My Hero Academia OVA Showcase

I’m going to introduce you to Nana Shimura, Toshinori Yagi’s mentor and the previous owner of the elusive quirk One For All which appeared in My Hero Academia: All Might Rising.

Unfortunately for Shimura, she has to sacrifice her life to stop the most powerful villain known as All For One. But all hope is not lost however as Yagi become the Symbol of Peace known as All Might and defeated the League of Villains’ head honcho once and for all.

Anyways, I’m gonna do something different this time around as this post will briefly talk about OVAs from My Hero Academia. After all, Shueisha still wants to bankroll on Kohei Horikoshi’s manga series until the story is over.

01. My Hero Academia Jump Festa 2016: Save! Rescue Training!

So let’s start with the first OVA as it aired during Jump Festa 2016 and it takes place after Season 1. So while U.A. High School is still shaken by the League of Villains’ surprise attack led by Tomura Shigaraki, the faculty has decided to hold a special rescue training exercise where selected students from Class 1-A will act as injured civilians while the rest will try to save them with minimal collateral damage. And to make it more difficult, they’re being attacked by a villain who turned out to be All Might in disguise.

Now, most of the students from Hero Course Class 1-A are competent when it comes to rescuing the injured with the exception of Katsuki Bakugou where he wants to fight strong opponents. Well, Bakugou got his wish when he fought a villain during the exercise, although Katsuki can’t fight at his fullest when Shouto Todoroki is being held hostage. Fortunately, Izuku Midoriya came up with a plan to rescue Todoroki by coordinating his classmates to use their quirks effectively. Heck, even Bakugou reluctantly helped Midoriya in his plans.

In any case, it was a decent OVA and while Class 1-A are prepared for future threats against villains, I feel that having All Might acting as a villain is silly. But hey, it works as he did it again during the special final exam!

02. My Hero Academia: Training of the Dead

Next up is the second OVA titled Training of the Dead where it takes place after the Season 2. While Class 1-A recently finished their special exam where they face off against an aggressor from the faculty, they’re not gonna rest just yet as Izuku Midoriya and the rest will have a joint training session with Isamu High School. Then again, things didn’t go as planned when Romero Fujimi uses his quirk to turn everyone into zombies… and then becomes one when a zombified Bakugou infects Fujimi. Luckily, the zombie virus is only temporary but I would imagine Romero’s quirk being useful for the League of Villains which I’m pretty much afraid of it.

Anyways, My Hero Academia: Training of the Dead is basically a homage to John Romero’s zombie apocalypse films where one of the characters is named after the famed director. Aside from references to John Romero, the OVA focuses on Tsuyu Asui as she’s reunited with Habuko Mongoose from Isamu High School. And here’s the thing about Mongoose as she has trouble making friends in middle school due to her quirk being based on a snake. Fortunately, Habuko Mongoose’s life has changed when Tsuyu Asui befriended her and that’s why Asui is delighted to see Mongoose again.

With that said, I feel that this OVA is better than the first in terms of story and animation, which is a good thing as most of the staff at BONES went onto create the 1st movie.

03. My Hero Academia: Make It! Do-or-Die Survival Training

And finally, I’m gonna talk about the third OVA which is split into two parts. Anyways, this two-part special takes place after All Might defeated All For One in Season 3 and while the Symbol of Peace is retired for good, it’s not over for Class 1-A as they’re gonna take another grueling training exercise before getting the provisional license where they gonna rescue civilians under a strict time limit. And this is important because what they learned from this exercise will be applied in the provisional exam.

Now then, this special is very daunting for Deku and the rest as they’re inside an underground mall that’s about to collapse due to a powerful earthquake, and it’ll be flooded soon enough if they dawdle for too long. Fortunately, Denki Kaminari used his electricity quirk to restore power inside the mall, while Katsuki Bakugou and Eijiro Kirishima worked together to rescue the rescue dummy. I’m surprised that Bakugou planned everything to rescue the dummy as if this is a real rescue mission, which begs the question on why he failed the provisional hero license after this exercise. And sure that his arrogance derailed Bakugou’s chance of passing the exam, Katsuki still acts like an asshole where he refused to seek help despite having a broken leg.

Regardless, Class 1-A completed the survival rescue training exercise… Well, half of the class managed to finished it as the special only shows some of the prominent students like Momo Yaoyorozu and Fumikage Tokoyami. Other than that, this two-part OVA is the best one I’ve watched because everything is at stake.

Well then, I’m gonna end this post with a picture drama from My Hero Academia: Two Heroes where they have a barbecue party after stopping a villain from taking over I-Island, although Izuku Midoriya is still saddened that Dave Shield will have to retire due to his collusion with Wolfram. On the plus side though, Melissa Shield will inherit her father’s legacy as an engineer so there’s a bright future for her.

With that said, that’s about it for My Hero Academia and while I’m still waiting for Season 5, I might watch the 2nd movie that was shown in theaters last year.

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