Maou Gakuin no Futekigousha Episode #11

Well everyone, looks like Anos Voldigoad and his allies will be taking on the elite students of Hero Academy. Of course, Anos will throw another Jio Graze that would knock those heroes down.

However, the reincarnated heroes won’t just go down so easily as they put up a powerful De Igelia barrier that would stop Anos’ destructive ball from crashing down.

Then again, the true Demon Lord of Tyranny will overpower those heroes despite being descendants of Kanon.

On the other hand, looks like someone destroyed Anos’ Jio Graze with a flurry of slashes until his destructive ball is cut into a shower of meteors. Looks like one of the elite students have finally showed up.

And it’s this girl who’s not Eleonore Bianca, but rather a completely-different character named Zeshia Kanon Ijaysica. Wait, isn’t that Diego’s daughter since she inherited the Ijaysica family name in addition to being Kanon’s descendant?

Anyways, Zeshia is Rank 1 of the Hero Academy as she wields the Holy Sword of Light Enhale, although it doesn’t hold a candle to Evansmana when it comes to power.

Well then, time for this battle to begin as Laos Kanon Jilfor goes on the offensive as he uses Cyphio to fire a barrage of holy light.

However, there’s Sasha Necron where she dodges Laos’ attacks and proceeds to attack one of the elite students in a roundabout way.

And speaking of Laos Kanon Jilfor, he noticed that his school badge that enables him to casts powerful magic has gone missing.

Oh and here’s Sasha Necron where she has Laos’ school badge. What a cheeky little girl, she stole his badge just to troll him.

But not for long as Laos Kanon Jilfor used Garewford to force Sasha to let go of his school badge.

In any case, Laos got the advantage as he finally retrieve his magic-infused school badge. Looks like he’s gonna beat one of the demons… or is it?

Well, this happened where Laos is coughing blood for some unexplained reason.

And then he fell down after this elite student casts Birdesd which will encapsulate Sasha until she’s boxed in and dies. Unfortunately for Laos, he can’t kill Sasha ’cause he went down.

Oh and here’s the thing though as Sasha used poison magic on Laos’ school badge, which he’s slowly dying until his body can’t take the venom.

Well then, looks like Sasha Necron has won over Laos Kanon Jilfor. Still, there’s 3 more elite students that needs to be defeated.

Now let’s move onto Lay Glanzudlii where he’s gonna use Sigshesta against Heine Kanon Iorg.

However, Lay will have a tough time defeating Heine as he’s wielding two swords, Zele and Zeleo. Seriously, are these people considered heroes when they’re out for blood against those demons?

Anyways, these two swords can inflict lingering damage on demons such as a putting a stigma on a wound, which makes healing magic ineffective as seen with Revest Aynie where he almost died if it wasn’t for Anos’ help.

Then again, that doesn’t matter for Lay Glanzudlii as he chopped one of Heine’s arms. Well, Heine Kanon Iorg will just restore his chopped left arm since he’s Kanon’s descendant after all.

On the other hand, looks like Lay got a hold of Heine’s two swords and while Heine has absolute control of both Zele and Zeleo, that’s not the case as these two swords chose Lay as a worthy owner.

Well then, looks like this pint-sized elite student is just begging for mercy towards a demon. Unfortunately for Lay Glanzudlii, he doesn’t buy Heine Kanon Iorg’s plea as he sees this hero as nothing but a disappointment to Kanon’s legacy.

And so, we got two heroes down now that Heine is out of the picture. Let’s say that he didn’t survive being cut in half by Lay.

Now all that’s left is both Ledriano Kanon Azeschen and Zeshia Kanon Ijaysica where they’ll receive energy from the entire populace of Gairadite. That’s 10 million people lending their energy to their heroes.

But instead of forming a spirit bomb, Ledriano and Zeshia will just power themselves up which they will overwhelm Anos Voldigoad.

Of course, Anos got a power boost as well as he receives energy from his loyal fan club. Then again, Anos only have a few people supporting him, whereas Ledriano and Zeshia are being supported by the entire human race.

Not until I realized that Anos’ loyal fans are genuinely cheering him on with songs of praises, compared to the entire population of Azeshion where they just support the heroes because they hate demons.

Well, looks like his fan club are a force to be reckoned with as they have undying devotion to Anos Voldigoad!

But, Zeshia has decided to blow herself up using Gavuel, which is bad for everyone who got caught up with the explosion.

While Anos will survive, he’s concerned about Zeshia’s well-being that Anos warned her that it’s futile to use that spell.

But since he can’t let anyone getting killed by a large explosion, Anos Voldigoad got a hold of her source to stop Zeshia Kanon Ijaysica from blowing herself up.

Oh and here’s the thing though as when Anos hold Zeshia’s source, he heard Eleonore’s voice as she told the demon lord to head to the shrine.

But since Anos has his hands full, he let Misha take care of it.

By the way, here’s Ledriano Kanon Azeschen where he just sits there doing nothing after failing to kill Anos Voldigoad by sacrificing one of his fellow heroes.

Man Ledriano, you suck as Kanon’s descendant and as a human being!

Now then, let’s focus on Misha Necron where she went to the shrine and try to save Eleonore Bianca from imprisonment or whatever threatens her.

However, it appears that the door leading to the deepest parts of the shrine has suddenly opened and Misha got blinded by the holy light.

Oh, and Diego Kanon Ijaysica stabbed Misha Necron in the back, which he finally showed his true colors that Diego absolutely hates demons.

Really Diego, if you really hate demons so much, why don’t you just start a war against Avos Dilhevia you asshat of a hero!

Fortunately, Anos Voldigoad has arrived and he’s really pissed that Misha got hurt pretty badly.

And consider that Emilia Ludowell hurt Izabella back in Ep. 7, I have to say that Diego Kanon Ijaysica will suffer a lot at the hands of Anos Voldigoad where the Demon Lord of Tyranny shows no mercy.

But first, he needs to save Misha Necron’s life since Anos doesn’t want to lose her. Glad that he saved Misha in the nick of time.

Now then, it’s time for Anos Voldigoad to punish Diego Kanon Ijaysica in the most horrible way possible. And really, Anos hated Diego for not only projecting his hatred to his students, but also hurting his best friend Misha.

Hell, Anos even transform the headmaster into a monster, which further shows that Diego is more of a demon than a human who uphold Kanon’s legacy. Not like Diego really followed it at all since the real Hero Kanon was killed.

Well then, let’s finish this as Anos Voldigoad got a hold of his magic source, which he can kill Diego Kanon Ijaysica by crushing it.

Oh yeah, and Anos told Diego that Hero Kanon has seven magic sources so he can’t die even one of his sources got crushed. Of course, given that Hero Kanon was not fully-reincarnated since he was murdered, Anos is truly disappointed that his descendants didn’t follow his legacy at all.

With that said, that’s the end of Diego Kanon Ijaysica as he’s dead. Still, we don’t know who really killed Kanon after defeating Anos Voldigoad 2,000 years ago.

Meanwhile, looks like Misha Necron’s wounds are fully-healed thanks to Anos removing the stigma from her body.

On the other hand, there’s a question on what happened to Zeshia since he still got her magic source. Did he just put it back to her body? I guess we’ll never know.

Now then, next episode will have Anos Voldigoad ask important questions to Eleonore Bianca where it’s revealed that she’s the manifestation of magic.

But since this show has 2 more episodes to go, I fear that SILVER LINK will cram her explanation regarding the world after the war.

Also, let’s not forget that Avos Dilhevia is still around that he’s plotting something back home. Oh I hope that everything will be fine!

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