have to fight against various participants like Rak Wraithraiser in order to survive.

But then again, defeating other participants is very hard so the only way to survive is not to fight at all, as suggested by Khun Aguero Agnes where he told Bam not to fight Rak and run away.

Of course, Rak won’t let Bam go because this lizard wants to fight the Irregular, especially when Bam is wielding the Black March where he “borrowed” from Ha Yuri Jahad.

Unfortunately, it seems that the organizers of the first test has decided to have all remaining participants to form a team within the time limit. Otherwise, those who didn’t form a team won’t go to the next floor.

Well then, looks like Khun Aguero Agnes has no choice but to form a team with Rak Wraithraiser and Bam in a jiffy as Khun told Bam to hold Rak very tightly until the timer reaches zero.

Of course, Rak Wraithraiser is very angry that he still wants to fight Bam, but his head got covered by his own cape thanks to Khun. But hey, at least they formed a team as they passed the first test.

Oh, and Khun wants to make peace with Rak for covering his head earlier with a chocolate bar. I mean, Khun did that stunt in order to pass the first test.

But hey, at least Rak accepts Khun’s peace offering as he gobbled the chocolate bar whole. Wow, he’s really hungry after taking on various participants in the second floor.

Now then, let’s move onto the second test which is held at Evankhell’s Mothership.

Oh yes, this Ranker named Lero Ro will be the supervisor, but how will he facilitate the test?

Simple, by pushing the participants with a wave of Shinsu, which is basically water but it can be used in everything from weapons…

…to an impenetrable wall where conventional weapons won’t put a dent on it.

Anyways, Lero Ro told everyone to walk through this wall of Shinsu in order to pass. Otherwise, they won’t go to higher levels of the tower.

Well, there’s one lucky participant who managed to survive the wave of Shinsu as Bam is standing there where he told Lero Ro that he’ll return to the starting area.

Of course, Lero Ro told Bam not to go back to the starting area as he already passed the second test.

So, the only thing left that Bam will do is to watch everyone struggling to get past the wall. Of course, he wants his teammates to pass as well.

Well luckily, Khun Aguero Agnes and Rak Wraithraiser managed to walk through the wall without much effort. Glad that Bam’s teammates have passed the second test.

Of course, some participants like Shibisu and Serena Rinnen will have to force their way in. I guess willpower is the only option if luck is on their side.

But hey, at least they made it, although the sleepyhead named Phonsekal Lauroe managed to get past the Shinsu Wall by just walking it.

Well then, I have to say that I’m hooked on watching the Tower of God and I have to say that it reminds me of Hunter x Hunter, especially the various tests that the participants must face in order to climb higher. While the visuals are somewhat amazing, I’m hoping that Telecom Animation Film are doing fine during the pandemic.

Anyways, I’ll see you next time and let’s hope that Bam can finally see Rachel inside the tower!

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