Tamayomi Episode #08

Today is the day Shin Koshigaya High School will make its return to the national high school girls’ baseball tournament.

Sure that the girls are excited, but they need to win at the prefectural tournament first before Shin Koshigaya becomes the Saitama representative at the nationals.

Meanwhile, looks like one of the players from Ryoyukan High School approached Tamaki Yamazaki as I introduce you to Kazumi Yoshikawa who is the ace pitcher of the team.

Also, she’s a former partner to Tamaki back in middle school which is why Kazumi is very friendly towards her.

On the other hand, here’s Yoshino Kawaguchi where she checks on Kazumi’s toned thighs. As expected from a baseball fanatic, Yoshino knows most of the players participating at the tournament.

Unfortunately, Kazumi’s reunion with Tamaki was cut short when Yomi Takeda arrived. Gotta say that she’s really confused on Yoshikawa’s appearance.

But when she learned that Yoshikawa was a former partner to Kawaguchi, Takeda got a bit feisty towards Ryoyukan’s ace pitcher that she really want to beat her up.

Fortunately, things got de-escalated when Yoshikawa’s teammate Iori Kobayashi has arrived to pick her up as Ryoyukan High School will take on Soujin High School.

C’mon, I think they should settle the differences in the baseball game… assuming that they could win their first game of course.

Now then, looks like we got some audience on Shin Koshigaya’s first game against Kagemori High School as Shiragiku Oomura’s mother and her fellow teammates from the kendo club are here to cheer Shiragiku on.

Then again, her mother is not impressed on Shiragiku taking on baseball rather than kendo.

Anyways, it’s time to start the game as Risa Fujiwara will become the starting pitcher for Shin Koshigaya High School. Seems that they don’t want Yomi Takeda to pitch on the first game.

Now then, Kagemori High School will take the bat where their starting batter made an easy flyball, meaning that Shin Koshigaya will catch it.

However, it seems that Shiragiku Oomura screw it up as she dropped the ball, meaning that Kagemori scored a hit. C’mon Shiragiku, you can do better on the next inning!

And it gets worse for Shin Koshigaya High School as they gave up another hit, meaning that Kagemori High School scored an RBI on the first inning.

Anyways, Kagemori High School is in the lead as they scored a run, although I feared that they might score another on the first inning.

In any case, Kagemori continues their offense against Shin Koshigaya in hopes that they might capitalize on their errors by scoring more runs until the officials made it a called game.

However, Yomi Takeda and Tamaki Yamazaki managed to end Kagemori’s offense on the first inning as they made a ground out on the batter. Now, it’s up to Shin Koshigaya to make a comeback.

But, they might have difficulties on bouncing back a 1-0 deficit as Nakayama is on the mound, where she’s throwing a slide step submarine pitch against the batters from Shin Koshigaya.

Anyways, the likes of Nozomi Nakamura and even Sumire Fujita couldn’t hit the ball as they’re struck out by Nakayama. I have to say that Nakayama wants to end the game quickly.

That’s about to change on the 3rd inning as Shiragiku Oomura is at bat as she wants to make up for her early mistake. Still, I’m worried that she might get struck out by Nakayama.

With that said, here’s Nakayama’s submarine pitch where it created a time distortion. Well, Shiragiku sees the ball being slowed-down.

In any case, Oomura hit the ball at the right time. Of course, I wonder if she’ll send it over the wall?

Well, Shiragiku managed to do a home run as the ball goes over the wall. Now they’re all tied up thanks to Oomura’s dinger.

For Shiragiku’s kendo teammates, they’re happy that she scored a home run, although her mother is still not impressed.

But thanks to Shiragiku Oomura’s solo home run, looks like Shin Koshigaya has a fighting chance against Kagemori. However, most of her teammates couldn’t hit Nakayama’s submarine pitch.

But let’s move onto Ibuki Kawaguchi where she emulates the slide step submarine pitch.

While it’s not as good as Nakayama, she copied the submarine pitch pretty well that Kagemori High School players are caught off-guard by it.

Speaking of Nakayama, she’s really angry that her submarine pitch was copied by someone else.

Prior to Ibuki Kawaguchi taking the relief pitcher role, Kagemori High School are stopping their opposing team with strike-outs. Now that Ibuki takes the mound and throws the submarine pitch, things are getting agitated for Kagemori High School’s girls’ baseball club.

Anyways, I’ll end this episode right here as Ibuki Kawaguchi is at bat and I have to say that she’s really scared towards Nakayama right now. Let’s hope that Shin Koshigaya High School will make it on the second round.

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