To Aru Kagaku no Railgun T Episode #11

Well everyone, here’s Mikoto Misaka as her conscience is being controlled by Mitori Kouzaku, telling her to destroy everything.

Of course, the only thing that benefited on Mikoto’s berserk state is Gensei Kihara where he wants to see Misaka reaching the ever-elusive Level 6.

Anyways, the entire Academy City are in shock as Mikoto Misaka is throwing lightning on various buildings.

Heck, even Mitori Kouzaku is in awe on Misaka’s power, although Gensei Kihara told Kouzaku that Mikoto must reach Level 6 but how will they do it? It’s not like they’re gonna find stronger espers to take her out.

Meanwhile, here’s Misaki Shokuhou where she managed to rescue Keitz Nokleben from Gensei’s control, although it’s too late to save MISAKA No. 10032 thanks to the mad scientist injecting a virus onto her.

Of course, the only thing they should worry about is Mitori Kouzaku’s liquid metal clones as they’re gonna dispose everything now that Mitori and Gensei reached their first step of their master plan.

Oh yes, let’s not forget that the liquid metal clones can’t be killed by any means as Keitz couldn’t shoot it down.

Fortunately, someone transported a sharp object to stop Mitori’s metal tentacles from attacking Misaki Shokuhou and her friends.

Turns out, it’s Kuroko Shirai as she’s arrived to stop Mitori Kouzaku from causing much trouble, although dealing with a mad scientist like Gensei Kihara will be handled by someone else.

But first, time for Kuroko to transport Keitz Nokleben and MISAKA No. 10032 out of the area. You know, if Shirai got her memories back, she’ll squeal that Mikoto has a clone.

Afterwards, Kuroko Shirai and Misaki Shokuhou got out of harm’s way but they’ll have a tough battle ahead.

So for now, Misaki Shokuhou will deal with Gensei Kihara while Kuroko Shirai will continue her pursuit towards Mitori Kouzaku.

Um Misaki, would it be better if she restore Mikoto’s memories before tackling the mad scientist? You know what, let’s see what’s happening outside…

Well, turns out that Touma Kamijou is gonna stop an enraged Mikoto Misaka using his Imagine Breaker, but getting close to Mikoto is pretty hard especially when Touma might get hit by debris.

Fortunately, a certain Level 5 esper has arrived to save Kamijou from getting killed.

It’s Gunha Sogiita and he quickly got into action upon seeing some nice light works coming from Mikoto Misaka, although Sogiita not aware that she’s being controlled by both Kihara and Kouzaku.

With that said, it looks like both Gunha and Touma will have to work together in order to stop Mikoto from destroying Academy City.

So first off, it’s time for Gunha Sogiita to show that he’s one hell of a Level 5 esper starting with his amazing punch!

And as you can see, Gunha’s punches can shoot beams thanks to his Attack Crash ability.

Then again, we’ll never know how it’s possible for him to create beams with a single punch. Was he compressing air to the point that Sogiita can create an explosive beam? Who knows…

Afterwards, it’s time for Sogiita to throw Kamijou straight into Misaka so that he can use his right hand to stop her.

Thanks to Gunha throwing him at high speed, Touma has managed to get close to Mikoto as he used Imagine Breaker on her.

But it appears that touching Misaka with his right hand is not enough to snap her out of it. Oh boy, looks like it’s not gonna be easy saving Mikoto.

So right now, Touma Kamijou and Gunha Sogiita will have to hold the line against Mikoto Misaka, while the likes of Kuroko Shirai and Misaki Shokuhou will have to throw a wrench on those who want to turn Mikoto into a Level 6 esper.

Speaking of Misaki Shokuhou, she’s gonna stop Gensei Kihara by herself but then again, it might be a trap as Gensei is expecting Misaki to show up and then pin her down until the experiment is over.

Well everyone, I’m getting closer to the end of this story arc as I’ll see you next time. Let’s hope that Touma will save the day and then tackle the Magic Side. Then again, I’m not sure if he already stop Oriana Thomson or not.

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