Sword Art Online: Alicization Episodes #41 & #42

Looks like Yui detected abnormalities from the old SAO server where it was supposed to be decommissioned following the incident. Still, I’m worried about what’s happening in the Underworld right now.

And speaking of the Underworld, everyone is forced to watch as Vassago Casals is gonna do something nasty…

…like chopping Kirito while still unconscious with his meat cleaver. Goddammit PoH!

Fortunately, someone managed to stop Vassago by an unexpected character named Eiji Nochizawa where he got into the Underworld just in time.

Okay, seems that Reki Kawahara recognized the Ordinal Scale movie as canon. Now where’s Yuna and Tetsuhiro Shigemura?

Oh, only Yuna appeared to help Eiji with her songs. Sure that she can give some buffs to Eiji but there’s more to it.

In fact, Yuna can stop PoH’s influence as everyone regained their sense. Now the only thing that Moonphase and Mei need to do is to convince them to stop murdering Fluctlights and the Japanese players.

Anyways, let’s return to Eiji where he transformed into Nautilus. He’s no longer the wimpy knight he used to be.

And so, Nautilus gave PoH a nasty wound to the face. Um Eiji, should you just stab him in the jugular or the heart instead of his maniacal face?

But speaking of Eiji, he lost his arm while clashing swords with Vassago. God, we’re screwed!

Seriously though, why does this serial killer has a racist vendetta against the Japanese? Did some asshole kick Vassago so hard that he swears on himself to murder everyone?

Well, turns out that Vassago Casals got a shitty life where he’s the illegitimate son of a Japanese father and an American mother, although the latter despise Vassago as a son of the devil. It’s no wonder why he got the name PoH.

Anyways, Vassago just got out of bed after undergoing a kidney transplant.

Except that Vassago loses his kidneys as it was given to a young Japanese male. Oh and that old guy over there who’s very happy to see his son alive? It’s speculated that he’s actually Vassago’s father.

Okay, now I know why Vassago Casals has deep hatred towards the Japanese because he didn’t get any love from his biological father. But you know what, I don’t give a flying fuck about his reason ’cause in the end, Vassago is still a scumbag.

With that said, looks like Eiji put up a good fight against Vassago, but the prince of hell himself is unmatched as he fatally wounded Nautilus by chopping his back.

So with Nautilus out, looks like he has to make his retreat as Yuuna appeared to heal his wounds. Well, it’ll take a long time for Eiji to get back on his feet.

But there goes their cameo appearance from the Ordinal Scale movie as they leave the Underworld for now… or probably never.

And since Yuuna Shigemura’s spirit (or Yuna) is out, looks like Vassago will have to brainwash them again.

This time, they’re killing each other that neither Moonphase nor Mei couldn’t stop them.

Now let’s return to the battle between Sinon and Subtilizer where he summoned a Barrett anti-material rifle to blast her away.

Well, Gabriel Miller already did as Sinon’s legs were blasted off. No, I don’t want Shino Asada to die here!

Fortunately, her lucky charm managed to block the fatal shot towards Sinon’s heart.

Come to think of it, this lucky charm also saved Kazuto Kirigaya’s life when he got attacked by Kyouji Shinkawa back in the Death Gun arc.

But thanks to her lucky charm, Sinon has another chance to blast Subtilizer away with her Hecate II anti-material rifle.

And this time, she’s gonna channel Solus’ power to unleash a powerful beam to destroy Gabriel Miller.

Anyways, looks like Subtilizer is finally defeated thanks to Sinon and her trusty Hecate rifle. Now we can finally get a sigh of relief… or is it?

Well, turns out that Gabriel Miller is alive where he lost a right arm and his face got scarred. Of course, he’s not gonna deal a payback with Sinon so Subtilizer decided to pursue Alice Schuberg instead.

And since Sinon lost her legs, she can’t chase him anymore so her final attack went in vain as Sinon couldn’t kill him outright. Damn, that’s sucks!

Let’s return to Asuna where she attacked PoH right after Eiji and Yuna distracted this serial killer.

But even then, Vassago is still strong that his cleaver feeds the soul of dead soldiers from both sides. Man, this guy is a nutcase along with Gabriel!

Fortunately, it appears that Asuna got another chance to turn this around as she sprouted angel wings. Could it be that Stacia’s powers is acting up on this crucial moment?

No, it’s actually Yuuki Konno where her spirit has appeared to aid Asuna. Man, everyone is here to save Kirito and Alice!

Thanks to Yuuki’s guidance, Asuna is about to end PoH’s life once and for all with her powerful technique, Mother’s Rosario.

And as you can see, its damage is so massive that Asuna made a big gaping hole towards PoH’s belly. There’s no way Vassago Casals would survive that.

Except that Vassago is still alive where he uses the souls of the fallen to heal himself.

Sure that he’s no longer using the Dark Knight as his avatar, but Vassago is one overpowered and dangerous villain that he needs to be put down quickly.

Now let’s return to Ocean Turtle where Yanai-san is about to shoot Takeru Higa, but someone throw a literal spanner in the works as Yanai got startled…

…to the point that he falls down to his death. There goes Nobuyuki Sugou’s trusted assistant but who throw a wrench at him?

Oh, it’s Rinko Koujiro where she’s worried that Takeru Higa is a goner. Well, not anymore thanks as Rinko saved his life.

Still, it’s not yet over as Takeru Higa is about to make a reboot on Kirito’s brain. And while Asuna, Sinon, and Leafa are already here to save him, it’s not enough to wake Kirito up.

And speaking of Kirito, he’s having a nasty nightmare as he relive various memories, from letting Sachi and the Moonlit Black Cats die, to dealing with various villains such as Nobuyuki Sugou and Xaxa (or Death Gun).

But yeah, Kirito won’t wake up so easily because he’s dealing with every traumatizing event throughout his life, to the point that he doesn’t want to live anymore.

Still, Kazuto Kirigaya can’t just end his own life as the likes of Suguha Kirigaya, Asuna Yuuki, and Shino Asada are urging him to survive.

But even then, it’s not enough to convince him to wake up from his deep slumber. In fact, there’s one people that he lost dearly.

Fortunately, that person has returned as Eugeo wants Kirito to get back up from his feet. Even though he’s already dead, Eugeo’s memories remained in Kirito’s heart.

With that said, I hope that Eugeo’s appearance will wake Kirito up. Seriously, he’s the best man for the black swordsman!

But now, let’s return to the Underworld where the Blue Rose Sword is acting up thanks to Kirito’s will. In fact, he used Perfect Weapon Control Art to create a sea of ice.

And while it works against those intrusive player who are blindly being controlled by PoH, Vassago can’t be stopped with ice alone.

So much that he went for the kill against Asuna. Oh please, someone save Kirito’s girlfriend for goodness sake!

Fortunately, Asuna was saved when a certain black swordsman has finally woken up from his deep slumber, although PoH is eager to fight him to the death.

But yes, after 18 episodes of being in a vegetable state, our savior has returned as everyone is happy to see Kirito again.

Heck, even Asuna where she’s finally reunited with Kirito. Then again, there’s still some unfinished business to deal with.

With that said, I’ll see you next time as Kirito will pay both Vassago and Gabriel dearly for attacking Ocean Turtle and attempting to capture Alice Schuberg.

And speaking of Alice Synthesis Thirty, she needs to go to World’s End Altar as quickly as possible before Subtilizer caught up with her.

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