Tower of God Episode #05

Let’s continue onto the third round of the Crown Game as Khun Aguero Agnes shows a stash of unlimited fake crowns from his hyperspace bag to everyone.

Oh yes, and those fake crowns turned to dust, meaning that those teams are just got baited by Khun and they’re gonna lose in the third round.

In fact, Rak Wraithraiser did the honors of blowing the entire opposition by throwing his spear. And so, the third round goes to Bam.

Afterwards, Khun Aguero Agnes ties his hair up for the fourth round as they await their rivals, although they’re gonna save their strength on tackling the strongest team.

By the way, the reason why Khun tied his hair like that? You’ll know later once the fourth round begins.

Meanwhile, the Regulars have decided to band together in order to take Bam out from his throne and then fight for the crown fair-and-square once Team Bam is out of the game.

But as for the fair-and-square part? I think they won’t play by the rules!

Also, some of the Regulars have decided not to work together as the likes of Blarouse decimated everyone except for Team Bam.

And here’s the thing though as Khun Aguero Agnes explained to Bam that Blarouse and two other Regulars were supposed to be eliminated in the first test, but Khun decided to save them in exchange for working with him.

Hence, Khun decided to tie his hair as a sign that it’s time for Team Blarouse to eliminate those small fries.

Oh and the most interesting thing is that Khun carried them from his hyperspace bag, which is quite baffling that some of the Rankers didn’t notice it until it was too late.

In any case, I have to say that thanks to Blarouse and his team, looks like Team Bam will go all-out against the strongest team in the final round of the Crown Game.

And it turns out that Bam and the rest will fight against Rachel, Ghost, and Endorsi. Basically, this team is the greatest threat second to Team Shibisu, especially when Shibisu has Hatz and Anaak.

Also, Team Bam will fight both teams who are not much of a threat as they’re mainly fodders for Rak Wraithraiser.

Suddenly, it appears that a woman wearing just a skin-tight suit has interrupted the Crown Game as she attacks the Regulars…

…with only her staff. Well, she’s gonna wreck everybody until nobody wins at the Crown Game.

Fortunately, Rak managed to hold his ground against this female assailant, but it seems that having her is just the tip of the iceberg.

In fact, Khun Aguero Agnes is alarmed that two other Regulars such as Yung Changsoo, and they’re gonna beat them down until Khun and the rest can’t get up.

However, Khun can outlast and even beat Yung as the swordsman hit Khun’s bag where all of the knives are flying upward. But that was a distraction.

You see, Khun Aguero Agnes made an opening against Yung Changsoo by slashing his back. Well, that takes care of that swordsman.

However, the fifth round of the Crown Game takes a drastic turn when the female assailant knocks Rachel in the head.

Seems that her cover was blown thanks to that intruder in a skin-tight suit.

This alarmed Bam where he saw Rachel getting hurt that Bam jump out from his throne and tries to save her.

But he got hit in the head too by the female assailant in which Bam got knocked-out cold. Oh, and his head is covered in his own blood so Bam might die at the Crown Game.

That’s until his Black March reacted violently as a pillar of Shinsu shoots out of the sky!

Oh, and this assailant got her mask cut in half thanks to the Black March’s violent torrent of Shinsu.

In any case, the surge of Shinsu has stopped as the Black March returned to normal.

Also, it appears that the intruder in a skin-tight suit lost her right eye thanks to the surge of Shinsu. Of course, losing an eye is one thing as she’s gonna get mauled by an angry Bam.

But, the spirit of the Black March stepped in to calm Bam down ’cause it’s not good to kill someone by a weapon from the 13 Month Series.

In any case, Bam fainted and thus the Crown Game is over as the crown got vaporized by the violent stream of Shinsu. Sucks that nobody passed on this extra test.

So, Lero Ro told Yu Hansung in regards the Crown Game’s disastrous results, which Hansung is disappointed that nobody passed the Crown Game.

Oh yeah, Yu Hansung was the one who proposed the Crown Game in which to determine who has the power to destroy the tower, something which the Ranker is worried that having that individual will bring more harm than good.

Speaking of Lero Ro, I guess he’s worried that someone wants to stop Bam from climbing up to the tower.

But you know what, he can’t let his feelings get in his way as Lero Ro is a Ranker where he’ll take no favorites, especially Bam.

Now then, looks like Bam is alive but he’s taking a long sleep for 3 straight days. Oh, and Khun Aguero Agnes tries to wake him up ’cause they’re gonna take the normal tests now that they failed the Crown Game.

One last thing, looks like Khun got a visitor as she wants to ask him a favor in regards to Bam.

Said visitor happened to be Rachel and I don’t know what kind of favor she wants to ask towards Khun Aguero Agnes.

We’ll find out next time but right now, Bam needs to wake up as soon as possible, or he’ll be booted out from the tower!

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