Sword Art Online: Alicization Episodes #37 & #38

Well everyone, this is the 3rd and final part of the Alicization Arc as Sinon arrived at the Underworld as Solus. Then again, it’s not enough to push those intrusive VRMMO players from the United States because Glowgen Defense Systems invite them. Damn you Critter!

With that said, Sinon went to the caravan to see Kirito, although she’s shocked that his soul was damaged due to Gabriel Miller and his crew infiltrating Ocean Turtle.

In any case, I’m glad that Sinon has arrived just in time because the Dark Territory is in uproar right now thanks to Critter’s meddling.

Meanwhile, here’s Lilpilin where he still laments over Len’s death thanks to Dee Eye Ell sacrificing her life along with his fellow orcs. Well, that’s until he encountered a certain player from the real world.

It’s none other than Leafa where she was supposed to meet with Asuna and Sinon, but she’s wound up deep within Dark Territory.

Anyways, Leafa asked Lilpilin to take her to the emperor as she’s gonna save Alice Schuberg or Alice Synthesis Thirty. Oh yeah, Leafa is asking him politely as she treats Lilpilin as a human, not a monster.

Unfortunately, their conversation got interrupted when someone took out Leafa’s breastplate. Okay, who would do such a thing?

Oh, it’s none other than Dee Eye Ell where she wants to taste Leafa’s lifeforce… by coiling her body with tentacles. Eww~!

Of course, Dee Eye Ell will let Leafa go should Lilpilin strip himself naked and squeal like a pig. That’s demoralizing for him after losing Len!

But rather than obeying her command, Lilpilin decides to reject his programming and point his sword towards Dee Eye Ell. Even then, he can’t beat the leader of the Dark Mage Guild.

Heck, Lilpilin is being kicked by Dee Eye Ell as we speak. Man, someone save this orc from being slaughtered.

Well, someone cut both Dee Eye Ell’s arms from far away. Looks like the Dark Mage Guild leader took her eyes off towards the prize.

Anyways, here’s Leafa and she’s gonna punish Dee Eye Ell for using tentacles on her. Then again, the leader of the Dark Mage Guild will return albeit in a bad state.

With that said, Leafa rescued Lilpilin’s life and dignity from Dee Eye Ell. Now, the only thing that she needs to do is to see her half-brother.

Meanwhile, Bercouli Synthesis One has finally managed to catch up with Gabriel Miller (or Emperor Vector) as he attempts to rescue Alice Synthesis Thirty.

Of course, Gabriel Miller is one tough opponent where he manifests Emperor Vector’s powers into something that’s far more dangerous…

…like sending Bercouli’s mind into the afterlife where he stands there motionlessly.

This would be a problem for this Integrity Knight as Emperor Vector will do nasty things while his mind is in the clouds.

With that said, Gabriel Miller cut one of Bercouli’s arms which would be bad for this Integrity Knight if he continues to fight against the emperor.

Let’s go back to Asuna where she got some reinforcements. Thanks to Critter, not only he invited American VRMMO players but also Asuna’s friends from ALO.

You got Klein and Agil stopping those idiot gamers from killing Fluctlights indiscriminately. Glad that they’re here but it’s not enough.

Also, here’s both Lisbeth and Silica where they arrived at the Underworld and assured Renly Synthesis Twenty-Seven that they’ll help the Human Empire no matter what.

Well then, I hope that they can push those influx of players away from the Underworld.

Meanwhile at the Ocean Turtle, Takeru Higa noticed that Kirito’s Fluctlights has some faint activity upon the arrival of both Asuna and Sinon.

This means that there’s a chance that Higa and the rest of the team can fully-restore his Fluctlight.

So, Takeru will do a daring infiltration towards the main control room via the air duct where the maintenance connector is located there. But how will he infiltrate while avoiding those terrorists.

Well, Higa has his robots that would distract those goons. Then again, Critter and the rest of Glowgen Defense Systems won’t hesitate on shooting Takeru’s robots.

On the other hand, another person has stepped up to help Takeru Higa.

Said person happened to be Yanai-san and I have a feeling that he might be the one who help Gabriel Miller and his team on infiltrating the facility.

Oh boy, let’s hope he doesn’t do something funny towards Kirito ’cause I would be pretty mad towards Yanai!

Now let’s return to the Underworld where Bercouli Synthesis One is on its last legs. With his left arm chopped off by Emperor Vector, he’s doomed!

That’s until his trusty dragon Hoshigami rescued Bercouli from the emperor, albeit temporary as Gabriel Miller will break free and finish the Integrity Knight off.

But that’s okay as Bercouli will unleash a time-splitting sword technique called Uragiri which would erase Emperor Vector’s past.

Then again, it’s a risky move where his chances of succeeding it is 50/50.

Okay, make it less than 50% as Gabriel Miller broke free from Hoshigami’s jaws, although this emperor will have to chop off its head.

Unfortunately for Gabriel ’cause by the time he caught up with Bercouli, the Integrity Knight already destroyed the emperor’s past self. There goes Gabriel’s emperor persona!

And so, Emperor Vector is annihilated thanks to Bercouli Synthesis One’s powerful sword technique. Now all he needs to do is to rescue Alice Synthesis Thirty.

Sadly, Bercouli Synthesis One made his last breath as he dies on the spot. Man, this is gut-wrenching to see Alice’s mentor sacrificing his life to save her.

And as for Alice Schuberg, the only thing that she can do is to lament the loss of his dear uncle.

So with Emperor Vector gone for good, it’s time for Alice to rejoin her fellow Integrity Knights as it’s too risky to venture towards the shrine on her own.

So while Alice is trying to get back on her feet, here’s Bercouli Synthesis One and his trusty dragon Hoshigami where they look over Alice from above. Of course, Bercouli won’t go to the afterlife alone…

Turns out that Quinella will join him in heaven, although he still thinks that the Administrator is a reasonable person where Quinella committed heinous crimes such as altering someone’s memories.

Oh well, there goes the the 1st Integrity Knight and his master as they went towards the sky.

Come to think of it, Prime Senator Chudelkin is cursing at Bercouli right now ’cause he stole Quinella away from him.

On the other hand, here’s Fanatio Synthesis Two where she realized that Bercouli is gone. Even more heartbreaking is that Fanatio is bearing his child.

Anyways, what a sad way to start the 3rd part of the Alicization Arc and while Asuna’s friends have arrived, one important character has died and it’s sucks that Bercouli won’t see the day where the Human Empire and the denizens from the Dark Territory co-exist in peace.

One last thing, looks like Critter has one request where he needs to convert an existing account from Gun Gale Online so it can be used in the Underworld. Who would request that?

Oh right, it’s Gabriel Miller where he maybe down, but not out as he’ll join Vassago Casals on returning to the Underworld using their GGO avatars.

God, this is getting worse but anyways, I’m in for the endgame on the Alicization Arc. Let’s hope that Takeru Higa will do something to restore Kirito’s soul.

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