Sword Art Online: Alicization Episode #47

Well guys and girls, it’s the final episode of Sword Art Online: Alicization where Kazuto Kirigaya pick up his phone as Rinko Koujiro told him that Alice Synthesis Thirty went missing.

Oh I hope that Alice wasn’t kidnapped nor went on a killing spree. I mean, she’s a robot after all.

On the other hand, looks like Kirito got a package where he didn’t order anything. Ugh, I hope it’s not a bomb or anything that might endanger him and his family.

Regardless, Kirito took the package and open it where he was surprised at its contents.

Turns out that Alice Schuberg is inside the box… completely naked! Okay Alice, how the fuck did you get inside there undetected?

Anyways, looks like Alice will have to stay at the Kirigaya residence for the time being.

Of course, Alice is very mad towards Kirito as she didn’t get the chance to talk to him after being transported to the real world via the World’s End Altar.

But now that the dust has settled in the Underworld, I think they’ll have a nice chat between Kirito and Alice.

Except that the only way for them to talk is to have a sword fight at the family-owned dojo. Great idea to use actions rather than words to get their message across!

Well, that didn’t go well for both of them as their shinai got broken. And while Alice Synthesis Thirty claimed that she won, I would say that this match is a draw.

Now then, looks like Kazuto will have an important talk with his step-father where he wants his son to succeed by going to college and have a successful career. Heck, his father expects Kazuto to study abroad.

However, Kazuto decides to change his plan by enrolling at Toto Institute of Technology as he wants to take electrical engineering. Of course, Kazuto won’t work with Rath in the future.

With that said, I’m glad that Kirito will enroll at a university where Tetsuhiro Shigemura used to teach there.

Moving onto the next scene where Alice received a message from an unknown sender. Unfortunately, she didn’t receive it via a phone as Alice got the message via her built-in e-mail box since she’s a robot after all.

Oh and she needs to print it out since Alice can’t just say it out loud. Glad that there are printers in this science-fiction novels.

Anyways, Kirito received a cryptic message where it says the names of the rooms from the Central Cathedral.

However, Yui and Alice decode the message where it corresponds to the floor level. For example, the Senate is located on the 96th floor.

With that said, time for convert the floor names into numbers as Kirito write it down…

…until it’s revealed to be an IP address which might be the path to the Underworld.

Then again, I’m skeptical on whether this address will lead to Alice’s homeworld or a trap that was devised by someone who hates Kirito.

Well then, let’s find out as Kirito, Asuna, and Alice went to Rath’s main office as they’re gonna use the Soul Translator once again.

Of course, Rinko Koujiro feared that Kirito and his friends might not come back again since she’s skeptical if the IP address will lead them to the Underworld.

With that said, the trio dive in where they arrive in space. Okay, where’s the Underworld?

Oh there it is, but it appears that the Human Empire is illuminated. Could it be that civilization has evolved for the Fluctlights?

Then again, I’m shocked that what I’m seeing is space fighters flying away from some monster. Damn, the Fluctlights from the Underworld have evolved!

Of course, the Underworld was supposed to be deleted, right? Don’t tell me that Akihiko Kayaba has managed to save the Underworld from destruction, right after Kirito’s Fluctlight has done his duties to protect it?

On the other hand, it appears that the space fighters are being piloted by Tiese Schtrinen and Ronye Arabel.

Then again, it could be their descendants as they’re named Stica Schtrinen and Laurannei Arabel, which I bet that they don’t remember Kirito and/or Eugeo.

Oh yeah, they’re fighting against this space beast known as the Abyssal Horror.

Okay, this Underworld has turned sci-fi after Kirito and his allies defeated Gabriel Miller and Vassago Casals. Of course, I wonder what happened to the denizens from the Dark Territory?

No matter, let’s finish this Abyssal Horror in the most spectacular way possible. Let’s start with Kirito where his Night Sky Sword has turned into a giant laser sword.

And really, I feel that Kirito will solve everything with one giant swing of his sword.

Except that the Abyssal Horror is still alive even though Kirito inflicted massive damage against the space beast.

Fortunately, there’s Asuna where she uses Stacia’s powers to stop the space beast.

Then again, she just summoned an aurora but that’s until I realized that Asuna is not playing around with a magic trick.

You see, the aurora shoots out a meteor which creates a gaping hole at the Abyssal Horror. Of course, this space beast is still standing.

Well then, looks like Alice Synthesis Thirty will have to finish it off as she raises her Fragrant Olive Sword to create a powerful sacred art.

And as you can see right here, the Abyssal Horror is completely destroyed as its cells can’t regenerate anymore.

Well, looks like the Fluctlights won’t have to deal with that space beast anymore now that Kirito and his friends have taken care of it.

Of course, both Stica Schtrinen and Laurannei Arabel are stunned that a black swordsman and his two companions destroyed a space beast.

Until Stica and Laurannei realized that it was Kirito, Asuna, and Alice who rescued them from the Abyssal Horror.

For Laurannei Arabel, she’s happy that Kirito has returned after he disappeared for a long time.

Wait, did Ronye and her descendants forgot that Kirito existed in the Underworld for 200 years? I mean, Takeru Higa didn’t delete his Fluctlight even though Kirito told him to delete everything.

One last thing, looks like Eugeo has returned for one last time and man, I wish he’s revived since Eugeo can’t stay as a spirit forever.

But for Stica Schtrinen however, she’s happy to see his spirit. Well, I’m done with the Alicization Arc!

But seriously, how come the Underworld has changed over the span of 200 or more years? And who sent Alice the encrypted IP address that lead her back to the Underworld?

Well, we got some answers sort of as we finally found Niemon, now lying under the seabed. Hm, something tells me that this robot decided to get out of the Ocean Turtle and sink into the ocean.

Of course, Niemon houses the spirit of Akihiko Kayaba which begs the question on what happened to his soul.

However, it appears that Niemon grabbed this internet cable which implies that Kayaba’s soul went into the Underworld and save it from destruction. Heck, I bet that Akihiko-san sent the encrypted IP address to Alice Schuberg. You know what, I’m done watching the entire Alicization Arc and it was one hell of a roller-coaster ride after more than 2 years of suffering.

Now, I have to say that this story arc isn’t perfect as there are many bad parts like that almost-rape scene from Episode 10, as well as having two screw-loose mercenaries like Gabriel Miller and Vassago Casals who decided to murder everyone in the Underworld for fun rather than getting the job done. Seriously, Glowgen Defense Systems should have employed a competent squad leader in order to complete the mission, but they’re doomed to fail when a murder-obsessed Gabriel Miller is leading the squad since he has a bigger stake at the company.

However, there are some good parts like Kirito learning the Underworld together with Eugeo during the 1st quarter of the story, as well as confronting Quinella who is far more competent that Nobuyuki Sugou. C’mon, Quinella is capable of leading the Integrity Knights to crush Gabriel, Vassago, and those intruders from the real world if she didn’t got drunk with power or having her plans ruined by Kirito and Eugeo. Of course, I’m not praising Quinella since she made some questionable decisions that almost endanger the Human Empire.

Oh yeah, and about the important characters in the Alicization Arc? While Alice Schuberg has grown a lot from being an Integrity Knight into a fine woman who knows compassion, I would say that Eugeo is the best character that Kirito can have.

Anyways, I’m gonna leave you right here as while the Alicization Arc might be the better story arc than Fairy Dance, it’s not even great when compared to Mother’s Rosario. I mean, I’m still confused on its ending by the way.

Of course, Sword Art Online won’t end with the Alicization Arc as Reki Kawahara’s epic light novel series will have more stories to tell, from Moon Cradle and Unital Ring, to a retelling of the Aincrad Arc through Asuna’s perspective. Oh well, I guess I won’t get off of Kawahara’s ride for the time being.

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