Sword Art Online: Alicization Episodes #43 & #44

Here’s Vassago Casals where the Prince of Hell is gonna kill the black swordsman for shits and giggles!

And here’s Kazuto Kirigaya where he’s gonna save everyone, including Alice Schuberg. Still, I’m scared about Kirito losing the battle.

Anyways, it’s time for Kirito to stop PoH’s madness once and for all, but it appears that the black swordsman is a bit rusty because he just woken up from his coma. So yeah, Kirito is at a disadvantage against PoH.

On the other hand, it seems that Tiese Schtrinen noticed a certain swordsman who’ll give some divine intervention on Kirito. Oh yeah, and it happened before.

That’s right, it’s Eugeo where he’s gonna aid Kirito again to defeat Vassago. But overpowering PoH through divine intervention isn’t enough.

Speaking of PoH, looks like he’s stunned that someone is helping Kirito. I mean, Vassago wanted a one-on-one battle to the death, not a tag-team match!

But thanks to Eugeo’s soul, his Blue Rose Sword is not only fixed but he also stop the intrusive players by logging them out of the Underworld. Sorry Vassago, but there won’t be any needless bloodshed.

One more thing, looks like Eugeo converted the soul of those intrusive players into energy which it transferred to Kirito’s body…

…and then transformed into his old outfit from SAO. Well then, looks like Kirito is back in action and PoH is really excited to kill him. But will Vassago succeed?

Well then, let’s find that out as Kirito and PoH clash swords like there’s no tomorrow. Of course, Vassago has a slight advantage as he can capture souls to power his meat cleaver.

Unfortunately, Kirito shatter his cleaver into pieces which puts PoH into a tough spot.

Then again, it won’t matter if this asshole will make a comeback ’cause the black swordsman is gonna kill Vassago for good.

With that said, Kirito has finally defeated PoH in a duel. Of course, Vassago will retreat for the time being so he can come back again in the Underworld with full strength.

Except that he knows about Vassago’s escape strategy, so therefore Kirito lock him up to the Underworld which prevents PoH from logging out. But wait, there’s more…

You see, Kirito alters PoH’s body in which he’ll transforms into a tree, and it’s gonna be a painful experience for this murderer as he can’t move at all.

Well, that takes care of Vassago Casals as the black swordsman defeats the leader of the Laughing Coffin. I have to say that those who are killed by PoH can finally rest in peace.

Oh yeah, and Kirito will use the excessive energy to heal the injured, from Fluctlights to players.

And now, it’s time for Asuna to give him a big hug as Kirito has finally returned. Now, they need to help Alice Schuberg from getting out of the Underworld as Gabriel Miller is currently chasing her.

Unfortunately, things got worse when Seijirou Kikuoka, Takeru Higa, and Rinko Koujiro found out that someone set the Fluctlight Acceleration rate high, meaning that the flow of time has sped up to dangerous levels.

Okay, who disengage the FLA limiter? I mean, it’s dangerous to put it on max!

Oh, it’s Critter and his crew from Glowgen Defense Systems brute-force their way to increase the FLA rate, meaning that those who are inside the Underworld will be stuck there for 200 years.

With that said, Kirito and Asuna will have to log out as quickly as possible as it’ll take 15 minutes before the maximum acceleration rate kicks in.

Of course, they have to deal with Gabriel Miller (or Subtilizer) where he’s already caught up with Alice Schuberg.

However, Subtilizer will have to deal with Alice’s guardian dragons as they try to stop him, but it appears that Gabriel overpowered both Amayori and Takiguri as he burn them to death.

Well, that’s until someone fired a laser beam in which those dragons are safe. Okay, who would do such a thing?

Oh, it’s Kirito where he got flight abilities and somehow managed to travel towards the World’s End Altar in a speed of light.

Also, he somehow regress the age of both Amayori and Takiguri until they’re reduced to dragon eggs.

Okay Mr. Overpowered Protagonist, I’m impressed that you pulled such insane feats but remember this, you need to bring Alice to the real world as quickly as possible.

Speaking of Alice, looks like she’ll have some assistance from Asuna where she created a stairway using Stacia’s powers.

Still, there’s no time left for Alice Schuberg because the maximum FLA rate is gonna kick in soon in a matter of minutes. And while most of the players will be logged-out for safety reason, that won’t be the case for Kirito, Asuna, and possibly Alice.

But let’s return to Gabriel Miller/Subtilizer where he sprouted wings. Man, he’s really serious on killing Kirito and devouring his soul.

And here’s the thing about Subtilizer because he’s overpowered. Even if doesn’t use Emperor Vector, Gabriel is still a threat ’cause he’s trained as a soldier.

And so. Gabriel cut Kirito’s body in half, but the black swordsman is barely alive. Then again, it might be impossible for him to stop Gabriel.

But then, it gets worse when Gabriel Miller transformed into this Lucifer-like creature, thus Kirito is basically doomed if he can’t pulled a miraculous recovery against him.

But you know what, I think the only way to turn things around is for Kirito to lend Eugeo’s strength again. I have to say that their bond might help defeat Gabriel much like Vassago.

With that said, it’s time for another divine intervention courtesy of Eugeo as his Blue Rose Sword froze Gabriel Miller. However, it’s not easy to defeat Subtilizer using Eugeo’s power alone.

On the other hand, it appears that the sky has gone dark. Not only that, but Sinon noticed Kirito’s presence as he needs the strength of his friends to turn things around.

Well if he need some help, his friends will lend him some of their strength. Not just the players, but the Fluctlights as well.

And so, all of their energy is poured onto Kirito as we see a spectacular surge of energy channeling towards him.

Of course, Alice Schuberg can’t do anything but to watch it as she goes up into the altar.

Now that Kirito got the strength he needed from his friends, it’s time to stop Gabriel once and for all as he uses his signature Starburst Stream attack. Oh yeah, and Eugeo acts as Kirito’s second hand where he holds the Blue Rose Sword.

But there it is as Subtilizer is finally defeated as his body is reduced to a cloud of explosion. Then again, I’m worried that Gabriel Miller is still alive in the real world so he might ambush Alice Schuberg there.

And speaking of Alice Schuberg, she finally arrived at the World’s End Altar and successfully teleported into the real world.

Now, the only thing left to do is for Takeru Higa and Rinko Koujiro to transfer her Fluctlight into a vessel. But which one will they use? We’ll never know for sure.

Meanwhile, everyone logged-out as they can’t handle the increased flow of time inside the Underworld. Of course, that only affects those who went into the Underworld via outside sources.

But for those who went there via Ocean Turtle’s Soul Translator, they’re out of luck as they can’t log out ever again due to time flow differences.

This means that Kirito will remain in the Underworld for 200 years. However, I wonder if Asuna managed to escape to the real world?

Oh, she remained there to be with Kirito. While it’s nice that Asuna is here for him, I’m worried about what’s happening in the real world as Gabriel Miller and his team from Glowgen Defense Systems are still out there.

In any case, gotta say that it was Eugeo who’s the MVP for Episodes 43 and 44 as he helped Kirito on beating both Vassago Casals and Gabriel Miller. Of course, the story is still not yet over as we have 3 episodes left.

Anyways, I’m hoping that Takeru Higa will find a way to safely log Kirito and Asuna out of the Underworld.

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