Glass no Hana to Kowasu Sekai

This is Sumire who is very happy that she’ll go to the United Kingdom to pursue her dreams as a pianist. Sadly, she’s not the protagonist.

And even worse is that we have these abominations called viruses in which it appeared out of nowhere. Who will defeat these fiendish beings?

Well, this looks like a job for Dual as she’s armed with a ink pen-like spear to destroy the viruses. And here’s the thing that you should really know after Dual summoned her weapon…

You see, turns out that Sumire is actually a virus and Dual is tasked to delete it because she’s programmed to do so.

But yes, this is the main gist of this film titled Glass no Hana to Kowasu Sekai where you have anthropomorphic anti-virus software battling viruses inside the Box of Wisdom.

Also, Dual is not alone as she has Dorothy where she’s outspoken compared to her. These two keep the Box of Wisdom in check from various viruses who wanted to destroy various worlds.

That’s until they met this white-haired girl who’s not a virus… yet. Then again, it appears that she doesn’t pose a threat because this girl is unconscious.

Well, until she wakes up from her slumber in which Dual and Dorothy are surprised, although Dorothy is scared that this girl might do something bad.

Anyways, turns out that this white-haired girl doesn’t remember anything other calling herself as Remo and her task is to find the flower garden.

Well then, it appears that Dual and Dorothy will have to take care of Remo for the time being until she remembers everything. Oh and as for the flower garden, we’ll find out later.

With that said, both Dual and Dorothy spend their time with Remo as it turns out that she’s good at playing the piano.

Hmm, this reminds me of Sumire who was briefly killed by Dual at the start of this movie. I’m not sure if Dual has some remorse of killing her friend once Sumire turned into a virus, but it’s sucks that she has to do the horrible thing.

But speaking of Sumire, it appears that Dual has her hair tie in which she used it to tie Remo’s hair. You know something, I feel that Remo will be very important later on this film.

Regardless, the three girls had lots of fun as they went to various places and enjoy themselves. Sadly, their happy days won’t last long…

As you can see, the virus has returned and they’re stronger as ever. I mean, look at their teeth as they mean business!

Oh and these viruses have a vengeful spirit where the likes of Sumire are really angry that they’re unjustly deleted by Dual and Dorothy.

And in the case of Dual, it appears that she’s about to get infected by the virus as Dual is affected by guilt over deleting Sumire.

On the other hand, here’s Dorothy where she’s struggling to save Dual as she’s being overwhelmed by viruses.

And it gets even worse when Remo got out as she’s worried about Dual and Dorothy, although I think Remo should run away and hide as the viruses might attack her.

Sadly, it was too late as Remo was attacked by viruses where they charge towards her until she’s dead.

But then, something weird happened as Remo somehow defended herself by those viruses by creating a powerful barrier which destroyed them.

Also, she managed to save both Dorothy and Dual from being killed by viruses. Now, the only thing they need to know is who the heck Remo is.

Speaking of Remo, she’s okay although Remo remained unconscious for the time being due to emitting a powerful barrier that destroy those viruses.

Well, until Remo wakes up in which she told Dual and Dorothy that she’s actually a remote access program. Then again, I think she’s not the real Remo that they know as her voice is different.

But curiously, Remo being a remote access program? Hm, something tells me that Remo has finally regained her memories on who she really was.

Still, both Dual and Dorothy wanted more answers as they chase Remo down until they reached to a specific place.

Well, this specific place happened to be this flower garden where all the beautiful things have kept there. Oh, and Remo is there as she finally found the garden after regaining her memories.

With that said, Remo will tell everything about her existence as a remote access program to both Dual and Dorothy. And here’s the thing though as Remo’s existence is pretty complicated as I’ll explain through a backstory.

Anyways, let’s start with Sumire as she became a successful pianist. Wait, isn’t that the girl who Dual killed her at the beginning, now grown up as a woman?

Come to think of it, I feel that what Dual saw at the beginning is actually a fragment of Sumire’s past.

But let’s continue where Sumire married Daniel Dawson and had a child named Diana. I have to say that Sumire got a good life instead of being a tragic one.

Eventually, Diana Dawson got a family of her own where she found a loving husband and gave birth to a white-haired girl named Remone.

Of course, it doesn’t end there as Daniel Dawson created an operating system called ViOS in honor of his wife Sumire.

Speaking of Remone, I have to say that this girl is the originator of Remo as it has the same appearance. But how did Remo existed if you may ask?

Well, it happened tragically when Remone died during an environmental protest. This puts Diana into an extreme state of grief that she wants to do something for her deceased daughter.

And that’s by creating a program called Mother where Diana told everyone that this program will bring harmony towards humanity and save the Earth from becoming a barren wasteland.

While Diana’s program has some good intentions, it appears that Mother has glaring flaws in which it sees humanity as a threat to Earth’s survival and thus created a plan to stifle the population to the point of extinction.

Of course, the last bastion of humanity, including Daniel Dawson, managed to successfully deactivate Mother but by the time they stop the program, humanity has already extinct. And to twist the knife further, Mother created a backup program in the form of Remo in case those foolish humans deleted it, making their attempts completely useless.

Got to say that this backstory is surely screwed up as Remone’s mother created a malicious program out of grief to kill all humans. Oh and speaking of Remo, it was revealed that her role as a remote access software is to gather all things that considered beautiful which is located at the flower garden.

Unfortunately, it appears that the viruses have finally located the garden where they’ll corrupt everything they touch.

And it gets even worse when those viruses overwhelmed Dual as it pierces her chest. With Dual out of commission, Dorothy will have a hard time fending off those viruses.

But for Remo however, seeing Dual being stabbed by viruses has struck her emotionally. Also, she’s in danger of being swarmed by viruses again.

But yes, this movie is gonna end in a depressing manner as Dual is gonna die or possibly become a virus herself, Remo got attacked, and Dorothy will soon fall at the hands of those viruses.

Well actually, it’s not like this movie is gonna have a downer ending as Dual has returned from the dead, only this time she’s sporting a new outfit.

Oh and Dorothy got the same treatment too as it’s revealed that they received their original capabilities.

Basically, Dual and Dorothy no longer fight viruses as Mother designated them, because it turns out that they’re actually remnants of human civilization who tried to take back what they lost.

Because of the upgrade that they received at the last minute, that giant structure who was supposed to be a powerful virus was actually Mother all along as Dual and Dorothy managed to destroy it.

Unfortunately for Mother, it appears that the malicious program doesn’t want to go down so easily as it decided to initiate hard disk format which would erase everything.

This includes Remo in which Dual and Dorothy detected her as a virus. Of course, both anti-virus programs don’t want to delete Remo because they had fun memories together.

So instead of forcing them to delete Remo, she decides to sacrifice her life as Remo told Dual and Dorothy to restore the world from devastation caused by Mother.

In any case, the storm will subside once Remo is gone but seriously, it’s very gut-wrenching for these anti-virus programs to lose a friend who has become a threat to the entire cyberspace.

And so, Remo is finally deleted and now it’s time for Dual and Dorothy to restore the world that was almost destroyed by viruses and later Mother.

Of course for Dorothy and Dual however, they hope that Remo will return to them someday once they finish rebuilding the digital world.

But that concludes Garakowa as there’s an uncertain future in this cyberspace after Mother and its remote access program are destroyed, yet a glimmer of hope will shine throughout the world as both anti-virus programs bring back what they lost, whatever it takes.

As for the film itself, it was okay where it has amazing visuals despite being an hour-long movie. Of course, what intrigued me is Diana’s motive to create a killer program that would wipe out humanity thanks to her daughter’s death. Now it would be better if Diana Dawson realized the unfortunate implication of creating a program like Mother, but it was all too late to realize her mistakes until Remo pointed to Diana about it at the end of the film.

Speaking of Remo, I’d say that she’s the cutest and kindest character who changed both Dual and Dorothy’s life forever, to the point that these anti-virus softwares realized that they have free will instead of being programmed to delete viruses. It’s really unfortunate that she’s destined to die in the end as Mother’s remnant program.

Well then, looks like I’m done bringing my thoughts on this anime film. Still, I hope that Dual and Dorothy will earn their happy ending once the world is completely restored.

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