Love Live! Sunshine!! The School Idol Movie: Over The Rainbow

It was 2015 when Aqours came to the scene and much like μ’s, they were unknown at that period. But when μ’s finally took their last bow on April 1, 2016, Aqours will have to prove that they’re worthy successors as school idols. More than 4 years have passed since their debut and Japan has finally recognized Aqours with various concerts held across Japan and around the world. Not only that, but they appeared at the 69th Kohaku Uta Gassen which held in 2018.

While the school idol group will continue to perform in real-life until the day has finally come to take their final bow, the story of Aqours will finally have its closure with this film. They may have not saved Uranohoshi Girls’ Academy from closure and consolidation, but Aqours left an everlasting legacy as they won the Love Live! school idol competition. With the 3rd year students finally graduated, the rest of the students from Uranohoshi will transfer to Numazu Academy.

But speaking of Numazu Academy, it appears that Chika Takami and the rest found out that the school they’re transferring is actually run-down. And not only that, it was revealed that they’re not gonna get transferred to Numazu Academy after all, but rather one of their branch schools.

So yeah, not a great start for Chika Takami and her fellow classmates from Uranohoshi Girls’ Academy as they’re treated like second-class citizens.

Now then, let’s move onto the next scene where Chika Takami and Riko Sakurauchi saw someone flirting with You Watanabe.

Turns out that You is talking to a guy, which it’ll spark outrage among fans. Oh the nerve that an idol like You is talking to a male!

Still, the rest of Aqours are tailing You because Chika and the rest are itching to know if she’s dating a guy, something an idol can’t do because relationships are forbidden.

Except that You Watanabe found out that her fellow school idols are tailing her as she found the likes of Yoshiko “Yohane” Tsushima.

Man, they should work on their stealth skills but anyways, who is the person You is talking to?

Well, it turns out that this person who looked like a boy is actually a girl named Tsuki Watanabe, complete with her signature salute pose, as she’s actually a student of Numazu Academy.

Anyways, Tsuki-chan told everyone in regards to Numazu Academy’s refusal to integrate students from Uranohoshi as the board of directors are wary about their achievements, especially when it comes to club activities.

But wait, Uranohoshi Girls’ Academy won the Love Live! competition, but it doesn’t count as an achievement especially when Aqours couldn’t perform like they used to. Let’s not forget that the 3rd year students have graduated and performing in front of the audience with only 6 members didn’t work out, much like how Chika and the rest got zero votes during their performance in Tokyo.

So, they asked the Kazuno sisters for help as Ria and Seira are here to assess on how Aqours can stack up against the rest of the competition with only 6 members, although Ria told everyone that they’re supposed to go on a graduation trip.

Anyways, Seira told Chika and the rest that their performance is not that great. In fact, it’s like their first outing in Tokyo where Aqours failed to impress the crowd with only 6 members.

And here’s the thing though as Seira told them that the reason why they won the competition is because the former 3rd year members contributed on making their group stand out with the rest. Without the likes of Kanan Matsuura, Dia Kurosawa, and Mari Ohara, they’re just mediocre.

Oh yeah, we’re gonna talk about Ria Kazuno as she’s struggling to find new members to form a school idol group. I think her awkwardness and the fact that Ria takes the competition seriously is making her unapproachable to some people. Also, let’s not forget that Seira will leave her since she’s already graduated.

So, her last resort is to transfer to Numazu Academy and join Aqours but even then, it might not work for Ria Kazuno. But let’s wait and see if she can find new members before the movie is over.

Right now, it appears that Chika Takami and the rest are having a deja vu as a certain helicopter has arrived. Yeah, this is like the time Mari Ohara introduced herself back in Season 1.

Except that it’s not Mari, but her mother Jane Ohara where she asked Chika Takami and the rest to find her daughter Mari, which has gone missing in Italy.

Of course, should they managed to find her daughter, Aqours will receive lots of cash from Jane Ohara. By the way, they’re swimming in a pile of chocolate gold.

In any case, looks like they’re gonna find Mari Ohara and the rest of the former 3rd year students in Italy and somehow find some answers there. Still, why would Mari, Dia, and Kanan went missing in a foreign country?

Anyways, Aqours went to Italy together with Tsuki Watanabe as she knows everything about the country she grew up with as a child. Well, let’s hope that they can find Mari and the rest without getting lost.

Fortunately, seems that they found a clue on where Mari Ohara and the rest are as Aqours went to Contarini del Bovolo.

There, the 6 members of Aqours have finally reunited with the former 3rd year students. And really, Ruby Kurosawa missed her elder sister Dia very much.

Then again, seems that their reunion has made a ruckus towards the local crowd. In fact, they’re here to find Mari Ohara because someone posted a missing poster across Italy.

Well, there’s only one way to do and that’s for Mari to create a distraction by throwing a uniform. Wait a minute, only You Watanabe will catch that!

Except this time, she’s joined by her cousin Tsuki as both of them jump over to catch the uniform.

Fortunately, they managed to rescue both uniform lovers but by the time they save You and Tsuki, the former 3rd year students are already left.

However, they finally found the location of the former 3rd year students as they stayed at one of Mari Ohara’s vacation houses.

Now then, we have to know why Mari Ohara and the rest have gone missing in Italy and man, everyone is worried about them.

Well, Kanan Matsuura explains that the reason why they went to Italy is because Mari Ohara is running away from her mother in which Mrs. Jane Ohara wants her daughter to get married. What. The!?

Then again, Mari Ohara is surprised that her mother used the rest of Aqours to find her, but Mari will say no to marriage as she wants to live in her own terms.

And speaking of the devil, Jane Ohara is here as she’ll take her daughter back home no matter what, although Mari won’t give up that easily.

I mean, she will refuse to marry someone (except for Kanan) and told her mother that being a school idol is not worthless.

Oh boy, this would take forever between a strict mother and a rebellious daughter so you know what, why not Mari show her mother Jane that being a school idol is awesome!

Of course, let’s talk first about Aqours’ anxieties without Dia, Kanan, and Mari guiding them and they have to resolve it in order to move the school idol group forward.

All the former 3rd year students need to do is to tell their juniors that no matter what happens, Dia, Kanan, and Mari will always remain in their hearts. And really, seeing Kanan Matsuura telling Chika Takami that she’ll be there in spirit while point at Chika’s chest is quite touching.

Anyways, Aqours made a guerrilla performance at the Spanish Steps in which Ruby Kurosawa, Hanamaru Kunikida, and Yoshiko Tsushima selected this venue as the place to dance and sing.

All I can say is that they still have that spark after winning the competition!

For Jane Ohara, she was stunned that her daughter can dance and sing. Well, seems that she’s convinced that being a school idol is awesome!

Of course, let’s not forget about Tsuki Watanabe where she captured this guerrilla performance on her camcorder. Let’s hope that Tsuki can post it online after this.

In any case, Mari Ohara proves to her mother that being a school idol is not worthless as what she poured her heart and soul on performing together with her fellow idols.

But as for Jane Ohara, it appears that she lost the battle as she finally accepted Mari’s achievements as a school idol. Not sure if she will force her daughter to marry someone though.

With that said, Jane Ohara takes her leave. Still, I really wish that Mari’s mother would reconsider on forcing her daughter to get a fiance.

Now that they’re done reuniting with Dia, Mari, and Kanan in Italy, it’s time for Chika Takami and the rest to convince the board of directors that the students of Uranohoshi Girls’ Academy deserved to be accepted in Numazu Academy.

Fortunately, her fellow students have come up with a plan to hold a festival but that would take a lot of effort on holding one.

Luckily, some of the students from Numazu Academy are here to help, but it’s not enough because most of them are scared that their parents might disown them for helping Chika Takami and the rest of Aqours.

But first, it seems that a few of them knows Yoshiko “Yohane” Tsushima due to her chuunibyou exploits back in middle school. Therefore, they asked Yohane to take a picture.

Of course, Yohane felt embarrassed that her classmates from middle school knows her notoriety as the fallen angel.

So while Chika and the rest are preparing to make their own festival, it’s time to talk about Ria Kazuno where she still struggling to find new members to the point that Ria will transfer to Numazu Academy, despite the fact that Ria will feel that she’s out of place.

Fortunately, Ruby Kurosawa had an idea in which Aqours will host a special (or should I say unofficial) Love Live! competition together with Saint Snow.

While it’s a good idea that Dia Kurosawa applauded her little sister for it, but how will they host a competition without angering the organizers?

Well, they’ll just pretend that Aqours will face Saint Snow in the finals. After all, the Kazuno sisters really wanted to compete for overall victory.

Anyways, here’s Seira Kazuno where she brought their costumes, which was supposed to be used in the Love Live! School Idol competition finals, as she wants to perform again together with her sister Ria.

And for added authenticity, here’s Tsuki Watanabe acting as the announcer to the Love Live! competition.

Still, this is just a mock competition between two popular school idol groups but you know what, let them have it!

Anyways, it’s time for Saint Snow to perform their brand-new song “Believe Again” and really, their performance would be a great contender to Aqours should they meet in the finals.

And speaking of Aqours, they’re amazed by the Kazuno sisters as Saint Snow’s performance is boppin’ awesome!

Afterwards, Seira told her sister Ria that she’ll remain in her heart, all while she urge Ria to forge a new beginning on her own.

As for Ria, I guess she finally understood the message as she’ll do everything to create a new legacy for herself and her potential new members. Still, I’m hoping that Ria will get a new member soon.

Not to be outdone by Saint Snow’s performance, it’s time for Aqours to show their stuff with “Brightest Memory” and as always, they’re amazing to see the champions sing and dance gracefully. Also, having the sunrise at the background is a big plus too!

Oh yeah, and here’s Saint Snow as they watch Aqours’ performance. Looks like the Kazuno sisters are convinced that they really deserved as champions. Anyways, this mock competition between Aqours and Saint Snow is a success.

And thanks to the mock competition, looks like more students from Numazu Academy have arrived to help Chika Takami and the Uranohoshi students.

Well, I would say that Tsuki Watanabe did a great job on streaming their performance online in which convinced everyone that school idols are awesome, especially when Aqours won the Love Live! competition.

Anyways, I feel that their festival is starting to take shape now that the students from Numazu Academy will lend them a helping hand.

Of course, before they finish their preparation for their festival, it’s time for Chika Takami and the rest of Aqours to visit their alma mater for one last time. C’mon, they want to see Uranohoshi Girls’ Academy first before they move onto the next chapter of their lives.

In any case, it’s nostalgic that all 9 members of Aqours have returned to see Uranohoshi Girls’ Academy for the final time as it’ll be closed soon.

Now then, the festival hosted by the Uranohoshi students have finally arrived. Of course, this festival won’t be complete without Aqours as Chika Takami and her fellow idols are here to perform “Next SPARKLING!!”, which is the best song in Aqours’ discography in my opinion.

Here’s Dia Kurosawa, Kanan Matsuura, and Mari Ohara as they felt a sigh of relief as the remaining members of Aqours are doing well. Man, I’m gonna miss this trio!

And lastly, here’s Tsuki Watanabe where she’s not only joined by the Uranohoshi students…

…but also the students from Numazu Academy. Oh, and let’s not forget the families too as they want to see their respective daughters shine throughout the festival.

In any case, the festival was a success as the board of directors are convinced that the students of Uranohoshi Girls’ Academy are worthy of being included in Numazu Academy’s main school. As for Ria Kazuno, she got a new member who will join her on making a new school idol group. Well, all’s well that ends well in this movie!

Now then, I have to say that Sunrise pulled all the stops on this movie and it shows that the animation, both traditional and CGI, is top-notch. Also, having the movie take place in Italy is amazing as I’m treated with breathtaking scenery in both Venice and Florence. Oh yeah, and let’s not forget that it has an amazing soundtrack for both Aqours and Saint Snow.

Of course, the only thing that I care about is the story and man, Aqours have evolved over the course of the film as they no longer have to rely on Mari, Dia, and Kanan on making a successful performance as the remaining 6 members can do everything by themselves to make it amazing.

On the other hand, I feel that the subplot regarding the Kazuno sisters felt out of place for me upon watching the film for the first time as it’s already resolved back in Season 2. But upon seeing the film again, I realized that it’s not easy for Ria to forge a new beginning without Seira. Fortunately, everything was resolved at the end of the film as Ria Kazuno got a new member to join her.

Honestly, I feel that there’s a lesson learned here upon watching this movie as even though their beloved school is already closed and the 3rd year students are finally graduated, all the memories that Aqours shared will remain in their hearts forever. And it’s not just Aqours, but Saint Snow too. While it’ll be exciting if Ria’s new school idol group will take on the remaining members of Aqours in the near future, I feel that this is the story has reached its end for Love Live! Sunshine!!

So while the story has reached its conclusion, there’s still more for Aqours as there will be concerts in the future before they decided to hold the final one. We’re not sure when will they make their final bow, but Aqours leave a lasting impression in both the anime and in real-life. In any case, that’s about it for Love Live! Sunshine!! as I wait for Aqours’ next concert.

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