Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!: Kurenai Densetsu

Hey everyone, I heard that the light novel series is finally finished but it’s sucks that there won’t be another season of KonoSuba. But on the plus side though, we have a movie that was animated by J.C.Staff instead of Studio DEEN.

Anyways, let’s start the movie where Kazuma Satou and his party have failed their quest again and they blame each other for screwing up, especially Megumin and her Explosion magic.

Speaking of Megumin, it’s a bad idea to use Explosion to take out lots of tuna from a lake. It’s like dynamite fishing, but worse in execution.

Now then, here’s Yunyun where she asked Kazuma to make a baby with her in order to defeat the demon lord. Um excuse me Yunyun, are you sure that you want to copulate with a loser protagonist?

Of course, Kazuma doesn’t mind making love to Yunyun in order to save the world. I mean, this is basically the main premise of Dragon Quest V.

Then again, I have a bad feeling that it was just a ploy to invite him and his party to her village.

Well actually, Megumin found a letter from Yunyun where it turns out that it wasn’t a plea for help, but rather that it was a page from a fantasy novel by her former classmate Arue.

And so, the jig is up where Yunyun throws the letter in anger and embarrassment. Um Yunyun, I think you should tell Megumin and the rest to return to the Crimson Village.

Then again, how will they go to Megumin’s hometown as it might be far away?

Well, there’s only one way to travel to the Crimson Village as Wiz will help them, using Teleport of course since travelling on foot would take days.

Also, here’s Vanir where he’s now working with Wiz instead of old boss which is the demon lord.

Oh yeah, Vanir is striking a financial deal with Kazuma Satou which would not happen in the future. Also, he still at odds with Aqua because c’mon, Vanir hates goddesses who are useless.

Well then, it’s time for Wiz to transport Kazuma’s party to the Crimson Village. Let’s hope that nothing bad will happen!

Actually, never mind as Kazuma is about to get raped by female orcs as they’re really horny towards men.

By the way, there are no male orcs around which makes Darkness felt disappointed.

Fortunately, Kazuma is saved when Yunyun casts a pool of poison that sinks those orcs to the bottom, although he’s scarred to death thanks to those female orcs pouncing on him.

I mean, look at Kazuma Satou where he’s current sucking his thumb because of that traumatic experience.

You know what, I think his soul will be healed once Kazuma went to a brothel to see a succubus. Right now, they haven’t reached Megumin’s hometown yet.

Unfortunately, Kazuma and his party have encountered the demon army where they’re gonna kill them. While Darkness can defend her teammates, let’s not forget that she’s sucks at killing monsters.

Well, there’s only one way to get out of this situation and that’s by having Megumin cast Explosion.

Then again, it’s a waste of magic against a small number of monsters and not only that, but Megumin can’t move after using Explosion once.

And it gets even worse when they have reinforcements. Oh boy, Kazuma Satou and his pals are doomed!

Of course, this small-fry demon got squashed by his own teammates. Well, looks like we’ll have to pay respects for this demon who is so small that his big brothers couldn’t see him.

Fortunately, it appears that Kazuma’s party is saved when a small group of arch wizards have appeared to stop the army.

And here’s the thing though because these wizards actually came from Megumin’s village and they’re crazy as hell.

So much that their magic sparks fear among demons that they ran away or get killed by their Light of Saber! Anyways, glad that they saved Kazuma’s party.

Now, it’s time introduce themselves as they’re crimson demons and they welcome their guests to their lovely village. Gotta say that their village is somewhat picturesque.

Of course, everyone has some fourteen-sick vibes, almost as if they didn’t grow past their chuunibyou phase once they’ve reached adulthood.

Oh yeah, here’s the chief of Crimson Demon Village named Hiropon who is also Yunyun’s father. By the way, he’s also the one who wrote that embarrassing letter in which Hiropon wants his daughter to have sex with the hero.

Man, I think Kazuma wants to punch this guy but he couldn’t ’cause Kazuma might get killed by Megumin’s brethren.

Speaking of the crimson demons, they’re really putting out an amazing display of fireworks as they cast powerful magic towards the distance.

Well, the only casualty will be the demon army because they can’t even beat the inhabitants from Crimson Demon Village. Still, I have to say that everyone is safe thanks to Hiropon and his crew.

Now then, let’s move onto the next scene where Megumin has returned to her home. Well, it’s more like a stable for horses than a mansion.

And here’s Komekko who is Megumin’s cute sister as she’s surprised that they have guests.

On second thought, Komekko called her parents because some trashy guy nabbed Megumin while she’s asleep.

To be fair, Megumin is tired after using Explosion but still, I think they should give him a break ’cause Kazuma went through hell a lot.

Anyways, here’s Megumin’s parents where they don’t trust Kazuma (or Scumzuma) because of his exploits towards Megumin. Well, not the sexual kind y’know!

That’s until Kazuma Satou brought some souvenirs from Axel. For Megumin’s family, they haven’t seen some fancy food for a long time because they’re kinda poor.

Well, looks like they accepted Kazuma thanks to his souvenirs. Then again, he’s not that rich compared to Kyouya Mitsurugi who’s designated as the hero by Eris.

After convincing Megumin’s parents that he’s a rich guy (which is not true), Kazuma and his party went to various places like this factory where it houses a powerful anti-magic weapon.

Also, they went to the tailor shop because Megumin wants to buy a new set of capes from Cheekera, who has this rifle that’s being used as a clothes rack.

Both the factory that houses the anti-magic weapon and this rifle will be very important later on.

And lastly, they went to Red Prison Magic Academy where they have some nice school uniform to wear, although Megumin and Yunyun are already graduated.

By the way, Kazuma Satou and his friends met Megumin’s classmates: Arue, Funifura, and Dodonko.

Oh yeah, Arue is an aspiring novelist where she writes that embarrassing letter to Yunyun, which details the plot of her novel that was borrowed from Dragon Quest V.

Of course, Yunyun felt embarrassed by Arue’s letter that I feel bad towards her. In fact, Yunyun doesn’t have any friends from the magic academy despite being the chief’s daughter.

And to add more misery to Yunyun, she only learned intermediate magic and used it to save Megumin’s little sister from being eaten by demons, as well as save Megumin’s skill points from being used as she wants to learn the most advanced magic skill known as Explosion.

But yes, I guess they’re done visiting various places in Crimson Demon Village as it’s time to head back to Megumin’s house.

Of course, it appears that Kazuma Satou has decided to get close to Megumin and briskly rub her hands ’cause y’know, it’s cold outside.

For Megumin, she doesn’t like getting assaulted by a trashy protagonist. But to be fair though, her mother is the one who wants Kazuma to sleep with her daughter.

Then again, it seems that her mother did something horrible like using ice magic to lock Megumin up. Nah, as it she would do that, maybe someone else did.

Like this sexy general from the demon army named Sylvia where she decided that it would be nice if she just enclose the hero’s party into an ice prison and leave them to die.

Of course, don’t take my word from it because there’s nothing serious going on in KonoSuba.

Anyways, here’s Kazuma Satou where he managed to get out from the ice prison and took out his Chunchunmaru to defeat Sylvia.

Except that Sylvia is much more powerful than Kazuma where she grab his sword without much effort.

Fortunately, Aqua, Megumin, and Darkness are here to rescue Kazuma from being killed by Sylvia. However, they’re shocked that too late to rescue him.

You see, Kazuma has decided to join Sylvia ’cause she has bigger boobies than Darkness. Oh and he called them out for their lack of competence when facing the demon lord.

But speaking of Sylvia, there’s some bad news I would like to tell you as she not only has a nice rack, but Sylvia has a big penis that’s poking on Kazuma’s ass. Basically, Sylvia is an hermaphrodite or futanari.

For Kazuma, he’s trauma got even worse now that he’s captured by a chimera who has a large dick and tits. Looks like he needs some extensive emotional healing afterwards.

Well then, let’s move onto the next scene where Sylvia went to the factory to unlock the anti-magic weapon called the Mage Killer.

Unfortunately, Sylvia can’t open the door because there’s a password that must be unlocked.

Well, that’s until Kazuma Satou noticed something familiar to him. Could it be that there’s a control panel that opens the door?

Yes, but it’s literally a control panel, complete with instructions to perform the famous Konami Code. Would it be nice if the code is hidden somewhere…

In any case, Kazuma performed the Konami Code to unlock the door, otherwise he’ll get raped to death by Sylvia.

Still, we’re doomed anyway as Sylvia is finally gonna get her hands on the Mage Killer so she can use it against the crimson demons.

But actually, Kazuma has other plans as he decides to lock Sylvia up inside the dark room, but that would be bad if she stumble upon the anti-magic weapon.

Anyways, looks like Kazuma Satou has finally defeated Sylvia as his teammates have arrived to save him, but there’s no need to because Kazuma saved himself from being killed by a demon general.

Well then, time to head home as celebrate their victory!

Except that we have to make this movie a bit longer as there’s an earthquake. Could it be that Sylvia finally activated the Mage Killer?

Well yes, the hermaphrodite chimera general has activated the Mage Killer and destroyed the factory.

Good thing Kazuma and the rest managed to run away, but the problem now is defeating Sylvia.

And here’s the thing though as Sylvia has become a naga serpent thanks to her newfound abilities upon getting the Mage Killer.

Anyways, Sylvia is unstoppable as she can’t be killed by magic, thus she can wreck havoc towards the Crimson Demon Village unopposed. Something needs to be done in order to save Megumin’s hometown.

Well, there’s a solution to that as Kazuma and his party stumbled upon a slab of stone that has an anime character on it. Oh, and also a message written in Japanese by a certain scientist.

This scientist is not only responsible for making the Mage Killer, but also various inventions like the crimson demons and the mobile fortress that serves as the final boss from Season 1 known as the Destroyer.

Dammit, this guy is an idiot for creating dozens of useless junk where it was supposed to be used to defeat the demon lord, but instead serves as a nuisance to Kazuma’s party. But wait, there’s one weapon that he invent to destroy the Mage Killer.

Of course, Kazuma Satou and his friends will need to find that weapon fast or Sylvia might kill every single crimson demon on this village. Hm, does Cheekera still have that rifle?

Why yes it is as Kazuma is about to use the rifle to kill Sylvia in one shot. Then again, the energy stored in the rifle is not enough.

Well, there’s one solution to energy deficiency as Megumin uses Explosion. But instead of blasting the general away…

…her magic is used to charge the rifle to its maximum power. Well, that’s enough juice to one-shot Sylvia.

Unfortunately for Kazuma, Komekko pulled the trigger to fire the rifle. Remember kids, don’t touch any firearms as they’re not toys.

But thanks to Komekko, Sylvia is finally defeated as her stomach got a big gaping hole on it. Gotta say that it was very nasty!

Well then, looks like Crimson Demon Village is saved thanks to Komekko-chan. Of course, it’s not yet over because Kazuma and the rest think that they’ve won the battle.

In fact, what they fought earlier was not even Sylvia’s final form. At this point, this is getting annoying that Sylvia can’t be killed that easily.

And as you can see, she’s still sexy in her ultimate form. Oh and the reason why she evolved into her ultimate form is because Sylvia got help from Hans and Verdia, two fallen generals who are really angry that they’re defeated at the hands of Kazuma Satou’s party.

With that said, it’s time to finish Sylvia off for good as Darkness went towards Sylvia’s back and attacks her with a flurry of slashes.

Wait a minute, there’s no way Darkness would slash Sylvia ’cause she sucks at attacking.

That’s until we found out that Vanir is controlling Darkness, which is why this crusader fights well that it put a dent on Sylvia. But it’s still not enough to defeat her.

Well, there’s only one way to defeat Sylvia as Wiz gather lots of energy…

…which she siphoned from those crimson demons. Wait, is that a Dragon Ball reference?

Then again, it would be bad if Sylvia saw Wiz cooperating with the crimson demons that she might kill everyone.

Fortunately, Kazuma Satou decided to become a bait to Sylvia as he asked the general to capture him ’cause Kazuma loves Sylvia, even though he’s just pretending.

Still, Sylvia took the bait as Kazuma has merged with the general. Not sure if his plan to toy Sylvia’s heart would be a good idea.

So while Kazuma is distracting Sylvia, looks like Wiz has managed to gather all energy from the crimson demons as she transfer it to both Megumin and Yunyun.

Hmm, I don’t know if their combined power would be effective against an anti-magic weapon like the Mage Killer, but it’s worth the shot!

But let’s talk about Yunyun and Megumin as this is the best part as they combined Yunyun’s Light of Saber and Megumin’s Explosion to create a powerful magic.

See this giant spear? That’s their combined power as they’ll unleash it towards Sylvia. Let’s hope that it’ll destroy her for good.

Fortunately, it’s super-effective as Sylvia got hit by Yunyun and Megumin’s Explosive Saber, although Kazuma Satou will suffer the most as he’s gonna die at the hands of both crimson demons.

But yes, the Crimson Demon Village is saved from ruin thanks to both Megumin and Yunyun. It’s sad that Kazuma is in a worst shape right now ’cause he’s dead again.

Well, at least Eris will revive him again but man, Eris is gonna barf upon seeing Kazuma being reduced to a head or something far worse than that.

Anyways, Kazuma will be revived soon and return to Axel in triumphant. Actually, he doesn’t do anything significant other than being killed by Megumin and Yunyun.

Speaking of Megumin, she decided to become a better magician instead of using Explosion as her only repertoire. So, she gave her status card to Kazuma for a skill point reset.

That’s very nice for Megumin as she wants to change herself, but that would make her less unique.

Of course, Kazuma Satou wants Megumin to cast one giant Explosion for the last time because she won’t do it again once he resets her skill points.

Well then, looks like Megumin accepted Kazuma’s request as she creates a powerful Explosion that she won’t ever forget.

And as you can see, Megumin did made a giant Explosion that it’s visible from outer space. Even Aqua and Darkness loves Megumin’s Explosion upon seeing it from a distance.

And that’s the conclusion of KonoSuba: Kurenai Densetsu as it ends with a literal bang.

Well, the story hasn’t ended yet for the anime adaptation but hey, looks like Megumin doesn’t want to give up on her Explosion magic yet.

Hell, even Kazuma Satou approves of it as he gave Megumin’s Explosion a 120 out of 120 points. Perfect score!

Anyways, it’s time to briefly tell you my thoughts about this movie as it was amazing. I have to say that J.C.Staff didn’t make any shortcuts on animating it.

As for the story itself? Well, I’m amazed that Yunyun got the respect that she deserved instead of being 2nd best to Megumin, although this film is all about Megumin and the legend behind the crimson demons. Oh, and Yunyun still needs friends because that’s unfortunate considering that she’s the daughter of the village chief.

Oh yeah, let’s briefly talk about Sylvia as despite having a male member on her crotch, I feel sorry that Sylvia doesn’t have a love life. Also, I feel bad that Sylvia’s heart was played out by Kazuma just to defeat her. Well, I hope Sylvia went to a better place than being a general to the demon lord.

With that said, I’m gonna leave you right here with this lovely screenshot to end this film. Maybe in a few years, we’ll see another season of KonoSuba but that depends on Kadokawa’s decision to continue the franchise or not.

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