Tower of God Episode #07

Let’s start with a brief history of how the Tower of God existed where the King of Jahad is the first man to climb the tower and formed the empire.

Also, he selected various women to become his princesses where the only rule that they should not mate with a man, as the king feared that his powers would be passed down to one of the princesses’ children.

Of course, the original Anaak Jahad broke away from the empire and start a family, which the consequences is far greater as she was killed by various princesses. Hence, the current Anaak swore revenge against those princesses who killed her mother.

Now then, let’s move onto the present where Anaak Jahad got very angry at Endorsi that she’s gonna sweep the princess down to the abyss. Of course, Endorsi won’t get beaten by Anaak.

However, Endorsi’s heel broke in which she fell down to the ground, but this is an opportunity for Anaak to beat the shit out of her.

And that’s by kicking Endorsi to the torso so that she’ll fall down to her death. Well, looks like Anaak is the only one who passed the test!

Except that Endorsi has other plans as she plans to drag Anaak down with her. I guess she doesn’t want a fake princess getting the last laugh.

And so, both princesses fell down to the abyss as Anaak and Endorsi Jahad failed the Fisherman test. Of course, both of them won’t take it again because they’re dead!

Actually, both Endorsi and Anaak survived as the princesses only suffered broken legs, meaning that they can take the test again once they’ve recovered.

On the other hand, both Endorsi and Anaak will call it a truce for the time being but then again, the latter still wants to kill every princesses of Jahad to avenge her mother’s death.

Meanwhile, let’s move onto the next scene where the Regulars like Hoh are taking the Wave Controller training.

While some are successful, Hoh is struggling to control Shinsu that would be useful to pop balloons. And as you can see, Hoh couldn’t pop a balloon.

As for Bam however, he has potential to use Shinsu and while he doesn’t have any control of it, Bam compensates his lack of control with sheer raw power.

And the result is that Bam destroys 3 balloons with a single shot. Still, Bam needs to control his Shinsu so that he won’t ran out of energy.

Of course, it wouldn’t be possible without the help from Phonsekal Lauroe as Bam thanked him for teaching the Irregular from controlling Shinsu.

Speaking of Lauroe, he’s angry that his favorite pillow is being used by his teammate Serena Linnen. Man, did she drink too much booze and passed out?

Unfortunately for Lauroe, seems that he won’t use his pillow because Serena ruined it with her drool. Eww! Looks like Lauroe will have to find another pillow.

Meanwhile, looks like Hoh is pissed and jealous that he can’t create a strong Shinsu, yet Bam can make one during the training. Oh boy, I feel that he’s gonna sabotage Bam in the future.

But then again, Hoh is scared of being booted out of the tower as he has a traumatic past…

…like having his people being hunted down for their horns. Yeah, scary stuff from Hoh’s past but right now, he needs to get better instead of doing underhand tactics ’cause that would destroy him.

Now then, let’s move onto Shibisu where he and Hatz are having a hard time passing their Scout test.

You see, they need 10 names of their friends in order to pass but they’re struggling to get the last 2 names. But hey, Khun Aguero Agnes had an idea.

So, Khun told Shibisu and Hatz to serve both princesses with food. Oh yeah, Bam is here to help them because they’re hopeless without having a cute Regular.

And once Endorsi take the food, Hatz steps in to show the paper and politely ask the princess to sign it. Asking her bluntly would ruin it.

Also, here’s Anaak where she’s still recovering from her injuries much like Endorsi. Of course, Hatz and Shibisu wants Anaak to sign her name to the paper as well…

…especially when they brought chicken pie to her. C’mon, Anaak loves chicken pie after all because her father loves to make one.

Anyways, both Endorsi and Anaak Jahad sign their names, meaning that both Shibisu and Hatz passed the Scout test. But do you think that they can go to the next level now that they’ve passed?

Wait till Yu Hansung announced a game of tag in which both teams must help their designated “it” to escape while avoiding getting tagged by the opponents. The game will be comprised of Regulars who haven’t passed their respective tests yet, meaning Rak Wraithraiser and Ghost won’t be joining them, plus one Ranker who will be joining them on this game.

We don’t know which Ranker will be joining the game of tag, but it’s interesting that Khun Aguero Agnes and Bam are on opposing sides while Ra- I mean Michelle Light is joining the likes of Endorsi, Hatz, and Hwaryun.

Now then, let’s start the game of tag where Shibisu will act as the bait for Team A, which Khun acts as the leader. C’mon, he’s a Scout where Shibisu will gather intelligence from the opposing team.

Of course, we don’t know who is the designated “it” for both teams, and also the guest Ranker who will be participating on this game.

That’s when this guy appeared who calls himself as Quant Blitz. Not only he’s the designated “it”, but Quant is also a Ranker which means that he’s stronger than any of the Regulars.

But just when he’s introducing himself, someone interrupted Quant as he leaped away from being whipped by a certain princess.

Said princess happened to be Anaak Jahad where she’s the “it” of Team A. Still, I wonder if she returned the Black March to Bam?

Unfortunately for Anaak, Quant is very angry towards the princess that he yanked her weapon and drag the princess down to the ground. Of course, Quant won’t tag Anaak ’cause he’s gonna beat everyone.

Anyways, I feel that I’m gonna end this post right here as Anaak’s rampage will begin on the next episode. Let’s hope that all the Regulars survived from his wrath, but I don’t know what Quant Blitz is capable of.

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