To Aru Kagaku no Railgun T Episode #23

Oh look, Seike is still alive but man, she won’t forget the day this Scavenger operative encountered Mikoto Misaka.

Well, the only thing left to do is for Naru and Yakumaru to pick Seike up. Oh and as for their Leader? She’s busy with other things…

…like convincing Mikoto Misaka that she and her Scavenger team are not working for the dark side, even though they’re clearing doing dirty jobs.

Heck, Leader brought a Judgment armband which she told Misaka that she’s part of that organization. Then again, I don’t think that Scavenger belonged to Judgment at all.

Meanwhile, looks like Mikoto Misaka got a call from Misaki Shokuhou, which is bad news for Scavenger as Misaki can expose and possibly control them.

Anyways, Shokuhou told Misaka that the research regarding the Doppelganger are being sent to an airship which is hidden in plain sight due to optical camouflage. So yeah, if Mikoto managed to destroy one facility, her efforts are in vain as the data are kept to a stealth blimp.

One more thing, she’s not gonna come here to help Misaka as Shokuhou is busy with other things, which is great for Leader as she won’t have to deal with another Level 5 esper.

However, she’s still in danger of being exposed as Leader shows a Gekota pin to Mikoto since she owns a Gekota cellphone. Man, she’s so desperate of not being obliterated by the Level 5 esper.

Fortunate for Leader, it appears that Mikoto Misaka believe her in which she felt a sigh of relief.

In any case, looks like Scavenger is safe from being destroyed by Railgun, although Misaka won’t forgive Seike for hurting Ryouko Kuriba.

Now then, let’s find Ryouko Kuriba’s doppelganger as Mikoto Misaka and the leader of Scavenger joined forces.

You know, this partnership is not good at all because I fear that Scavenger might backstab Misaka, which she’ll obliterate the quartet afterwards.

With that said, Kuriba’s cyborg clone has finally showed up as she just finished refueling up. Of course, she still looked unsettling due to Naru’s paper armor being attached to her body.

Anyways, Kuriba’s doppelganger doesn’t want outsiders interfering her as she throw a giant oil tank towards them.

Well then, time for Misaka to get out of here as she took Leader out of the oil refinery. C’mon, getting hit by a large tank is devastating!

Speaking of Leader, looks like she lost her face mask which is bad ’cause her identity will be exposed.

With that said, both Mikoto and Leader are safe, but the Doppelganger made a big mess as she trashed the entire facility. It would be worse if Kuriba’s clone destroyed the rest of Academy City.

And so, it’s time to come up with a plan to divert Kuriba’s clone into an area where no one will get hurt. Luckily, Leader told Mikoto that she and her friends will divert the Doppelganger into a warehouse. By the way, Scavenger will meet their client where the quartet will receive payment once they retrieve Ryouko Kuriba’s clone.

Unfortunately, the Doppelganger will run over the slums where Skill-Out resides there. And while these Level 0 troublemakers are hard to deal with, they’re still human beings who need to be saved.

Well then, there’s only one way to convince those punks to get out of the slums as we have Yakumaru…

…where she made a cute impression to those goons as Yakkun convince them to escape the slums. Gotta say that she’s good at acting.

Speaking of those Skill-Out goons, looks like Yakumaru’s acting has finally worked on them. Let’s hope that won’t get run over by Kuriba’s cyborg clone.

Now that Skill-Out has gone out of the slums, Scavenger and Mikoto Misaka won’t have to worry about casualties. Well, there will be more of them later.

On the other hand, looks like Naru is angry that someone beat Yakumaru up. Um Naru, Yakumaru is just acting okay?

Now let’s return to Mikoto Misaka where she’s still pursuing the Doppelganger. Of course, I have to say that seeing Mikoto skateboarding is awesome!

By the way, Kuriba’s cyborg clone has finally arrived at the warehouse, meaning that Scavenger has finally accomplished their mission.

However, they need their client to sign the transaction papers so that Leader and her friends won’t leave this place empty-handed. After all, Scavenger needed the money and reputation to become the biggest dark organization.

One more thing, their client can’t get away as Seike stopped the van using her friction-manipulation powers. Basically, the researcher’s hands are tied until she finally pay them up.

In any case, looks like Scavenger got the reward after coercing their client into signing the papers. What cheeky bitches they are!

Of course, the researcher can’t take the Doppelganger in its current state, but Leader and the rest doesn’t care about it.

In fact, they’ll rather get the money and leave their client behind once the deal is done. Now I’m really angry that Scavenger used their dirty tricks to get what they want.

Of course the next time they returned, Leader and the rest might get wrecked. Until then, they don’t care what happened to Academy City as long as they got the cash!

Now let’s return to Mikoto Misaka where she’s trying to stop Ryouko Kuriba’s doppelganger from wrecking the entire city.

While her Railgun managed to destroy a large chunk of her body, let’s not forget that the Doppelganger can regenerate. Then again, there’s a chance that the Doppelganger will possess Academy City’s infrastructure once her body is destroyed.

But speaking of the Doppelganger, I have to say that Ryouko Kuriba’s cyborg clone has no plans to take control of the entire city for the time being. In fact, she’s gonna wreck it…

…using her massive kaiju-size body of course. Well, the only way to beat the Doppelganger is to destroy the core. Then again, Kuriba’s clone will come back thanks to her undying soul. If only Esther Rosenthal would seal her up.

Well then, we’re reaching the ending of this 3rd season of To Aru Kagaku no Railgun. Let’s hope that Mikoto Misaka will save Academy City this time.

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