Gochuumon Wa Usagi Desu Ka??: Dear My Sister

Well everyone, it’s time for me to talk about the Gochuumon Wa Usagi Desu Ka? OVA series starting with Dear My Sister where Cocoa Hoto will go back to her hometown.

Actually, Cocoa doesn’t want to leave because she’s gonna miss Chino Kafuu very much, but her mother and elder sister wanted Cocoa to return.

Heck, even Megumi Natsu and Maya Jouga are shocked about Cocoa’s departure. Actually, it turns out that she’s staying at her hometown for a week, so there’s no need for Megu-chan and Maya-chan to be sad by it.

Even Chino-chan told Cocoa not to cry about it as Chino expects her to return to Rabbit House after a week-long vacation. Then again, I feel that Chino Kafuu might be the one who will miss Cocoa.

In any case, it’s time for Cocoa to hop aboard the train and head home, although honestly I think she wants to stay with Chino-chan. Geez Cocoa, you’ll return to Rabbit House eventually.

Meanwhile, here’s “Blue Mountain” Aoyama where she wants to see various places, hence Aoyama-san took a train ride to whatever destination she’ll end up with.

Unfortunately, Aoyama’s editor has arrived to pick her up as she doesn’t like her author slacking off.

Well, there goes “Blue Mountain” Aoyama’s train trip. But hey, we’ll see her some other time so for now, Cocoa will just sit back and relax as she’s going back to her hometown.

Anyways, Cocoa has finally arrived at her hometown where it has a stunning view of it. But wait, where’s Cocoa’s house?

Oh, turns out that her home resides deep into the mountains. Also, the Hoto family runs a bakery which begs the question if their customers have the patience to find this place.

Anyways, Cocoa has arrived home as she’s greeted by her sister and mother, serving coffee while wearing hats that resembles Tippy. I guess they wanted to bring the Rabbit House experience to the Hoto residence.

But still, Cocoa missed her family very much as she gave her mother a warm hug. Let’s hope that Cocoa will do the same to her sister Mocha but anyways, let’s go back to Rabbit House shall we?

And things are quiet without Cocoa around. But hey, at least Megu-chan and Maya-chan are here to accompany Chino-chan where she’s making iced cocoa.

Well actually, she’s making more iced cocoa. Oh my goodness, Chino-chan is experiencing Cocoa Sickness.

But you know what, it’s time for a change of pace as Rize Tedeza commands the ChiMaMe Squad to clean the cafe.

And as you can see, Maya, Chino, Megu-chan are ready to tidy up Rabbit House until it’s sparkly-clean.

Anyways, looks like they finally clean the cafe. However, Chino felt lonesome without Cocoa around. Then again, she’s not the only one…

Meanwhile, here’s Chiya Ujimatsu where she bought lots of stuff from the supermarket and now she’s heading home together with Sharo Kirima.

However, Sharo realized that she’s carrying lots of cocoa. Wait, don’t tell me that Chiya has Cocoa Sickness too?

Man, both Chiya and Chino-chan really miss Cocoa right now. I wonder if she’s okay there?

Fortunately, Chino-chan got a call from Cocoa, which the latter finally connected to her little sister since Cocoa’s house has little to no signal coverage.

Well, Cocoa’s house have a landline in which she can call to Rabbit House, but it’s not like Chino-chan will pick up the phone quickly so it’s nice that Cocoa called Chino-chan from her mobile phone when she’s at the city.

As for Cocoa, she’s very happy to hear Chino’s voice that she wants to make the conversation longer, but she’s busy with other things.

Anyways, seems that Chino-chan invited her friends to see the fireworks display. For a soft-spoken girl like her, it’s rare to see Chino asking Rize and the rest to join her.

With that said, they agreed to join her at the upcoming fireworks display. Then again, I wish Cocoa would join them later.

But speaking of Cocoa, here’s Mocha where she shows her brand-new scooter to her sister.

And while Cocoa is stunned that her sister bought a scooter, it’s also convenient to move faster instead of walking.

Now then, enjoy the scenery of Cocoa’s hometown as she rides along with Mocha. Gotta say that despite being animated by a different studio, it’s still picturesque.

On the other hand, Mocha remembered something from the past as she knows Cocoa’s wish when she was a child.

You see, Cocoa wants to be a witch as she transformed her elder sister Mocha into a rabbit.

Except that Mocha played a nasty trick on Cocoa in she she substituted herself into a stuffed bunny, which Cocoa thought that she couldn’t changed her sister back to normal.

Of course, Cocoa got mad about it that she hated Mocha for playing tricks on her. Well, her contempt is not gonna stick for long.

In fact, both sisters will be working together as their mother got arthritis on her hands. Well actually, she’s just faking it as their mother wanted both Cocoa and Mocha to join forces to serve the customers.

For you see, their bakery is jam-packed full of people who wanted to buy bread for breakfast or an afternoon snack.

Man, I thought that they might have a hard time finding a bakery deep into the mountains but I was wrong.

In any case, looks like Cocoa couldn’t handle the sheer amount of people buying bread. C’mon Cocoa, hang in there!

Meanwhile, it appears that Chino is holding a slumber party as they’re gonna stay at Rabbit House in preparation for the upcoming fireworks display.

On the other hand, looks like Maya and Megu are asking Rize to make stuffed bunnies based on Chino-chan’s plushie.

Despite being a tough girl who trained in the military like her father, Rize Tedeza loves to make cute stuff. So yeah, Maya and Megu got some stuffed bunnies thanks to Rize-chan.

Now then, let’s move onto something different as we have Chino Kafuu being transformed into a magical girl. Damn, she’s so friggin’ cute!

Also, she transformed everyone into Tippy clones, including a bigger version of her pet Angora rabbit in which a young Cocoa Hoto is ecstatic to hug one.

But alas, it’s all just a dream as Cocoa is actually hugging her mother. Um Cocoa, I think you should get up now and return to Rabbit House as soon as possible.

Heck, even Mocha is waking her sister up as she doesn’t want Cocoa to miss the train. Well, Cocoa will get up eventually!

Now then, it’s time for Cocoa to head towards the train station as quickly as possible.

Of course, Cocoa thanked Mocha for not only giving her a ride, but for being the inspiration to become a better sister to Chino-chan.

As for Mocha, looks like she got teary-eyed on what Cocoa said to her. Aww, isn’t that cute?

Still, I’m hoping that Cocoa will head back there in time for the festival, especially the fireworks display.

Now let’s go back to Chino-chan and her friends as they’re currently having a blast at the festival, although Sharo Kirima is getting a bit tipsy as she ate coffee-flavored shaved ice from Rize Tedeza.

Still, they’re having a great time at the festival, but they really wish that Cocoa is with them as the fireworks display is about to start.

Anyways, they found a nice spot to see the firework but then again, I wonder if Cocoa will make it in time?

Actually, turns out that Cocoa made it in time for the fireworks display, although Chino-chan and the rest are busy seeing the fireworks rather than Cocoa.

But hey, what’s important is that Cocoa has returned to see her friends again in time to see the fireworks. Man, I have to say that it was a good ending to this OVA.

One more thing, here’s Rize’s father where he currently serves customers in Rabbit House. Yes, he’s working at his rival’s cafe/bar.

Of course, Takahiro Kafuu told his best friend that he’ll never win in a game of blowdarts. But that’s the end of GochiUsa: Dear My Sister…

…as we finish this OVA with the girls watching the stunning fireworks. Gotta say that production doA did a great job of capturing the style and feel of the previous 2 seasons of GochiUsa.

Aside from the production quality, it still has some cute moments from the cast, especially Cocoa where her time spent with her family has inspired her to become a better elder sister. Then again, Chino-chan doesn’t want to call “onee-chan” to Cocoa yet.

Speaking of Chino-chan, she finally gave a stuffed bunny to Cocoa. Sure that Rize made those stuffed bunnies, but Chino wants to give one to Cocoa as a gift of appreciation.

Well then, that’s the end of the 1st OVA of GochiUsa. Of course, there’s another one made by the same studio so stay tuned for that!

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