Tower of God Episodes #12 & #13

Well everyone, looks like Shibisu encountered a certain princess who wanted her sword back.

Also, she wants to check on her fellow princesses because some rogue member from the royal family is using his position to bully everyone.

Yeah, I’m talking about Lo Po Bia Ren as he wants to make Anaak Jahad suffer by forcing a princess to kill her. And really, you’re gonna get angry because Ren is one cruel Ranker!

Anyways, Anaak is about to get killed by Endorsi because Ren says so. I can’t bear to look at this!

Except that Endorsi has decided to give the Green April to Anaak. After all, Lo Po Bia Ren is one sleazy asshole who killed Anaak’s family.

With that said, Anaak got her weapon back as she whips the Ranker until Ren has finally give up. Despite being injured, Anaak Jahad can still put up a fight!

However, Lo Po Bia Ren doesn’t give up that easily as he made a surprise attack by firing a beam from his mouth.

And really, that was a close one for Endorsi and Anaak, although both princesses are still struggling to beat the Ranker by themselves as Lo Po Bia Ren is stronger than time.

Well, that’s about to change when Ha Yuri Jahad has arrived and man, Yuri doesn’t like what she’s seeing right now. I mean, Ren is doing his royal duties in the most cruel way possible!

On the other hand, Shibisu has arrived to rescue both princesses from certain death. Glad that he managed to guide Yuri to her destination.

But now that Yuri has arrived, looks like Lo Po Bia Ren has no choice but to kill her and call it an accident. Seriously though, this is disgusting coming from this Ranker!

Unfortunately, Ren’s myriad of snakes got magically disappeared in a pool of blood by Ha Yuri Jahad. Not sure how she did it, but I have to say that Yuri is one powerful princess.

And now, it’s her turn to attack as Yuri is gonna flick Ren’s forehead. Oh and you think that she’s gonna gently flick him?

Well, Yuri will just send Ren flying while making lots of debris. Looks like this Ranker is already defeated, but the princess is not yet done.

That’s because she called Kurdan to finish the job as the big guy is about to slam Lo Po Bia Ren until this Ranker is flat as a pancake.

And as you can see from this giant pile of smoke, no ordinary being would survive that as Kurdan swings his hammer to the ground.

Oh and here’s the result as Lo Po Bia Ren is dead, being reduced to a strawberry-filled pancake thanks to Kurdan’s hammer slam.

Well then, looks like they’re done dealing with a smug Ranker as we move onto the Administrator test.

But first, Ha Yuri Jahad will have to take both weapons from the 13 Month Series from Endorsi and Anaak.

C’mon, it’s dangerous for them to use both the Black March and the Green April, moreso with the latter as it can make anyone uncontrollable using Ignition.

Anyways, here’s Rak Wraithraiser where instead of running away against a horde of barnacle goblins, this Spear Bearer has decided to take Paracule for a ride as Rak takes on the enemy by himself.

C’mon, Rak Wraithraiser is not a coward as he has some pride on fighting stronger enemies like the barnacle goblins. But thanks to Rak’s bravery, the horde is being decimated.

However, Paracule doesn’t like being mishandled by a brute. Still, it’s his fault that Paracule fell into the hands of Lo Po Bia Ren as the Ranker took control of his body.

On the other hand, it appears that the barnacle goblins are dealing with boars that they don’t have time to capture the net dolphins.

But hey, looks like the test is going smoothly instead of ending it in a disaster, and it’s all thanks to Khun Aguero Agnes and his flawless plan.

Unfortunately, it appears that he’s dealing with a relative named Khun Hachuling where this relative is inviting Khun Aguero Agnes to climb the tower together.

However, Khun Aguero Agnes declined Hachuling’s offer as he’ll rather climb the tower by himself. Oh, and let’s not forget that Khun is very cautious of being back-stabbed again.

Fortunately, seems that Khun Aguero Agnes got his back covered when Hatz has arrived to save him from Khun Hachuling, although it would be nice if Hatz managed to kill Hachuling.

Still, Khun Hachuling will be back in the future as he won’t stop until Hachuling takes Khun Aguero Agnes up to the tower… and then kill him there.

Now then, let’s go back to Bam and Rachel as they’re currently being sucked by the net dolphin queen. However, the Bull has arrived to ruin the party as the monster attack them.

Of course, Bam won’t let this monster eat him as he uses Shinsu to destroy the Bull in one powerful blast.

Except that the Bull ate Bam whole, meaning that the Administrator test has failed… or is it?

Turns out that the Bull just blow itself up from the inside as Bam poured lots of Shinsu that the monster’s body couldn’t handle anymore.

As for Bam, looks like he’s okay as Rachel catch him, although he almost died there as the Bull managed to deal serious cuts and bruises towards the Irregular.

Still, both Bam and Rachel are almost there on completing the Administrator test as the net dolphin queen is about to suck them inside.

Suddenly, Rachel made a last-minute decision (and a terrible one at that) as she decides to push Bam away.

But wait, Bam is the one who requested to take the Adminstrator test in the first place so without him, everyone including Rachel will fail the test. Of course, why would Rachel do a treacherous move?

Turns out, Rachel is actually jealous that Bam has everything, from gaining allies to having large amounts of Shinsu from his body. In fact, Headon told Rachel that she’s not the chosen one.

Still, Rachel won’t accept that as she wants to climb the tower to see the stars, even if it means using anyone to reach her goals.

And so, Rachel emerged from the queen’s belly as she’s the only one who got out. Of course, the likes of Khun Aguero Agnes and Rak Wraithraiser are asking what happened to Bam and why he’s not with Rachel?

Unfortunately, Lero Ro told everyone some good and bad news. The good news is that everyone who participated in the Administrator test have passed and they’re allowed to climb the Tower of God.

But the bad news that nobody found Bam’s body. Even worse is that despite taking part in the test, Bam actually failed as he didn’t survive. Seriously though, I think what Rachel did to Bam is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen!

Well then, it’s time to say farewell to the Rankers that inhabit the 2nd floor as the first batch of Regulars are climbing up to the next floor. This includes Rachel where she still bound to a wheelchair.

Of course, Khun Aguero Agnes is not convinced that Rachel is the only one survived as he smells something fishy. In fact, Khun suspects of Rachel using her injury to manipulate everyone and there’s a possibility that she’s faking it.

Still, Khun congratulates Rachel for passing the Administrator test, but he would rather have Bam tag along with the rest of the Regulars.

On the other hand, here’s Yu Hansung where he bids farewell to everyone who have passed the test. Then again, I feel that he’s just hiding something in regards to Bam.

Hell, remember the time that Yu Hansung let Lo Po Bia Ren interfere during the Administrator test? Well, I bet that he’s the one who planned to bring Bam down.

Unfortunately, it appears that Hansung’s meddling has caused some Rankers like Lero Ro to resign and decides to find the truth by himself. Oh, and he told Quant Blitz to join him.

Man, I feel that there are so many things have happened which resulted in Bam’s disappearance, as if everyone wants him to die as Bam is considered a threat to the Jahad Empire. Of course, I wonder if he’s still alive?

Well, Bam is actually alive as he was found by a Regular who went to the underground to find something interesting or someone who’s barely breathing.

Said Regular happened to be Hwaryun who urged him to climb up to the tower and find the answer on why Rachel betrayed him.

And speaking of Hwaryun, it appears that Yu Hansung ordered her to test Bam’s strength with Rachel acting as bait. So maybe, Hansung has some plans for Bam in the future but I’ll never know for sure.

In any case, this is the end of the Tower of God. Gotta say that I don’t like how this series ends with Bam being betrayed at the hands of Rachel. Not only that, but there are questions remained unanswered.

Besides that, I think this show is amazing to watch where Telecom Animation Film pulled all the stops to adapt the web manhwa into a breathtaking anime show. Sadly, I feel that the ending of this anime adaptation has made everyone itching for more.

Heck, there’s a new character introduced at the end of this series. Dammit, I want Crunchyroll and Telecom Animation Film to make another season of the Tower of God!

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