To Aru Kagaku no Railgun T Episode #12

Well everyone, Academy City has turned into a warzone thanks to Mikoto Misaka losing herself as her powers are getting out of control, although the likes of Gensei Kihara and Mitori Kouzaku wants to control Misaka so that she could reach Level 6.

Of course, Touma Kamijou and Gunha Sogiita can hold Mikoto on their own, it seems that they might eventually lose against an enraged Level 5 esper.

In fact, Gunha got blown away by Mikoto’s electrified fence and I have to say that a normal person can’t survive being slammed into the building.

Well fortunately, Sogiita survived with only a few scratches but like I said in the previous post, it’s gonna be a damn long fight to pin Misaka down.

Meanwhile, Kuroko Shirai is dealing with Mitori Kouzaku’s liquid metal clones and while she can’t put those clones down, Kuroko found some weaknesses…

As you can see, Mitori’s clones needs some eyes and ears to see its surroundings, so therefore Kuroko went ahead on destroying its choker in which it contains some kind of camera.

After wrecking the camera, Shirai used anti-eavesdropping devices which emits a high-frequency sonic waves to impede Mitori’s clones to see its surroundings.

Well then, looks like Kuroko will have it easy on stopping one of the liquid metal clones, albeit temporary since the real Mitori Kouzaku is still controlling them.

Of course, Shirai will have to find Kouzaku as soon as possible or she might end up in the hospital again as Mitori’s liquid metal clones are injuring her.

Finally, let’s talk about Gensei Kihara where he went to Exterior in order to unlock Mikoto Misaka’s potential into achieving Level 6.

Well, the problem is that Gensei is walking into Misaki Shokuhou’s territory where she set up various traps to stop the mad scientist, only for Kihara to counter it with various psychic powers which the mad scientist borrowed it from espers who were taken by his men, mostly in reform schools across Academy City.

Anyways, looks like Gensei Kihara has managed to get past those traps as the mad scientist encountered Misaki Shokuhou in which she has the code to unlock Exterior’s limiters.

Then again, she’s not gonna let this mad scientist take the code and let Mikoto Misaka run loose across Academy City.

Unfortunately for Misaki, Gensei Kihara doesn’t want to play with her traps anymore as the mad scientist is gonna harass Shokuhou until she gives up the code.

Oh and he wants to take the unlock codes right away or Touma Kamijou will ruin his experiment again.

Not on Shokuhou’s watch though as she has one last trick up on her sleeve as she used Exterior’s regenerating doors to trap Kihara’s arm until he can’t use his Mental Out.

Except that his right arm is actually prosthetic as Gensei Kihara’s body is comprised of artificial limbs and organs.

Basically, he doesn’t mind turning his old body into a canvas full of experimental equipment in order to carry out his desire of getting a Level 6 esper. Damn, this old guy is beyond insane!

Anyways, Gensei Kihara used Mental Out to force Misaki Shokuhou to choke herself to death until she gives up the code. And that will leave us right here.

But that’s about it for Episode 12 and man, when will this story arc end? In any case, let’s hope that the next episode will be the conclusion.

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