Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! Episode #09

Meet Tsuki Uzaki where despite being 43 years old, Hana’s mother is still looking young that you might mistake her as Hana’s older sister.

But anyways, Tsuki-san will meet Hana’s senior friend Shinichi Sakurai and man, Tsuki-san is surprised that Shinichi is so tall up-close.

Then again, Hana’s mother is terrified towards Sakurai because c’mon, he has that menacing glare in addition to his tall stature.

Oh please Tsuki-san, you got it all wrong because Shinichi Sakurai is actually a nice, but awkward guy.

Speaking of Sakurai, looks like his eyes is focusing on Tsuki-san…

…specifically her large breasts where Hana’s mom is scared that Shinichi is preying on her. Then again, he’s looking at something else.

Turns out, Sakurai is looking at the cat. Really Tsuki-san, you’re making lots of misunderstandings towards Hana’s friend.

Anyways, let’s move onto the next scene where Hana Uzaki is entertaining her guests at the Asia Cafe.

Well, mostly children because they found her to be a very funny woman. I mean, Uzaki-chan is jolly that she teases Sakurai a lot.

However, Tsuki Uzaki is still concerned about Hana’s co-worker as Shinichi Sakurai might prefer dating older women like herself.

Of course, Ami and Akihiko Asai got curious on what Tsuki said to them.

Um you two, I think you should ship both Shinichi and Hana ’cause it’s not like the former will date a hot mom like Tsuki-san.

Oh yeah, let’s talk about Hana Uzaki where she decided to change her personality for once.

I don’t know if this is a joke or not, but seeing a well-refined Uzaki-chan doesn’t sit me at all.

Hell, even Shinichi Sakurai doesn’t buy Hana Uzaki’s new personality as he would rather have an obnoxious kouhai than a reserved one.

Fortunately, Uzaki-chan returned to normal as she’s engaged in a banter with Sakurai-sempai. Glad that that her new personality is just temporary!

Of course, one of the children sees them as having a fight, so this kid has decided to stop their quarrel by giving them a lottery ticket.

Still, I bet that Sakurai and Uzaki-chan will get a dud as their prize once they use the ticket.

But by the stroke of luck, they got the grand prize where they’ll have a two-day, one-night trip for two at Tottori Prefecture. That’s nice of them to have a vacation for both of them!

And so, we’re gonna end this episode as Hana Uzaki and Shinichi Sakurai are gonna have some rest and relaxation at Tottori where they’ll see amazing places, including an exhibition dedicated to Detective Conan (or Case Closed as Funimation would call it due to licensing issues).

By the way, Hana Uzaki looked so cute while wearing glasses but anyway, let’s hope that they’ll have a great time in Tottori Prefecture on the next episode!

On second thought, it appears that some criminal is tailing them. I hope that Sakurai and Uzaki-chan are safe in Tottori.

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