Masamune-kun’s Revenge Episode #13

Wait, isn’t that Kinue Hayase, Masamune Makake’s loli mother? Sure that it’s been a long time watching this anime adaptation of an already-finished manga but man, I still can’t believe that Masamune-kun has a very young mother!

Still, Masamune-kun treats her mother Kinue like some sort of nuisance to him. Geez Masamune-kun, that’s not how you treat your mother!

But, the thing that confuses me is that we have Masamune’s loli mother, who is also named Kinue Hayase. Okay, what’s going on here?

Turns out, what Masamune saw earlier was not his mom, but rather his cousin named Haruka. Still, that doesn’t change the fact that Kinue-san and Haruka are slightly-similar to each other.

Also, here’s Asae-san who is Masamune’s aunt and Haruka’s mother. I have to say that she looks normal compared to Masamune’s loli mother.

Oh yeah, I would like to introduce you to Masamune’s sister named Chinatsu where she brought some costumes to wear for both Kinue-san and Haruka. Oh boy, I have a bad feeling about this!

Anyways, Chinatsu decided to take pictures of both her mother and cousin in various costumes. Why? Because she found it cute and fun!

Of course, Masamune is not happy about it but it gets worse than having two cute loli characters…

You see, Asae-san joins the fray and here’s the thing that bugs me the most, aside from wearing a pig pajama.

Notice that Asae-san has the same height as both Haruka and Kinue-san, which shocks Masamune-kun so much to the point that he’s confused on whether Asae-san is walking on stilts or that SILVER LINK screwed up the animation.

You know what, I think that this episode won’t take it seriously so let’s move onto the next scene…

Anyways, Aki Adagaki and her friends went to Tsunade Island where Midori Yuisaki welcomes them.

Then again, Yuisaki expects Masamune-kun to join along the ride but then again, he’s currently dealing with his crazy family right now.

Well, there’s Kojurou Shuri to keep Midori-san company because he’s a cute boy.

Other than that, it’s just girls having fun under the sun, although Kojurou Shuri couldn’t keep up with Tae Futaba’s fiery volleyball serve.

Also, here’s Yoshino Koiwai making a sand castle. In any case, they’re having a great time at Tsunade Island.

But once they’re done, the girls (and Kojurou) have decided to study because they’re graduating soon and they need to prepare for college entrance exams. Even Aki Adagaki can’t believe it.

One last thing, here’s Yoshino Koiwai where she’s wearing nothing but her underwear and also tied up to a chair.

Oh yeah, here’s Yoshino’s elder sister who’s about to use a pair of scissors on her. Oh boy, this is so scary!

Anyways, Yoshino’s sister wants to cut her hair and do various make-up on her. Man, I thought that she’s gonna kill her own little sister.

The result? A cute version of Yoshino Koiwai where I have to say that her new look suits her better than I thought.

And so, Yoshino spends her day-off walking around the city where everyone gazed at her beauty. Heck, even this waiter is mesmerized by Yoshino’s looks…

…to the point that he serve some desserts on Yoshino. Not sure if it’s on the house or Yoshino Koiwai decides to pay it up?

But in any case, looks like I’m done watching this extra episode of Masamune-kun’s Revenge.

Seriously, I wish there’s another season of this now that the manga is done, but Ichijinsha and SILVER LINK won’t make one because c’mon, the anime adaptation serves as an advertisement to the source material.

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