Gochuumon Wa Usagi Desu Ka??: Sing for You

Well everyone, it’s time for me to talk about GochiUsa: Sing for You, the 2nd OVA which was created by production doA back in 2019.

And we start things off when Megumi Natsu and Maya Jouga told everyone from Rabbit House that Chino Kafuu passed out.

This alarmed both Rize Tedeza and Cocoa Hoto as they wanna know who knocked Chino down. Um girls, it’s not like Chino got hurt or anything.

For you see, Chino told everyone that she was selected to sing the solo part of her choir, but she’s scared about it that Chino passed out.

Still, it was a great news that Chino was selected to lead the choir at a music festival.

I mean, Cocoa and Tippy are happy for Chino-chan, yet she’s got that stage fright in which Chino might ruin it.

So, it’s up to Rize to train Chino-chan in preparation for the music festival. Then again, Rize’s military-style training regimen is a bit extreme for a young girl like Chino Kafuu.

Still, Rize Tedeza will do her best to help Chino Kafuu so that she can sing loudly without losing too much energy.

Meanwhile, looks like Cocoa and the rest are decorating Rabbit House in support for Chino-chan.

Then again, Chino got angry and shouted loudly at them for decorating the cafe. I mean, she might pass out of embarrassment because of it.

Meanwhile, they went to Ama Usa An where Chiya Ujimatsu holds a singing contest in order to help Chino-chan on conquering her stage fright.

Also, here’s “Blue Mountain” Aoyama where she’s here to watch the contest for some inspiration on her next work. Then again, her editor is gonna take Aoyama-san away.

But let’s start the contest with Chino Kafuu where she’s shaking like crazy. I guess she’s too scared to sing in front of a crowd, regardless of how big or small it is.

So let’s move onto Sharo Kirima where she’s dressed-up as an idol. Oh yeah, Sharo drank a cup of coffee in order to get hyped during the contest.

But thanks to a cup of coffee, Sharo managed to impress the crowd with her performance, but the contest is not over yet!

In fact, Chiya’s grandmother is here to show that her granddaughter won’t lose to some idol singer. Oh yeah, she brought down a disco ball for this occasion…

…as Chiya Ujimatsu sings enka. Wait, enka!? Okay, it’s nice that Chiya decided to take the traditional route but then again, I think it’s no longer a singing contest.

Now then, here’s Chino’s father Takahiro where he gave some words of encouragement to his daughter.

Also, Takahiro-san told Chino that it would be nice if her mother is here to see her daughter at the stage, but then again I wonder what happened to Chino’s mother.

Now then, it’s time for the music festival as Cocoa and her friends are here to see Chino-chan sing.

Oh yeah, they’re wearing happi coats which I have a feeling that they’ll dance and cheer for Chino-chan. Please, no iettaiga!

Even Takahiro-san and Rize’s father are here too while wearing happy coats. Remember children, don’t be a yakkai at a recital.

But here’s Chino Kafuu and her classmates as they sing in front of a large audience. All I can say is that Chino’s voice is stunning to hear as she finally conquered her stage fright.

Even Tippy is happy that his granddaughter has the courage to sing loudly and beautifully. And with that, the music festival is over as Chino and her classmates received a round of applause.

Of course, Cocoa wants to hear more from Chino-chan as she already created a record of her performance… in vinyl.

Naturally, Chino doesn’t want that to happen because it’s way more embarrassing for her beautiful singing voice to be heard around town. But you know what, I think they should celebrate on Chino-chan’s accomplishment!

One last thing, here’s Takahiro Kafuu where he decides to listen a song from his wife Saki.

Anyways, the title of the song is “Gin no Spoon” and do you want to know who’s the voice actress behind Chino’s mother? Why it’s none other than Nana Mizuki!

But while we’ll never know what happened to Saki-san like if she’s dead or alive, Chino-chan being inspired by her mother to sing was the most touching moment of this series.

And that’s about it for GochiUsa: Sing for You and man, it’s amazing that they included Nana Mizuki to voice Chino’s mother. Other than than, it’s still great to watch this OVA as I’m treated with cute singing girls.

Now that I’ve finished watching the OVA series, I can’t wait for the 3rd season of GochiUsa!

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