Eromanga-sensei OVA Episode #02

Well everyone, this is the 2nd episode of the Eromanga-sensei OVA series where we start things off with Sagiri Izumi waking up to a cold Christmas morning.

Oh and here’s Masamune Izumi where he’s wearing a mask and man, he’s not looking so good right now as he delivers food to his sister.

Turns out that Masamune got a cold as Sagiri checks his temperature, where she found out that he’s feeling hot at the moment. I wonder what happened to him?

Well, seems that Elf Yamada got a cold in which she passed her illness to Masamune-kun. C’mon Elf Yamada, you can’t pass those germs to him at this crucial time!

In any case, it’s time for Ero- Or should I say Sagiri Izumi to take care of her older brother by any means necessary.

But first, she has to overcome the biggest obstacle of her life: Getting out of her own room!

Fortunately, Sagiri managed to step outside to take care of Masamune, although she already done it countless times before.

But yes, Sagiri Izumi will nurse Masamune-kun back to health. However, she’ll deal with various people outside their home but more on that later.

For now, Sagi- Or should I say Eromanga-sensei will have to call Masamune’s editor that there would be delays in the next volume.

Of course, Ayame Kagurazaka understands in regards to Masamune Izumi’s health as it’s important for him to be in top shape, but I have a feeling that Muramasa Senju is secretly wants to check on her rival.

Now then, looks like Megumi Jinno and Tomoe Takasago are here to see Masamune Izumi, although they should stay outside so that they won’t get infected.

Not only that, but both Megumi and Tomoe are not welcomed by Sagiri as she sees them as an annoyance. Geez, they’re here to give something important to Masamune-kun.

Anyways, Tomoe Takasago not only brought some notes for the upcoming midterms exams, but also a copy of a new light novel published by Dengeki Bunko.

This is 86, which is a war drama written by Asato Asato. Oh yeah, it’s also has an anime adaptation which is why ASCII Media Works is shilling on this light novel series.

Afterwards, here’s Muramasa Senju where she’s gonna give something to Masamune-kun as well. I’m not sure what she’s giving to her rival, but I hope it’s not that scandalous.

Oh never mind, seems that Muramasa Senju is sending some pin-up shots of herself which Sagiri Izumi confiscates it because it’s bad for Masamune’s health. Also, she’s gonna use those pictures for future reference.

One last thing, it’s time for Sagiri Izumi to cook some omelet rice for her brother, although I have to say that she might cause a fire as Sagiri learns how to cook on the fly.

Ugh, I feel that Sagiri needs some adult supervision but I forgot that her parents are already dead.

Anyways, here’s the omelet rice made by Sagiri Izumi. Yeah, it’s her first try to cook something for Masamune-kun and it’s not perfect. But is it edible?

Well, Masamune ate Sagiri’s omelet rice and he said that it was delicious. Also, seems that his fever is gone, meaning that Masamune Izumi is finally recovered.

But in exchange, Sagiri got the cold and well, seems that Masamune-kun will take care of his sister until she’s finally cured. But here’s the lesson though, don’t get infected and stay healthy.

And that’s about it for Eromanga-sensei OVA series as it’s entertaining to watch. Still, I wish this series will have another season…

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