To Aru Kagaku no Railgun T Episode #19

Let’s start with Ruiko Saten where she’s gonna make some mackerel curry, although there are only two cans left. I guess Saten has no choice but to buy them all!

Except that one certain Frenda Seivelun wants to have a can of mackerel as she tries to tackle Ruiko. Sorry Frenda but finders keepers, losers weepers!

Actually, Saten will give one can for her but seriously though, using explosives to cook mackerel? Gotta say that it’s not idea for Frenda to cook it this way.

And so, Frenda wasted one can of delicious mackerel as she cried over it. Oh and Ruiko won’t give her last can to Frenda because she’s gonna do the same thing.

Of course, she can’t leave Frenda Seivelun alone so Ruiko Saten invites her for dinner, although Frenda is complaining that there’s no way she could made curry using mackerel. Honestly, I prefer beef or chicken curry.

But once Frenda tasted Ruiko’s mackerel curry, she fell in love. I guess this would be the start of a great relationship between Saten and Seivelun thanks to curry.

Meanwhile, it appears that the dark side has decided to get their hands on Indian Poker as SCHOOL wants to know the hidden information regarding the Tweezers’ location.

By the way, this girl in the pink dress is now known as Kaibi Gokusai. Still, I hope that those who have Indian Poker won’t get involved in SCHOOL’s scheme.

Now then, let’s return to Ruiko Saten where she got a new card from the Indian Poker dealer. I bet that she wants to learn new tricks after the previous episode.

Unfortunately, two men knocked Saten out and put her into a van. Oh boy, I bet that it has something to do about the card containing the Tweezers.

Anyways, looks like there’s no other choice by for Frenda Seivelun to get involved on saving her new best friend.

Of course, she needs Shiage Hamazura to chase the van but his car isn’t fast enough to catch it.

You know what, the only way for Frenda to save her friend is to use some explosives to wreck the van.

Of course, she’s not gonna hit the van directly with her rocket launcher, so Frenda hit a construction site to bring down some debris and stop the van in its tracks.

Still, Frenda will have to deal with goons first before rescuing Saten.

Meanwhile, let’s return to SCHOOL where Banka Yobou infiltrated a building to hack a computer that contained the Tweezers’ location.

Unfortunately for Yobou, the only thing that he could do is to copy its contents and transfer the data into an empty Indian Poker card.

Then again, they won’t even find it at this point until the next story arc.

Now then, Frenda has managed to beat those goons and rescue Ruiko. Too bad that Saten lost her card which does not contain the Tweezers’ whereabouts. With that said, time to go home…

Except that they’ll have to fight one esper where Frenda got shot in the shoulder. Oh boy, did Gokusai sent someone to capture Saten?

Turns out, she did as I would like to introduce you to SCHOOL’s resident sniper, Rakko Yumiya. Gotta say that Ruiko needs to call Mikoto Misaka for help!

Anyways, let’s hope that Ruiko Saten and Frenda Seivelun survive on the next episode.

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