Tower of God Episodes #03 & #04

This is the story of Khun Aguero Agnes who trusted his dear sister Maria.

But then, it all came crashing down when Khun Aguero Agnes was betrayed and cast aside when Maria was chosen as one of the princesses of Jahad.

Because of this painful event, Khun Aguero Agnes is wary of trusting other people including his own teammates.

Now then, let’s move onto the present where Bam, Khun, and Rak will take on the third test.

Also, this participant is here to tell some tips on how to clear the third test, as all they need to do is to clear it within 5 minutes or they might fail should Bam and the rest exceed the time limit.

Of course, this balloon-face participant mentioned about Khun’s past in which he took out a knife and decided to slice that noisy participant up.

Then again, Khun Aguero Agnes doesn’t want to waste his time on picking up a fight.

Anyways, it’s time for Bam and his allies to take the third test…

…where it’s being supervised by a Ranker named Yu Hansung. Oh, and this test is very simple.

All they need to do is to find the right door within 5 minutes, or they’ll fall through their deaths. Then again, Khun needs to pick the correct door as fast a possible.

But you know what, Rak Wraithraiser decided to pick the door with his instincts alone.

And as you can see, he got it right as they passed the test thanks to Rak’s instincts. I guess they don’t need to think hard just to find the right door.

Now then, it looks like the participants are taking a rest after tackling Yu Hansung’s tricky test.

Also, looks like Shibisu is offering a banana-flavored coffee drink to Bam. Come to think of it, where is Shibisu’s teammates.

Oh, they’re here too as Shibisu pick up some powerful allies. On the right is Hatz while on the left is Anaak.

Meanwhile, here’s Lero Ro as he asked the participants if they’re interested on taking the extra test.

Oh and here’s the thing though as whoever passed the extra test counts as passing all tests inside the tower. Sounds tempting to take it.

Anyways, what they’re gonna do in the extra test is they’ll take the crown and have someone sit on it. Afterwards, his/her teammates must defend the crown from opposing teams until all of them are eliminated.

But if he/she got out from the throne or have their crown stolen from the opposing team, his/her team lost the game.

Now then, it’s time for the first round of the Crown Game as Team Shibisu will fight against Team Kancho.

Then again, Anaak will just take care of these small-fries by herself. Let’s see what she’s capable of?

Surprisingly, Anaak destroyed everyone from Team Kancho despite being a small reptilian girl.

Oh yeah and Anaak already got the throne and crown as she literally blown them away. In any case, looks like Team Shibisu has won the first round.

But then again, Anaak has decided to keep the crown as she wants to get some sleep, leaving both Hatz and Shibisu to defend the throne by themselves.

Meanwhile, looks like Bam noticed something over one of the teams.

Turns out, this girl resembled Rachel for which Bam is looking for her for all eternity. Then again, we’ll never know if she’s really Rachel.

Now then, it’s time for the second round where Team Shibisu will try to defend Anaak from both teams. First off, here’s Hatz where he’s fighting against one of the Regulars from Team First Emperor.

Unfortunately, it appears that Leo Cloaker couldn’t hold off against Hatz and his sharp blade.

Meanwhile, here’s Shibisu where despite being weak against the likes of Hoh and Serena Linnen, he can put up a fight against them.

Heck, he even landed a punch straight to Serena’s face and gloats about it. On the other hand, I wonder what happened to Serena and Hoh’s teammate?

Oh, turns out that they’ve team up with Phonsekal Lauroe where he’s about to use Shinsu against Anaak.

And as you can see, Lauroe fired a powerful beam towards Anaak that her sweet slumber got interrupted.

Fortunately, she managed to dodge Lauroe’s Shinsu Beam but she’s really mad right now.

And really, Anaak went into Ignition Mode where she’s gonna kill everyone on sight, including Phonsekal Lauroe.

Anyways, looks like Anaak’s weapon went berserk as she whips the entire arena. Gotta say that nobody is safe when Anaak is angry.

On the other hand, Bam’s weapon is reacting to Anaak as he can’t control it.

Could it be that the Black March is related to Anaak’s weapon? Wait a minute, is Anaak wielding one of the weapons from the 13 Month Series?

Meanwhile, looks like Phonsekal Lauroe is being dragged by Serena Linnen as she doesn’t want to die from Anaak’s wrath.

Well, there goes their chance of qualifying all tests during the Crown Game. But hey, at least they’re alive!

Of course, it’s not over yet for Anaak as she wants Bam to hand over the Black March to her, although Bam refused to do so.

Oh and here’s the thing though as Anaak is revealed to be a princess of Jahad, wielding the Green April.

Unfortunately, Anaak won’t get her hands on Bam’s Black March as Lero Ro told her that she’s disqualified, telling Anaak to stay inside the cage until the next round ends.

Well, looks like Team Shibisu got eliminated but I’m sure that they’ll take another chance at the Crown Game… or maybe not.

Now it’s time for the third round of the Crown Game as Team Bam will take the stage against three other teams.

Then again, Khun Aguero Agnes beat them to the punch as he got the crown…

…and decided to throw it so that the opposing teams will scramble to grab the crown. Man, what the heck is Khun doing?

Well then, looks like all 3 teams are fighting to get the crown by themselves. Unfortunately for them, they’re just fighting over a fake crown.

You see, Khun Aguero Agnes throw the fake one to the opposing teams while he kept the real crown to himself until Bam sits at the throne and wears it. Damn, what a cheeky move by Khun, but I’m hoping that he should trust his allies if they want to get to higher levels.

Unfortunately, that’s about it for both Episodes 3 and 4 as the Crown Game continues. Now then, which team is gonna take the crown from Bam? I can’t wait for it!

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