Maou Gakuin no Futekigousha Episode #08

It’s time for the climatic battle between Lay Glanzudlii and Anos Voldigoad where they’ll fight until one swordsman standing at the tournament.

Unfortunately, it appears that Anos has a bit of a disadvantage as there’s a device that sucks his magic if he continues to fight against Lay. Of course, Lay is being strapped to a magic bomb on his heart should he failed to win against Anos.

Speaking of Lay, he decides to slash himself to even the playing field as winning against Anos, while being sucked out of his magic, felt underhanded and hollow.

Glad that Lay Glanzudlii wants to have a fair match against Anos Voldigoad. Still, only one man will claim victory.

But anyways, Lay cut one of Anos’ arms while the demon lord stabs him in the heart. Looks like this match has already decided.

So while Anos Voldigoad has finally won over Lay Glanzudlii, much to the Royalists’ anger ’cause they really hate Anos and what he stand up for, the real battle starts now.

You see, both Anos and Lay are transported into another dimension. And who sent them away from Dilhade?

Why it’s none other than Melheis Boran where he’s actually the mastermind behind the Magic Sword Tournament. Okay, I feel that Melheis is being controlled by Avos.

Also joining Melheis are two Demon Emperors named Gaios Anzem and Ydol Anzeo where they’re plotting to kill Anos Voldigoad.

Except that both Gaios and Ydol won’t be ganging-up on Anos as he slice their necks. Well, he’s gonna revive them later but now it’s time to pay Melheis dearly.

In fact, he took Sheila Glanzudlii as hostage as Melheis Boran is gonna kill Lay’s mother if Anos surrender and die. Not like the real demon lord would compromise though.

But you know what, Lay will have to save his mother with his own two hands as he went inside the dimensional prison. Of course, Melheis won’t hesitate on killing both Lay and Sheila.

Fortunately, Anos Voldigoad managed to created a barrier to protect both of them. But since he lost some of his powers during the fight against Lay, Anos’ barrier might not hold up much longer.

On the other hand, Sheila Glanzudlii’s body is glowing as she wants to help her son despite having an illness. Then again, I’m still worried about her fading away.

And so, Sheila Glanzudlii transformed into a sword which turn out to be her true form. Now, Lay will have to use the sword to break free from Melheis’ prison.

With that said, Lay uses the magic sword to cut the dimensional prison, or should I say unleash a powerful wave to free himself.

Oh yeah, and it seems that Melheis Boran felt the power of Lay’s magic sword that he got a scratch on his face.

Thanks to Sheila’s spirit power, Lay Glanzudlii got out from the dimensional prison.

Sadly, Sheila’s time is up as she’s fading away in front of her son. Honestly, this is very sad to see because Sheila is the only one who cared about Lay.

But now, let’s return to Anos Voldigoad where he summoned Venuzdnor to punish Melheis Boran for his disobedience…

…like cutting his legs so that Melheis won’t escape. Of course, Melheis is still stubborn that he won’t give up so easily.

But you know what, I think he should be lobotomized by Anos Voldigoad as he used Venuzdnor to destroy the mind-controlling device inside Melheis’ brain.

I bet that Avos Dilhevia and his cronies implanted it after Melheis Boran encountered Anos Voldigoad, which reminds me that someone is spying Anos behind his back.

Afterwards, it’s time to fix both Gaios Anzem and Ydol Anzeo as they can’t lose their heads forever. I mean look at it, they’re still sprouting blood after Anos freeze them.

So therefore, he destroyed those mind-controlling device and reconstruct them. Well, looks like Anos Voldigoad now has 4 Elder Demon Emperors under his wing.

Then again, it seems that some mysterious figure is watching Anos from a distance. Oh I bet that the phony Demon Lord of Tyranny has finally showed up.

Except that Avos Dilhevia is wearing a mask which I bet that he’s hiding some scars underneath, or doesn’t want his face shown to the public.

Regardless, Avos can’t hide in the shadows anymore now that the real Demon Lord of Tyranny has arrived. Then again, Avos Dilhevia will use every dirty trick to stop Anos Voldigoad.

Now then, since Anos Voldigoad has won the Magic Sword Tournament over Lay Glanzudlii, he told everyone that this sword he’s holding right now was the best as his father Gusta poured his heart and soul into forging it.

And when Gusta heard about it, he felt happy that his son appreciate his work. Man, I’m so touched on what Anos said to his dad!

Oh yeah, here’s Lay Glanzudlii where he accepted defeat, although Lay is saddened that he lost his surrogate mother.

Well, speaking about Sheila Glanzudlii? Turns out that Anos Voldigoad revived her now that her true form has shown and her tradition has now reached far and wide.

Come to think of it, Sheila’s family might actually be swordsmiths who treasure their tradition of making the finest swords across Dilhade.

But yes, all’s well that ends well as Lay has finally reunited with Sheila. Of course, the only person who didn’t get a happy ending is none other than Emilia Ludowell.

And now, let’s end this episode with the awarding ceremony as Sasha Necron is here to present the ornate sword to the winner.

That’s nice of her to give a sword as a trophy to Anos Voldigoad, although he’s already have two swords at his disposal.

But you know what, Sasha will just give a kiss to the cheeks instead. Oh Sasha, I hope you won’t make Misha very angry by kissing Anos!

Of course, Anos is still not yet interested on having a relationship despite Sasha kissing him, nor getting his own harem.

But that’s about it for this episode as I see you next time for the next story arc.

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