Tamayomi Episode #12

This is it, the final episode of Tamayomi where Shin Koshigaya High School are at the brink of elimination. With Nao Nakata’s solo home run, Ryoyukan High School are in the lead with 3 runs over 2.

Still, there are 2 innings to be played but the morale within the dugout of Shin Koshigaya is at the all-time low.

But anyways, it’s do or die for Shin Koshigaya’s girls’ baseball club as Rei Okada is at bat. Let’s hope that she can turn the deficit around by hitting Kazumi Yoshikawa’s pitch.

And sure enough, Rei hit the ball with all of her might. Of course, Okada wants to make sure that she can score a base hit.

However, seems that she managed to score a hit which sends the ball deep into the outfield.

Not only that, but Okada slides into third base which she’s poised to score a run later.

But thanks to Rei’s daring run towards third base, this gives Risa Fujiwara an opportunity to score an RBI.

Luckily for Fujiwara, she sends the ball way high that Yoshikawa couldn’t catch it with her gloves.

And so, Okada went to home plate as Shin Koshigaya scores a run, although they could have scored more had Fujiwara went into first base faster as she got tagged out.

But wait, there’s some glimmering hope as Yomi Takeda hits the ball deep into center field…

…only for Ryoyukan outfielders to catch the ball to end the top of the 6th inning. Now, the only thing that Yomi and the rest can do is to prevent the opposing team from scoring more runs.

Fortunately, Yomi Takeda and her teammates managed to stop Ryoyukan High School’s offense as she strike them out with no runs scored.

Yeah, looks like their morale has gone back up, but Shin Koshigaya will need to score more runs on the 7th inning, which is their last chance to turn things around.

Now then, here’s Tamaki Yamazaki where she scored a base hit against her former teammate. Come to think of it, is Kazumi Yoshikawa losing steam on the 7th inning?

Still, Shin Koshigaya needs to score more runs or their dream of reaching the national tournament will be over.

But let’s move onto Kazumi Yoshikawa for a bit where she’s struggling to strike them out…

In fact, Yoshikawa is throwing balls that she let Sumire Fujita walk to first base. At this point, the manager called a time-out for a pitching change.

Anyways, looks like Kazumi is done pitching for 7 innings as it’s time for Nao Nakata to take over as a relief pitcher. Gotta say that Shin Koshigaya is doomed now that Nao is at the mound.

Still, Yoshikawa did a good job there despite as the manager told her to get better next time. Then again, will Ryoyukan win over Shin Koshigaya?

Meanwhile, it appears that Yoshino Kawaguchi is crying as she lost all hope now that Nakata has become the relief pitcher for Ryoyukan.

That’s until Nozomi Nakamura is here to cheer Yoshino up as Nozomi thanked Yoshino for recruiting her to the team. After all, Yoshino is the one who gave Nozomi a chance to play rather than being a benchwarmer to a powerhouse team.

Now then, it’s time to return to the game as Nakamura is at bat against Nakata. While she got used to Yoshikawa’s pitching, Nozomi will have a greater challenge when she’s up against Nao’s pitching.

With that said, Nao Nakata throws the ball that might struck Nozomi out…

…only for Nakamura to hit it. Then again, the ball might get caught by one of Ryoyukan’s outfielders as her chances of turning things around would be destroyed.

However, it appears that Nozomi managed to hit the ball so hard that she scored a home run. Well, a 3-run homer as Shin Koshigaya has taken the lead over Ryoyukan.

And as everyone cheered Nakamura for delivering a home run, they’re not yet done as Shin Koshigaya will have to stop Ryoyukan from making a comeback.

So, it’s time for the bottom of the 7th inning as Tamaki Yamazaki told Yomi Takeda to throw a powerful fastball in which she’ll have no regrets on pitching it. By the way, she’s gonna face Nao Nakata once again.

But anyways, Yomi throws a nasty fastball that its speed is almost comparable to a pitch being thrown by a professional pitcher. The only thing Takeda needs to learn is the gyroball.

And here’s Nao Nakata where she managed to hit the ball again, which is bad ’cause she might score another home run.

Fortunately, it appears that Nakata made a pop fly to right field where Nozomi Nakamura managed to catch the ball instead of being blinded by the sun.

For Nao Nakata, seems that she was devastated that the ace player didn’t score another home run. In any case, Ryoyukan High School was defeated.

And there’s celebration as Shin Koshigaya High School won over a powerhouse school with 5 runs over 3. For Yomi Takeda and her teammates, it’s pure elation as they move onto the next round.

But that’s about it for Tamayomi and as much as I want to see Shin Koshigaya win the Saitama prefectural tournament to book a spot for the nationals, it appears that we’re not gonna see another season. Sure that it’s interesting to see cute girls playing baseball, the animation is not that impressive coming from Studio A-Cat where they accidentally released the incomplete version of Episode 4 to Funimation.

Aside from quality issues, I feel that I wanna see some characters having some attention so that it’ll have even coverage to Shin Koshigaya’s girls’ baseball club. Girls like Ryo Kawasaki and Shiragiku Oomura needs some love, much like how Nozomi Nakamura and even the Kawaguchi twins got some attention. While the story is somewhat good, I think those viewers are not happy about the presentation of Tamayomi.

Now then, let’s end this post as Yoshino Kawaguchi calls both Tamaki Yamazaki and Yomi Takeda for a game review as they’re gonna prepare on their next match.

Still, we’re not gonna see them play in the future, but I bid them good luck on winning the tournament. But if you want to know what happened to Shin Koshigaya High School, you have to read the manga.

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  1. kumashock says:

    Hi a couple of things. Firstly Episode 4 was affected by Covid initially. With some of the animation being incomplete because the contracted companies doing final animation had problems due to Covid. Studio A-Cat had no choice but to release what they had or miss that week. The cleaned up V.2 was finished by other animation contractors and then released.

    I think there might be a second series. Did you know that Yomi, Tamaki, Nao Nagata and Nozomi are being featured on the Cinderella Girls game now and that other live promo shows and streams are scheduled for the next few months? I think this shows there is a good chance for a second season. I hope anyway because I loved this anime.
    Also did you notice Nozomi’s confession to Yoshino in the last episode? 🙂

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