22/7 Episode #13

Well everyone, I have to say that 22/7 is finally back after a brief hiatus. But while everyone is happy that 8 girls have returned to the stage…

…there’s more room for growth as the idol group can’t stick with just 8 members alone. Oh boy, I can’t wait for it!

With that said, Nanabun no Nijyuuni was reinstated by Production GIP thanks to everyone’s desire to have the idol group return to the stage.

On the other hand, it appears that The Wall is fully-repaired after Miu Takigawa and Ayaka Tachikawa wreck the entire thing.

Then again, I still won’t forgive The Wall and the entire talent company for spying the girls before scouting them. Seriously, that was horrible from Production GIP.

One more thing, it seems that there are uninvited guests inside The Wall Room as everyone is shocked that these intruders are wearing their uniform. What’s going on?

Well, Aoi Gouda has arrive to explain everything to them as The Wall has selected 3 more girls to join Nanabun no Nijyuuni. C’mon, The Wall’s orders are absolute y’know!

Anyways, these girls are named Mikami Kamiki, Yuki Toujou, and Tsubomi Hiragi in that order. So yeah, 22/7 now has 11 members which is great news!

Except for Miyako Kouno where she prefer to have 8 members rather than adding more. For Miyako, she’ll be less important as the new members get more attention.

I understand on what Kouno fears but you know what, let’s see how the group will handle those new members…

Well, how about they invite those 3 girls for a Chirstmas party at Miyako’s apartment where the host will make okonomiyaki as per tradition.

And sure that they have fried chicken and a Chirstmas cake, nothing beats Miyako Kouno’s special okonomiyaki. Yeah, it still looked tasty!

However, Tsubomi Hiragi wants to add tapioca balls onto the okonomiyaki, take a picture, and post it on Instagram. Okay, that won’t taste good.

Heck, even Miyako Kouno doesn’t want Tsubomi Hiragi to add tapioca balls ’cause it’s disgusting.

Oh I hope that there won’t be any animosity between her and the newbies. Besides, tapioca balls are suited for milk tea, not okonomiyaki.

Meanwhile, both Miu Takigawa and Nicole Saitou went outside to buy some drinks. Then again, would it be better if they wear something a bit warmer since it’s cold outside?

Of course, they discuss about the idol group where Miu is worried that there will be animosity within 22/7. However, Nicole told Miu that even though everyone is striving to become the center of the group, she wants Takigawa to become the core that unites the rest of Nanabun no Nijyuuni.

On the other hand, it appears that the newbies aren’t just invited to join 22/7 as the likes of Yuki Toujou have their own challenges that they must conquer.

Then again, I wish Yuki and the rest will have an episode of their own, but that depends on whether A-1 Pictures will make Season 2.

Now then, looks like Miu Takigawa and Nicole Saitou have returned to Miyako Kouno’s apartment where they brought some drinks for everybody.

Also, Miu bought some snacks which will not be used as ingredients for okonomiyaki… or could be?

Turns out that Miyako decides to add more ingredients such as rice cakes, cheese, and Baby Star noodle snacks into the mix.

And as you can see, Miyako is putting those ingredients to make a unique okonomiyaki.

Not sure if this would taste good but you know what, it’s better than tapioca balls. But hey, it’s nice to see Kouno putting some spin on the okonomiyaki.

With that said, looks like Nanabun no Nijyuuni had a great Christmas party at Miyako Kouno’s place. I hope that all 11 members got to know each other during that time.

One last thing, looks like 22/7 will have a special concert where fans will be amazed on that the idol group will have 3 new members.

Oh yeah, it appears that Sakura Fujima’s parents are here which I was wondering if they’re gonna take her daughter back to the United States. Then again, it’ll be reserved for some other time.

But that’s about it for this special episode. Now, I like how they added 3 more girls into group but I really wish that there’s another season where I wanna see 22/7 grow even further.

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