Otome Game no Hametsu Flag shika Nai Akuyaku Reijou ni Tensei shiteshimatta… Episode #06

Well everyone, here’s the villainess where she spends her time formulating plans to prevent those death flags from getting triggered…

…like throwing a toy snake towards Geordo Stuart since he’s scared of them. Then again, throwing a toy snake like a fastball might not be effective.

Also, here’s Catarina Claes’ mother Diana where she warned her daughter not to cause more trouble during summer vacation.

Of course, we all know that Bakarina will cause trouble anyway since this villainess is trying to save herself in the future!

Anyways, let’s start the summer vacation as Catarina and her friends went to the lake for a boat race, although most of them are just paddling alone leisurely.

Well, except for Catarina Claes where she and Mary Hunt paddled their way to victory.

But not for long as Mary hugged Catarina down until their boat toppled over and fell to the lake. In any case, that’s the end of the boat race.

Moving onto the next scene where Catarina Claes went to the bookstore together with Sophia Ascart as they’re gonna buy the latest novel.

Of course, there’s Nicol Ascart where he got very close to Bakarina and told the villainess to let him be at her side. Um Nicol, you supposed to be with Maria Campbell.

Even Bakarina couldn’t think straight when Nicol got closer to her. Still, I’m hoping that she won’t trigger any death flags for this one.

Now then, here’s Alan Stuart where he’s doing a piano recital. I have to say that Alan is doing great at playing the piano instead of chasing his older brother Geordo.

Oh yeah, and Alan got some fans on his piano performance. You may all thank to Catarina Claes for changing his life.

However, it appears that Mary Hunt is getting a bit obsessive towards Alan Stuart lately.

Wait, is she becoming a yandere because of Alan that she might kill every girl who has their eyes set on him? Oh boy, let’s hope that Mary won’t kill Bakarina because of that.

Finally, here’s Sirius Dieke where he’s still being flocked by various girls as always.

So when Catarina Claes asked him if he found a fiance, Sirius replied that he didn’t found someone to marry and beside, he’s not planning to marry a noble in the future.

And as you can see, Bakarina felt stupid upon asking that silly question to Sirius.

Well then, she should have ask him in the first place but wait a minute, shouldn’t Catarina finish her homework before vacation is over?

Well, she’s doing it on the last day but I doubt that Bakarina will finish it in time.

Then again, it’s not like Catarina experienced it before as in her previous life, she pulled an all-nighter to finish her homework.

And speaking of Catarina’s previous life, here’s Atsuko Sasaki where she told her best friend that she has beaten the Fortune Lover dating sim game.

But of course, Bakarina didn’t manage to finish the game before being reincarnated as the villainess of Fortune Lover.

In any case, looks like Catarina Claes didn’t finish her homework as she fell asleep without writing a single sentence on her notebook.

Even her maid Anne Sherry couldn’t believe that Catarina slept her way till as she told the villainess that summer vacation is over.

Anyways, we’ve reached the halfway point of this series and while Bakarina will be punished for not working on her homework, the drastic changes that she made from the original Fortune Lover has created new death flags in which Catarina must prevent it from happening.

Now then, I’ll see you next time and let’s hope that we’ll see Maria Campbell once again…

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