Winter 2019: The rest of the field… 2nd Half!

This post is brought you by Gundam Build Fighters: Battlogue, a mini-series from 2017 where it features dream matches and unexpected scenarios from the Gundam Build Fighters universe. Of course, this serves as the curtain call for the Build Fighters series where Sei Iori and his friends will have their finest Gunpla Battle ever.

While it’s nostalgic to see Gundam Build Fighters again, I’m hoping for a crossover with Gundam Build Divers or even Model Suit Gunpla Builders. Regardless, it’s time for the 2nd half of Winter 2019!

01. My Hero Academia

And I’ll start things off with My Hero Academia where everyone in U.A. High School are busy preparing for the upcoming school festival. While students from various courses will have their spotlight as they’ll set up food stalls or even host an exhibition, Class 1-A of the Hero Course will be the main spotlight as they’ll perform a concert for everyone. Of course, there’s a looming threat in U.A. High School as Gentle Criminal and his assistant La Brava will attack the school and make a name for themselves.

Now let’s talk first about Shouto Todoroki and Katsuki Bakugou where they did well on their first day of the provisional hero license exam, although they’re caught off-guard with their approach on becoming heroes to everyone, including noisy children who might become troublesome villains if they’re not taken care of by responsible adults. While Todoroki and Bakugou pass the first test, they haven’t got their license yet so they’re gonna work hard on the next one.

As for Gentle Criminal and La Brava, I think that despite not being affiliated with the League of Villains nor made a notoriety like Stain, they’re still dangerous because they might cause a ruckus in U.A. High School that would put everyone in panic, including Eri where she still can’t control her Quirk after being rescued from Kai Chisaki. Regardless, I hope that the school festival will go smoothly as planned.

02. Gundam Build Divers Re:Rise

And now, I’m going to end this post with a shocking revelation from Gundam Build Divers Re:Rise. You see, turns out that the Ancients are responsible for creating Alus in the first place and departing the planet Eldora on their own accord, which leaves the animal-based NPDs called New People (creative name, huh?) to defend themselves from Alus who don’t consider them as Eldora’s inhabitants. And really, Alus is one dangerous AI where it might be useful for the Ancients to stop invaders, but that’s no longer the case where its destructive actions affected Gunpla Battle Nexus.

Of course, the New People are protected by a sacred dragon named Cuadorn who not only a former ally to Alus, but the dragon is responsible for summoning Masaki Shido. Unfortunately for Cuadorn, its only regret is not saving Masaki from Alus’ influence which is why the dragon told Hiroto Kuga and the rest to leave Eldora and forget everything that happened there… except that the new Build Divers refused to do so because they have empathy towards the New People.

One last thing, I’m really surprised that Hiroto’s allies went through hardships like Patrick Alexandre Leonard Arge or Parviz who couldn’t move his legs after a horrific glider accident. But anyways, let’s hope that the new Build Divers will stop Alus from wiping out the planet and possibly the real world.

Well then, I’m going to end this post with one final revelation where Eve is actually an El-Diver, meaning that she has a connection with Sarah as Eve tries to save her existence.

Unfortunately, saving Sarah has put a strain on Eve so much that she asked Hiroto Kuga to delete her in order to save Gunpla Battle Nexus and her relative. Seriously, it’s downright depressing to see Hiroto being forced to erase his dear friend.

With that said, I’ll see you next time for the finale on Winter 2019. Of course, I hope that Eve will return someday…

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