Ore wo Suki nano wa Omae dake ka yo Episode #13

Let’s start with Amatsuyu “Joro” Kisaragi where he’ll have a fateful encounter with a beautiful girl on that baseball game…

That girl is actually Sumireko “Pansy” Sanshokuin, although Joro-kun couldn’t get her name until a year later. Anyways, this is the definite conclusion to Oresuki!

But first, let’s talk about Taiyo “Sun-chan” Oga where despite not being the protagonist, he has a story to tell where Sun-chan’s life is full of misery.

You see, Sun-chan is actually a reserved boy where he doesn’t get any friends despite being a talented pitcher.

But hey, at least Sun-chan has Tatsuo Shiba to back him up. After all, he’s the most-trusted catcher ever… until I realized that Shiba is actually an asshole who’s envious towards Oga’s success.

Heck, even in middle school he still berates Sun-chan that Shiba would rather have someone else as a pitcher other than Oga.

Of course, Taiyo realize that Tatsuo is a dickhead, but he didn’t call him out ’cause Oga is scared of being ostracized by his teammates.

Well that’s until Joro came along where he call Shiba out for his bullshit. Despite being physically-weak compared to those baseball players, Kisaragi can destroy their ego with harsh words alone.

Of course, Oga tries his tactic a few years later where Sun-chan lost pretty bad. Still, he remained friends with Joro-kun so everything’s all good.

Oh yeah, I’m gonna briefly talk about Taiyo “Sun-chan” Oga’s failed love life (or should I say still-born love life) where a certain character is in love with Joro-kun.

Come to think of it, I wonder if that girl is actually Sumireko “Pansy” Sanshokuin? I mean, she’s wearing braids back in middle school.

But now, let’s move onto the present where Amatsuyu “Joro” Kisaragi will have a showdown against Yasuo “Hose” Hazuki. The prize will be Sumireko “Pansy” Sanshokuin, but Joro-kun is pretty much at a disadvantage right now because Hose is the nice guy that he might have been the protagonist of this show.

So for the time being, he’ll take various errands just to stay away from Hose as soon as possible until he got the chance to turn things around.

Oh yeah, here’s Taiyo “Sun-chan” Oga where he saw his teammate Tatsuo Shiba going inside the stadium.

Gotta say that the animosity between these two are still there, but they can’t show it because they might disrupt the morale of their fellow students. I mean, Nishikizuta High School needs to qualify for the Summer Koshien tournament.

So let’s return to Joro-kun where he still helping strangers along the way. C’mon, Kisaragi needs to ease his mind when confronting Hazuki.

Of course, Joro-kun isn’t helping people by himself as he got help from Asaka “Sazanka” Mayama and the Charisma Group. But you know what, I think Amatsuyu Kisaragi should continue this routine until the baseball game is over.

But not for long because Luna “Tsukimi” Kusami manage to catch up with him. Oh Tsukimi, you sure want to help Hose to win his duel against Joro-kun, don’t you?

Things got worse when Hina “Asunaro” Hanetachi and Aoi “Himawari” Hinata capture him. Really, they sure want him to lose this crucial battle against Hose!

Speaking of Hose, he’s already here as Yasuo Hazuki is looking forward to challenge Amatsuyu Kisaragi to see who’s the better man to Sanshokuin.

Oh yeah, let’s talk about the rules where the person who has the most barrette clips wins the duel. No do-overs, no stealing of barrettes.

Gotta say that Amatsuyu Kisaragi is doomed from the start now that Yasuo Hazuki’s victory is in the bag. But you know what, there might be some spanner in the works ahead.

Now then, let’s move onto something different as Taiyo “Sun-chan” Oga and his teammates are having a heated battle against Toshobu High School’s baseball team. Y’know, the high school where Hazuki, Kusami, and Sakuraba enrolled there.

But yes, Nishikizuta is on the ropes against Toshobu as the latter is the favorite to win. Right now, both teams have zero runs so they’re trying to score a run to end the game.

Of course, Sun-chan and his team managed to stop Toshobu from scoring the run. Now, the only thing left to do is to score one against Toshobu.

Well, there’s Tatsuo Shiba who’s having the biggest pressure of scoring one base hit. If Shiba struck out, it might be over for Nishikizuta High School.

Fortunately, Tatsuo bunted the ball in which the infielders are scrambling to get the ball and tag him and his fellow runner out.

Sadly for Toshobu High School, Nishikizuta scored a run thanks to Tatsuo Shiba’s sacrificial bunt. Of course, this game is not over until the 9th inning.

Now then, it’s time for Nishikizuta High School to defend their lead against Toshobu High School as Sun-chan is ready to strike those batters out.

But first, Kimie “Tanpopo” Kamata gave Sun-chan a lucky hat that would help him during the bottom of the 9th inning.

Also, here’s Tatsuo Shiba where he wants to give something important to Taiyo Oga before the bottom of the inning.

It’s a keychain which has the picture of Hideo Nomo. I’m surprised that Shiba still has it, despite his claim that Oga’s keychain was lost forever back in elementary.

Regardless, I feel that Tatsuo still resents Sun-chan for being the favorite to every baseball coach, whereas he has to work tooth and nail to become a regular member.

But you know what, I feel they’ll reconcile once the game is over. For now, they need to win this important game in order to book their place at the national baseball tournament.

Let’s return to the confrontation between Amatsuyu “Joro” Kisaragi and Yasuo “Hose” Hazuki where the latter wants to propose the conditions on whoever loses the challenge.

Anyways, whoever loses the challenge will no longer talk to Sanshokuin nor her associates ever again. Basically, that loser is shunned and cancelled!

And here’s the thing about his proposal because Hose wants Joro-kun to fall down on his high horse and become a person non-grata to this crazy rom-com story.

Oh yeah, and Hazuki finally showed his true colors where he’s actually a jerkass, far worse than Kisaragi. Anyways, he’s gonna win this challenge.

But, it appears that Sakura “Cosmos” Akino and Aoi “Himawari” Hinata stop both Momo “Cherry” Sakurabara and Luna “Tsukimi” Kusami from giving their barrettes to Hose, as what they’re doing is not so different compared to what they did on the first arc. Y’know, the one where Sun-chan used their feelings to beat Joro-kun?

And considering that both Tsukimi and Cherry are in love with Hose, it doesn’t end well because Hose is using their feelings. Definitely an asshole right there!

Speaking of Sakuraba, looks like Cherry wants to confess to Joro-kun as she and Tsukimi are the one who sullied Pansy’s valuable book written by Natsume Souseki.

Yeah, I knew that they’re the one who ruined her book because Hose is in love with Pansy, which is why Cherry and Tsukimi wanted to ruin her life. Of course, they regretted it now.

With that said, Cherry decides to give her barrette to Joro-kun despite being in love with Hazuki, while Tsukimi gave one to Hose because she really loves him.

Still, this challenge ain’t over yet as Yasuo is still the favorite to win.

That’s until these girls came along where they’ll gonna give their barrettes to Joro-kun since he help them along the way.

Heck, even Sazanka and the Charisma Group are here to give their barrettes to Joro. In any case, looks like Joro is in the lead but not for long…

You see, Hose has a backup plan where he called his classmate to give their barrettes to him.

And really, what a cheeky bastard who used his charms to attract girls just to obliterate Joro-kun out of existence.

Well, this is the end of the road for Joro-kun as he’s trailing behind Hose with over 90 points. How will he make a comeback at this point?

Not until Sun-chan and Tanpopo shows up where they’re gonna help Joro-kun. Um Oga, what about the game? Have you and your teammates won over Toshobu?

Still, Oga and Kamata brought some girls to give their barrettes to Kisaragi. Of course, I want to know if Nishikizuta High School won their crucial baseball game.

Well then, let’s go back to that game where in the bottom of the 9th inning, Toshobu tries to tie or even make a walk-off homerun to win the game.

Unfortunately for Toshobu, Nishikizuta’s defense got their act together to stop them from scoring a run. Therefore, Nishikizuta won the game which books them for the Summer Koshien.

But anyways, looks like Joro-kun got the help he needed to beat Hose. Now, they’re all tied up with 98 barrettes so the only girl who hasn’t gave her barrette is Sumireko Sanshokuin.

And speaking of Pansy, she revealed her true form as Pansy is gonna choose which boy she’ll date with. If Pansy choose Hose, she’s just lying to herself.

So, Pansy choose Joro-kun as she really loves him dearly. Well, there goes the competition as Amatsuyu Kisaragi has won over Yasuo Hazuki.

Of course, Hose thought that his victory is in the bag, but it turns out that his plan to write Joro-kun off the story is ruined thanks to various interference.

Oh yeah and speaking of Hose, remember the time he said to Joro that the loser won’t talk to anyone who are acquainted to Pansy ever again?

Well, Pansy told Hose to buzz off as she doesn’t want to talk to him forever. Man, he should have wager that in the first place.

But there you go as Yasuo Hazuki is destroyed, both mentally and emotionally. The damage is too much for him to bear that Hose passed out and he’s being carried by Cherry and Tsukimi.

Seriously Hose, don’t underestimate Joro-kun ’cause you’ll lose everything in the end. Anyways, you suck Hazuki!

Now that Hose is out of the picture, it’s time for Joro-kun to respond to Pansy’s feelings. Not just Pansy, but every girl who confessed to him.

Of course, Amatsuyu Kisaragi can’t choose one girl over the other as he’ll rather have a harem of girls.

He can date President Cosmos on Mondays, Pansy on Thursdays, the list goes on… I guess he doesn’t want to hurt everyone’s feelings, which is why Joro wants to have the harem approach.

Unfortunately, all of them don’t agree to his proposal as their feelings were cheated. C’mon, they’re serious on dating Joro-kun but the man himself can’t choose one.

This includes Sazanka where she got very angry after mustering her courage to confess her feelings to him. But anyways, it’s game set for Kisaragi!

Afterwards, it’s time for Joro-kun to pay a visit to Chiharu Yoki’s stall as he bought lots of deep-fried skewers so he can share it with Sun-chan.

Um Joro-kun, sure that you bought lots of them from Tsubaki, but make sure you share those skewers to everybody and not just Sun-chan.

Anyways, Amatsuyu Kisaragi has arrived at the south exit where he’ll meet Taiyo Oga.

And unlike before where he exit the stadium in defeat, Sun-chan can finally leave in triumph now that his baseball team won the game.

Still, I’m worried that he might get a tummyache after eating lots of skewers. Joro-kun should have shared to his girls, but they’re still angry towards him.

But no matter, what’s important is that all’s well that ends well for both Kisaragi and Oga. I’m so happy that these bros conquered their greatest obstacle of their lives!

And now, let’s end this episode where Sumireko “Pansy” Sanshokuin appeared in her white dress. Even after pulling that stunt earlier, Pansy still loves Joro-kun.

As for Amatsuyu “Joro” Kisaragi, looks like he’ll start treating Pansy better now that he won the challenge over Yasuo Hazuki.

But that’s the end of Oresuki and man, it was an amazing ending in which Joro-kun conquered all odds to get the best girl! However, the novels are still ongoing that I really wish Oresuki will have another season.

For the time being, it’s time for Joro-kun and Pansy to get some grub at the convenience store, and then flirt all night long at Kisaragi’s house. Would it be better if he treat Sanshokuin to a family restaurant and then take her to a love hotel afterwards?

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