Märchen Mädchen Episode #11

So, has anyone remembered Märchen Mädchen? Well, I’m here to tackle the final two episodes where both the Japanese…

…and the German representatives are here to compete at the Hexennacht tournament finals. Of course, Great Britain are favorites to win, but they pulled out at the last minute.

Meanwhile, let’s talk about Principal Sugami where she’s at the interrogation room as James Daves is apprehended, but he doesn’t remember a thing.

I don’t know whether the Committee altered his memories or he just forget about his involvement, but things are not looking good in the lead-up to the tournament finals.

So, Principal Sugami told the Committee to stop the Hexennacht tournament at once. Then again, the Committee just fell into deaf ears because they want to use scummy tactics by telling Principal Sugami to hand over the Origin of Cinderella because it’s banned due to its extensive modifications from the original story.

Man, it’s their fault if something bad will happen on the last day. But you know what, they’ll just wash their hands and point fingers at someone else then because at this point, the Committee is morally-bankrupt!

Now then, it’s time for the Hexennacht tournament finals between Japan and Germany. Let’s hope that nothing bad will happen on this last day of the competition.

However, the tournament is interrupted when Lynne Daves appeared while holding a cylinder that contains a Fleck. Not just some ordinary Fleck as this one caused a disaster from 7 years ago, which killed Shizuka Tsuchimikado’s mother and other Mädchen who tried to stop that Fleck from destroying the Origins.

Now, I don’t know why Lynne Daves have that Fleck in her possession. Is her father trying to use the Fleck for military purposes? Probably, but it’s dangerous to release the Fleck in the wild.

Unfortunately, it appears that Lynne Daves released the Fleck, hoping that her father would notice her… except that James Daves doesn’t remember having Lynne and Angelina as his daughters.

In any case, Lynne Daves got swallowed by the Fleck as it needs energy to grow its size and destroy the Origins.

Of course, the magicians won’t let it roam around freely as they try to destroy the Fleck before it grows in size. However, I feel that their magic is ineffective.

With that said, most of the magicians are devoured by the Fleck as they couldn’t stop it with their magic alone.

So, the only thing left to do is the run away as fast as possible. Of course, Principal Sugami need to rescue the students first as she transport them away from the arena.

In any case, the Japanese and German representatives are now safe thanks to Principal Sugami transporting them away from the Fleck. Well, not all of them.

You see, Agathe Arier decided to stay as she want to destroy the Fleck by herself. Then again, I doubt that Agathe can successfully kill a Fleck.

Anyways, Agathe Arier fired a powerful shot that would blow everyone away. But like I said, I doubt that she would kill the-

Oh wait, Agathe successfully killed the Fleck with a single shot from her rifle. Well, looks like crisis is finally averted, although it’s sad that Lynne Daves died thanks to the Fleck!

Actually, never mind as the Fleck managed to possess Agathe Arier and it’s frightening that her eyes are gushing out metal-like substance.

In any case, Agathe can’t do anything to save herself as the Fleck completely consumed her…

And it gets even worse is that the Fleck transformed into a giant version of Agathe Arier as it head straight into the library which contains the Origins.

Of course, the Committee has decided to destroy the library so that the Fleck won’t even touch it, but that won’t solve everything.

Fortunately, Arthur Pendragon and her team are here to help them as the British representatives knew that great disaster will happen.

Of course, Great Britain can’t stop the Fleck by themselves as everyone need to work together to stop it, although it would be better if some Mädchen with greater power can put an end to this mess.

Well, there’s Hazuki Kagimura as she has the Origin of Cinderella or should I say the modified version of it which is titled “Cinderella Doesn’t Look Back”. So, Hazuki activated her Origin…

…only to find herself being transferred into another dimension. There, Kagimura encountered a mysterious person at the gazebo.

Said person happened to be the personification of the Origin of Cinderella as she warned Hazuki not to go back to the real world, nor use the most powerful spell known as the Glass Heart where using its reality-warping spell would destroy her.

Of course, Hazuki Kagimura won’t accept it as she wants to save everyone, including Agathe Arier and Lynne Daves, and stop the Fleck from destroying the Origins. But that’s the end of this penultimate episode for the time being as I’ll see you next time for the finale!

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