Tamayomi Episode #09

It’s time for Nakayama to throw her submarine pitch to strike Ibuki Kawaguchi out.

But instead, she lost control and struck Ibuki out in the hip. Basically, it’s a dead ball and Ibuki move to first base.

Fortunately, Ibuki Kawaguchi is still okay as she didn’t got a nasty bruise on her hip.

Still, there’s an opportunity for Shin Koshigaya High School to score more runs against Kagemori High School.

Anyways, here’s Nozomi Nakamura as she’s gonna score a base hit against Nakayama. If Shiragiku Oomura can hit her submarine pitch, Nozomi will do the same.

And so, Nakamura send the ball to left field and man, it almost landed towards the foul line.

But thanks to Nakamura’s base hit, Ibuki Kawaguchi run towards home plate until she scored another run against Kagemori High School.

With that said, Shin Koshigaya is in the lead with 2 – 1 over Kagemori as Nozomi Nakamura scored an RBI.

And while Shin Koshigaya’s girls’ baseball club is celebrating their lead over their opponent, they’re not yet done as Yomi Takeda and the rest will take advantage of Kagemori’s fractured defense.

And so, Shin Koshigaya scored more runs on the 6th inning, putting Nakayama and her team at a big setback.

I guess she got agitated over Izumi’s submarine pitch that her team is feeling the sting of letting the opposing team scoring base hits and RBIs.

But, it gets even worse for Kagemori High School because Yomi Takeda, of all the players who thought that she’s miserable at batting, suddenly hit the ball.

Still, it’ll be easy for Kagemori High School to catch the ball, right?

Well, seems that the players from Kagemori didn’t catch the ball as Yomi scored an RBI on the 6th inning.

And so, Shin Koshigaya High School end the 6th inning with 7 runs over Kagemori High School.

But wait, they don’t have any outs during the inning so therefore, they could continue scoring more runs right?

Well, turns out that the officials decided to end the game as Shin Koshigaya won their first round over Kagemori with the score of 8 – 1. Yeah, it’s a blowout!

With that said, Shin Koshigaya High School won their first match in the prefectural tournament since their reinstatement. Of course, we’ll have to know who will they face in the next round.

Well, Yoshino Kawaguchi told everyone that they’ll face Ryoyukan High School after beating Soujin High School with the score of 3 – 2.

It was a tough game between two powerhouses, but now they’re worried about their chances of beating Ryoyukan.

Fortunately, Kyouka Fujii has the answer as Shin Koshigaya’s chances of beating Ryoyukan is 13 percent upon checking the simulation on a video game. Then again, it might not be accurate to simulate a high school baseball game.

In any case, it seems that Shin Koshigaya will have to train harder if they could get a fighting chance against Ryoyukan. While pitching needed some tweaking…

…other aspect like batting and fielding needs a major upgrade to stop Ryoyukan’s offense. I hope the outfielders can do better on preventing base hits.

Meanwhile, Ryoyukan High School are making preparations to defeat Shin Koshigaya High School and while they’ll have an easy way to beat them, Ryoyukan High School can’t underestimate their opponents that the likes of Nao Nakata and Kazumi Yoshikawa might lose to an upstart girls’ baseball team.

In any case, Ryoyukan High School will have to be careful if they want to win the prefectural tournament to have a shot at the nationals, but my heart will always be with Shin Koshigaya High School as I wanna win the tournament!

So for the time being, I’ll end this episode right here as Yomi Takeda and Tamaki Yamazaki have arrived at Omiya Park Baseball Stadium for the second round of the prefectural tournament. Yeah, they’re ready to play ball against Ryoyukan High School.

Of course, the next episode will be a tough baseball match between a powerhouse and an upstart team, so I have to say good luck to Shin Koshigaya on making an upset victory over Ryoyukan!

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