Kakushigoto Episodes #11 & #12

Well everyone, this is the final 2 episodes of Kakushigoto as Kakushi Goto is making plans for the future, especially his weekly serialized manga in which Kakushi is conflicted on whether to end Kaze no Tights on his own terms or continue it to infinity until the readers got sick of it.

Oh and it gets worse when Kakushi is sitting in front of the editor-in-chief of Weekly Shonen Mangazine, although both of them are acting a bit awkward today.

Well, except for Satsuki Tomaruin in which he’s just chilling out and chomping down various foods. Man, did he arrange a meeting between the chief and Kakushi-san?

Anyways, the editor-in-chief is asking Kakushi-san to make some colored pages on his series, but Kakushi misinterpret it as a notice of cancellation where the colored pages are made for special occasions or marking the end of a manga series.

Regardless, Kakushi Goto will gladly make colored pages as he believe that Kaze no Tights is gonna end soon, although Kakushi should have ask the chief on whether his series will get the axe or not.

Anyways, Kakushi-san is fired up as he’s drawing page after page like there’s no tomorrow.

Man, I’m worried that once he’s done with Kaze no Tights, Kakushi might struggle to come up with a new manga series.

Still, Kakushi is chugging along with the manuscripts as Satsuki Tomaruin takes it to Godansha for a final review with the editor-in-chief.

Um Tomaruin, you should put the manuscript into an envelop so that it won’t fly away.

Of course, Satsuki-san is incompetent as the wind blows Kakushi’s manuscript. What if someone like Hime Goto took a page of it?

Speaking of Hime, it appears that she’s gonna have a meeting with her friends at a nearby well. That’s great, but I fear that Hime might get caught in some trouble.

In any case, Hime-chan goes off together with Roku. I mean, there’s no way she would fall inside the water well.

Actually, Kakushi-san is in panic mode where he went to the well to see if Hime and Roku are okay.

Except that Hime and Roku didn’t fell towards the well as they stay away from it. With that said, looks like everything is a-okay!

Except that Satsuki Tomaruin emerged from the well as if he was a ghost that haunts there. Oh and he has Kakushi’s manuscript.

Except that Kakushi is not only worried that his manuscript will be seen by his daughter, but he’s angry that some pages are missing. Well, he can draw the missing pages again.

Oh yeah, it seems that Tomaruin told the mangaka that Kaze no Tights is not over, although Satsuki should have said that earlier instead of letting Kakushi draw until the last chapter!

And when Kakushi told his assistants that his manga will continue, everyone went disappointed as they really want to try other things once Kaze no Tights have ended its publication.

Man, Rasuna Sumita and the rest are looking forward to do what they love, but now they lost motivation to help Kakushi Goto.

But thanks to Satsuki Tomaruin telling Kakushi Goto that his manga will continue, public interest on Kaze no Tights went down the drain because of Tomaruin’s incompetence.

Well, looks like Kaze no Tights will be cancelled anyway because Satsuki fucked it up!

Still, there’s some good news as we have a birthday party for Hime Goto as Kakushi made lots of fried chicken for those who are really hungry.

And here’s Hime-chan where she celebrates her 10th birthday by blowing the candles. Isn’t it sweet?

But yes, it was the greatest thing ever as everyone got invited in Hime-chan’s birthday party. I wish these good times will last forever…

Unfortunately, it didn’t last long as we move onto the future where an older Hime Goto went to Kamakura to find answers about her father and why Kakushi-san is keeping secrets to her until now.

By the way, turns out that the house in Kamakura is similar to their old home in Nakameguro Ward, Tokyo. Then again, it could be that Kakushi modeled the latter based on the former.

Suddenly, someone appeared in front of her as this person resembles Kakushi Goto.

Unfortunately, this is not Kakushi-san but rather a young man named Ishikawa who told Hime that he’s an younger brother to her.

Well actually, he’s a step-brother to Hime Goto and not only that, but he’s actually a kabuki actor named Nantokaemon where he’s gonna tell the truth about Hime’s father.

You see, turns out that Kakushi Goto is actually an illegitimate child of a kabuki actor and one of his mistresses. Oh and speaking of Kakushi-san, he had a step-sister too.

In fact, Kakushi told Nantokaemon’s mother to take care of Hime in his absence and when the time comes, give the keys and the location of the storage house to her.

I’m surprised that Kakushi’s step-sister is the one who told Hime to go to Kamakura and find answers there. But still, I wonder what happened to Kakushi Goto?

Oh yeah, here’s Rasuna Sumita and Satsuki Tomaruin where they saw an artwork that was created by Kairi Imashigata. And here’s the thing though as it was revealed that Kairi Imashigata is actually Hime’s grandfather.

You know something, I feel that the feud between Kakushi Goto and Kairi Imashigata is getting a bit clearer now as Kairi has regrets on marrying his daughter to an illegitimate kabuki actor, who became a mangaka to make ends meet.

But wait, here’s more about Kakushi Goto as the reason for working hard as a mangaka is because it has something to do about his wife.

In fact, Kakushi believed that his wife didn’t die, but rather went missing from a shipwreck.

While the search team had called-off on finding missing people (or even corpses), Kakushi continues to find his wife regardless on the official statements from the team.

So, he used his remaining savings to hire a private investigator to find his wife, even as far as renting a boat a team of divers to search for answers.

However, things have turned for the worst when a tabloid published an article about him and his never-ending search for his wife which made everyone felt disdain about his hopeless quest, especially when Kakushi draws manga about dirty sex jokes which made everyone uncomfortable.

And to twist the knife further, Kakushi got crushed by a pile of manga in which he was put into a coma. Kinda ironic that he got into an accident thanks to manga.

Oh and to put more salt into Kakushi’s wounds, it appears that Hime inherited the artistic skills from Kairi Imashigata, her grandfather who was a renowned artist.

So yeah, Kakushi suffered a cruel fate after years of keeping secrets to Hime-chan.

However, it appears that Hime-chan got some news from her friends as Kakushi-san has finally woke up from his coma.

Oh and it’s not just Hime, but also Kakushi’s assistants as everyone have finally got a sigh of relief now that Kakushi Goto is alive.

Unfortunately, it appears that he doesn’t remember everything. Rather, Kakushi got amnesia where his mind was reverted to 8 years ago.

And the reason for his amnesia is because of the accident where his head was crushed by a pile of manga, therefore his brain lost 8 years of his memory.

So while he still remembers Hime, Kakushi doesn’t realize that his daughter have grown up and his manga has already ended.

And speaking of Kakushi Goto, he still draws manga despite its cancellation. Heck, he’s joined by his former assistants on this occasion.

For Hime Goto, she was surprised that her father is happy on drawing manga, yet she’s sad that those missing years she spent with his dad might not recover.

Well actually, there’s still a way as Hime’s friends and Ichiko Rokujo are here to help Hime on restoring her father’s memories.

Thus, Hime Goto went back to her old home to bring her father’s manuscripts in order to bring back everything that he lost. But will it work though?

Still, Hime and her friends brought it to Kakushi-san where he’s dumbfounded to what he draw for all those years, especially those pages where he left the manga industry due to a tabloid scandal.

Oh yeah and it appears that Kaze no Tights got a nice ending instead of leaving it unfinished. I mean, everyone would be very bitter if Kaze no Tights ended abruptly due to low survey scores.

In any case, looks like Kakushi Goto is starting to remember everything that he lost. But there’s more surprise for Kakushi-san.

You see, Hime Goto has turned 18 years old, meaning that she’s legal to read her father’s dirty manga. And that’s the end of Kakushigoto where we’ve reached a happier ending!

Man, I have to say that Koji Kumeta’s new work is interesting that you have a hardworking father who’ll do anything to make his daughter happy, despite having a secret job and some hidden depths. While it’s nice that Kakushi Goto is an interesting main character, the fact that his revelation that Kakushi is an illegitimate child of a kabuki actor felt sudden that there’s no explanation on it.

On the other hand, I feel that some characters like Kakushi’s assistants and Kairi Imashigata needs some attention, such as why the likes of Kakeru Keshi wanted to join the manga industry or why Kairi is sending gifts to Hime most of the time. While most of them are likable, the only character that I despise of is Satsuki Tomaruin where his incompetence is so blatant that he almost destroyed Kakushi’s career. Man, I really hate Tomaruin!

Still, it was a fun series to watch that’s relatable to not only aspiring manga artists, but also parents. Oh yeah and there’s one more secret to tell you…

You see, Hime Goto is secretly a mangaka. Well, she’s starting to follow her father’s path even though she has the artistic talent from Kairi Imashigata. I guess Hime was inspired to become a mangaka like her father Kakushi-san.

One last thing, it looks like Kakushi Goto is making a comeback on his manga career so all’s well that ends well in Kakushigoto. With that said, good luck to Kakushi-san and Hime-chan!

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