Tower of God Episode #09

Let’s start with a brief story of how a certain princess, who was ridiculed by many for being weak, rose up the ranks to become one of the strongest.

And she did that by killing everyone until this princess can have a full-course meal by herself. Said princess happened to be Endorsi Jahad.

But let’s move onto the present where Endorsi decides to take all of her teammates out so that she can pass the Fisherman test.

Of course, she’s not gonna kill the likes of Bam as Endorsi will target those Regulars who are taking the Fisherman test like Death Ryan and Hong Choenhwa.

Speaking of Choenhwa, it seems that he doesn’t want to be killed by a princess as he unleashes Narmada’s secret trick, which is to ignite it until it’s turned into a blazing sword.

Then again, Hong Choenhwa decided to release the flames onto both Bam and Endorsi Jahad. Well, I have a feeling that they’ll survive Choenhwa’s desperation attack.

Meanwhile, Hatz encountered Quant Blitz where this Ranker made little work against the Regular. It’s sucks that Hatz couldn’t defend himself against an angry Ranker like Quant.

But wait, Hatz has both Paracule and Mauchi to back him up. However, those two Spear Bearers didn’t show up so where the heck are they?

Oh, they decided to run away as fast as possible because they Paracule and Mauchi believe that Hatz will hold off the line by himself. Actually, they’re wrong.

And here’s the thing though because Quant doesn’t like cowards who run away from him. Well, I have to say that Paracule is pretty scared right now!

With that said, looks like Quant Blitz destroyed both Paracule and Mauchi that I bet they won’t pass the Spear Bearer test.

Now let’s return to the top floor as we see the aftermath of Hong Choenhwa’s ultimate attack.

Oh, and Death Ryan is still standing but it appears that both he and Choenhwa are shocked that Bam and Endorsi have survived.

Well, barely survived as Bam managed to take the full force of Narmada’s flames. Of course, Bam didn’t just use his own body as he also used Shinsu to cushion the blow.

Meanwhile, Serena Linnen is finding her partner Hoh as he’s gone missing after Quant started preying on weak-willed Regulars. But seriously though, where is Hoh?

Oh shit, Hoh decided to kidnap Miche- I mean Rachel so that he can call Bam out and kill him.

Sure that Hoh is jealous that Bam has more potential than him, but he shouldn’t do this heinous act in the first place.

Of course, Hoh’s action has attracted Quant Blitz where he tries to defuse the situation. But given that Quant is very irritable, it’s unlikely that he’ll save Rachel.

Things get worse when Bam enters the picture as he’s shocked to see Hoh holding Rachel hostage. At this point, Hoh might get agitated and stab the hostage.

And it turns out that Hoh might do something stupid as Rachel attempts to break away from his grasp. Oh and here comes the worst part…

…as Hoh got angry at Rachel and stab her in the back. It’s very shocking to see Bam’s friend got stabbed by Hoh!

So, Bam went to save Rachel’s life, but this would give the opportunity for Hoh to kill Bam and climb to the tower.

Except that Bam decided to stop Hoh in his tracks by using Shinsu, which puts him into that sinking feeling of being drowned to death. Had Bam lose control, he would have killed Hoh right there.

On the other hand, it appears that Ghost has disappeared without a trace, which Rak Wraithraiser was surprised that his rival went out with a snap of a finger.

Hm, could it be that Ghost is alarmed that Rachel is in danger, or that his existence is tied to her life force? Regardless, Rachel needs to live as soon as possible.

Now let’s go back to the playing field as Quant Blitz is confused and also annoyed in regards to Hoh’s actions.

C’mon, what Hoh did during the game of tag was horrifying, but Yu Hansung decided to continue the game ’cause he wants some of the Regulars to pass the test. Now then, what about Hoh?

Well, seems that he failed to kill Bam and Rachel that Hoh decided to end his life in shame. You know what, I think Hoh shouldn’t act jealous just because Bam has potential, but rather poured his time and energy to improve himself.

Alas, Hoh committed suicide as he failed to climb higher to the tower. Even worse is that Hoh might be the last person of his kind, meaning that Hoh’s tribe went extinct.

Here’s Serena Linnen where she finally found Hoh, only to find out that he’s already dead. All I can say is that it was a depressing day to have someone die.

Unfortunately, things got worse when Endorsi Jahad nonchalantly entered the picture as she took Hong Choenhwa’s Narmada after defeating him and Death Ryan.

Yeah, I have to say that Endorsi’s appearance has killed the mood that Serena Linnen slapped her to the face. Still, Yu Hansung insisted of continuing the game regardless of having a casualty.

Anyways, the game continues as Endorsi Jahad decided to focus on defeating Quant Blitz instead of picking a cat fight against Serena Linnen.

Oh yeah, Bam is helping Endorsi too as he used Shinsu to stop Quant’s momentum, but it did little to beat the Ranker who’s filled with wrath after experiencing tumultuous series of events.

On the other hand, here’s Serena Linnen as she’s mumbling to Hoh who’s already dead.

Now, the only thing that she could do is to close his eyes as Serena watch the competitors fight their way to victory.

At this point, Serena had enough of climbing up to the tower with Hoh’s death being the final straw.

But let’s return to the game of tag as Quant Blitz used his break-neck speed to rip Endorsi Jahad’s clothes off. Oh and it turns out that she’s the “it” for Team B.

Unfortunately, what he get is actually a pair of panties. Then again, it’s more like a pair of trousers to me so what happened to Endorsi’s tag?

Actually, she took Quant’s tag while deliberately gave him some underwear. What a sneaky play by this princess!

And so, the game of tag is finally over as Team B wins. So while some of them are celebrating their victory because they’re guaranteed that they’ll pass the test, most of them are pretty much screwed as their future are in doubt.

Oh yeah, and Rak Wraithraiser is currently finding Ghost in which he won’t find his rival anyway since Rachel’s teammate has disappeared.

But speaking of Rachel, the doctors rush her to the operating room in hopes of saving Rachel’s life. Seriously though, it was the craziest episode that I’ve watched so far where we have one character death and another in critical condition.

Anyways, I’m hoping that Rachel will live on the next episode because this series is not yet over!

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