Kakushigoto Episodes #09 & #10

Well everyone, winter is coming and you know what time it is? It’s Christmas season where Hime Goto is busy decorating the tree. I wonder if she still believes in Santa Claus?

On the other hand, the assistants at G-Pro are looking forward for Godansha’s year-end party at a fancy hotel.

Unfortunately, Satsuki Tomaruin destroyed their hopes and dreams where he announced that Godansha won’t hold a year-end party at a hotel due to financial difficulties.

And when they heard the bad news, everyone got devastated as their motivation has gone to zero. This is troubling as Kakushi Goto is gonna draw more manga chapters before the end of the year.

But speaking of Kakushi-san, what happened to him? Did he decided to put his manga on hiatus?

No, he went to a year-end party together with Hime… at Chugakukan. Come to think of it, I feel that it’s a bad idea for Kakushi to take his daughter to a rival publisher.

Oh yeah, his assistants are here to because y’know, they want to live the dream as part of the manga industry even though Ami Kakei and the rest haven’t made their debut yet.

By the way, where’s Satsuki Tomaruin? Should he suppose to attend Godansha’s year-end party?

Oh, he’s at the ball where Tomaruin is recruiting Hime-chan. Hello Satsuki, you’re recruiting Kakushi’s daughter here!

And speaking of Kakushi-san, looks like he’s not happy towards Satsuki.

Sure that Kakushi doesn’t want his daughter to learn that he’s a mangaka but when someone wants to recruit Hime-chan, he’s gonna beat the shit out of everybody!

Just kidding, he’ll just reprimand Tomaruin for attempting to recruit Hime-chan. C’mon, it would be bad if someone wants to turn Hime-chan into a gravure model.

Actually, it turned out to be worse as they’re alarmed that a spy has attended the party. After all, Godansha and Chugakukan are bitter rivals when it comes to manga publication.

With that said, Rasuna Sumita had an idea on bailing both Hime Goto and Satsuki Tomaruin out of this hotel. While taking Hime-chan out is easy, letting the editor escape proved to be a difficult one.

So, Rasuna gave Satsuki some clothes to wear as a disguise so he can get out of the hotel safely.

Yeah, he look like some loser, but that would do the trick for Tomaruin to save himself from trouble. Now then, where’s Kakushi Goto?

Oh, he’s been caught as everyone thinks that Kakushi is actually Satsuki, where in fact that they’re different people. I mean, there’s no way Kakushi would resemble his troublesome editor.

Still, everyone gang up on Kakushi as they strip off his clothes. I hope Hime-chan won’t see this!

Honestly though, this is not a good time for Kakushi Goto as he’s humiliated by the guys at Chugakukan where they brand him as a spy.

Well, the editor-in-chief at Chugakukan managed to save Kakushi-san as everyone apologize for assaulting the wrong person. Still, they can’t let him leave in the nude though.

So, they gave Kakushi some clothes to wear but it has some anime prints on it, therefore Kakushi cover it up with his hands so that Hime-chan won’t see it.

On the plus side though, looks like Kakushi and Hime-chan saw a glittering Christmas tree that’s even brighter than a chandelier.

Despite getting caught in a mishap thanks to Tomaruin, Kakushi Goto is doing well on Christmas Day together with his daughter.

Still, there are a few days left before the end of the year as Kakushi is finishing his manuscript at a fast pace.

I’m impressed that Kakushi Goto is fired up, but the reason for it is because he wants to spend his year-end vacation with Hime-chan.

Unfortunately, Kakushi got a fever where he’s bed-ridden for a few days.

Well, at least Kakushi managed to finish the manuscripts in time, but it’s sucks that he’ll spend his vacation at home.

But after taking a rest, Kakushi Goto is back on his feet as he went to a ryokan at Izu for 3 days and 2 nights. Oh, and his daughter and his dog too.

So while it’s nice that Kakushi can spend his vacation in peace, I feel that this inn is hiding something sinister. Nah, as if they would do that!

Anyways, Kakushi and Hime-chan are happy to spend their time together at Izu. I mean, he’s busy with work most of the time.

Suddenly, the guests are revealing their secrets to everyone that Kakushi is deeply concerned by it. C’mon, Kakushi-san can’t tell his daughter that he’s a mangaka.

However, it gets even worse where the guests are forcing Kakushi to reveal his secrets. At this point, his life will be over once he revealed his secret job.

Fortunately, Rasuna managed to save him somehow as she saw something scary from the forbidden room, which said that the spirit of the novelist Yasunari Tanabata lurks inside there.

Okay, this inn is not only cursed where everyone reveals their secrets, but it’s messed-up that someone died there!

Anyways, looks like Kakushi has no choice but to check the room by himself…

…only for Kakushi to see a monster which scares the living lights out of him! What a bad idea to go inside unprepared.

However, it appears that the monster was actually a civet where the moonlight projected its shadow towards the wall.

Well everyone, mystery solved as this inn at Izu has no weird shit going on!

Of course, it’s not yet over as Kakushi Goto has decided to draw at the table where Yasunari Tanabata used to write his novels there. I hope that nothing bad will happen…

Actually, something bad will happen anyway as these kids have decided to find a ghost that lurks around the inn. Then again, it’s not like they’ll find one at this day and age!

Oh wait, never mind as those kids saw a ghost where they’re scared to their wits and ran away. Just kidding, it’s actually Kakushi Goto where he’s angry at those kids for pointing their flashlight at him!

But anyways, Kakushi had a nice vacation at Izu and I have to say that he’s well-rested for the new year. Of course, I’m worried that his career as a manga artist will be exposed and that would be very catastrophic.

With that said, I’ll see you next time for the final 2 episodes of Kakushigoto!

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