Maou Gakuin no Futekigousha Episode #13

Well, let’s talk about what happened to Hero Kanon after being murdered by his own teacher Jerga.

While some say that he’ll never be reincarnated, it appears that Kanon found a way to circumvent it as he feared that Jerga’s hatred will go out of control once Anos Voldigoad is reincarnated.

So, he used Evansmana to alter Anos’ fate, thus he’ll never reincarnated 2,000 years later. And in its place, Avos Dilhevia was created by Kanon so that Jerga and his followers will focus their hatred on the bogus demon lord.

Of course, Kanon’s plan didn’t work out in the end as Anos Voldigoad is reincarnated anyway.

Now then, it’s time for the final episode as Anos Voldigoad will have to stop Lay Glanzudlii (or Kanon) once and for all.

However, this reincarnated hero/demon won’t just lose to Anos because Kanon has 7 magic sources, meaning that he can’t be killed easily.

Except that Kanon couldn’t match Anos Voldigoad in terms of sheer magic power. I guess his time spent on sword training wasn’t enough as Kanon’s source is getting destroyed one by one.

Still, Kanon is not a quitter as the legendary hero moves forward. Man, he’s one stubborn hero as Anos tries to destroy him.

That’s until Kanon stabs Anos’ source with his holy sword Evansmana. That’s gonna kill the Demon Lord of Tyranny for sure.

Oh, and it appears that they change clothes where Kanon wears his hero armor, while Anos took the garment of the impostor demon lord.

Well, what a twist there as Anos Voldigoad took his place back as the true Demon Lord of Tyranny, but not like this.

Hell, even both Sasha and Misha Necron can’t believe that Anos Voldigoad sacrifice his own life yet again to bring peace across the world. Dammit, why does he have to die?

One more thing, he give back the Mishence Necklace to Kanon as Anos doesn’t want him to die, especially when Misa Ilioroagu is waiting for him.

And so, the Demon Lord of Tyranny has fallen in battle, but he promised to everyone that he’ll return in the future.

But yes, the war between Azeshion and Dilhade did not happen as Anos Voldigoad died to achieve peace.

Well, the only man who doesn’t want peace is Diego Kanon Ijaysica where he still wants to kill demons. Then again, something’s wrong with him.

In fact, Diego’s maddened soul, plus the souls of everyone in Azeshion, has manifested itself to create a powerful sacred magic.

Oh and here’s the result as Jerga Kanon rises from the dead where he’ll finish obliterating all demons, something he failed to do 2,000 years ago.

Seriously, Jerga’s motivation to kill demons is nothing more than a petty grudge towards Anos Voldigoad where he receive a humiliating loss. And even if he succeed on killing all demons, humanity will eventually turn against each other.

Anyways, Jerga decides to blow everything up by using the Zeshia clones, something that Eleonore Bianca doesn’t want it to happen because she wants those clones to live.

You know what, it’s time to stop Jerga’s madness as Ivis Necron is here to perform one powerful spell….

…by combining both Sasha and Misha Necron into a powerful entity. Of course, I hope that they can still split into two once it’s over

But here’s the combined version of both Misha and Sasha Necron (or MiSasha) as they’re gonna stop the Zeshia clones from blowing up.

All they need to do is to bind Jerga’s magic circle with chains. However, it’s not enough to stop those clones from using Gavuel.

Well, it seems that Eleonore Bianca can’t stop her children from blowing themselves up. But seriously, Jerga will not only destroy the demons but also humans as well.

That’s until Gavuel is dispelled as a giant demon magic circle is hovering across the land. Even Jerga is not amused that someone throw a spanner to his plan.

Oh and he’s gonna get pissed even more when Jerga found out that a certain demon lord is alive, almost as if he cheated death.

Anyways, Anos Voldigoad has returned from the dead as he used a nifty magic trick called Agronemut which uses the enemy’s attack to revive its source.

Well, looks like there’s no need to wait 2 millenniums for his return.

Of course, Jerga is very eager to kill the Demon Lord of Tyranny with his own two spiritual hands as he amplifies Asc to let humans pour more energy to him, almost to the point that they’re getting insane.

God, enough with this bullshit as no one desires for war, but you do because you can’t take the L gracefully!

And so, Jerga is in true final boss mode as he’s suited up in gold armor to crush Anos Voldigoad. Man, what will Anos do now?

Why he ask his fan club to sing about love and peace as Anos uses Asc to not only increases his power, but also rewrites the sacred magic spell to nullify Jerga’s hatred of demons.

Of course, Jerga Kanon doesn’t want to let Anos Voldigoad ruin everything as he summoned a bunch of knives to kill every single demon.

Oh, and humans too because it’s not like Jerga cares about them anyway.

Fortunately, Eleonore Bianca is here to protect the demons as she told them to run away. Of course, the demons can’t retreat just because they’re told to do so.

Instead, the demons have decided to help the humans by taking them to a castle built by Melheis Boran. See, they don’t desire for war as they want to co-exist.

Also, Hero Kanon has arrived to stop his teacher as he cuts Jerga’s legs. Then again, Jerga is one stubborn asshole who refused to give up until all demons are murdered.

In any case, time to end this as Anos Voldigoad and Kanon are ready to slay Jerga once and for all. Gotta say that they looked badass together!

Oh yeah and they manage to slay Jerga by poking his forehead with their swords. Still, Jerga’s hatred against demons will remain even after death.

But you know what, I think the only way to exorcise his soul is to give a Mishence Necklace to Jerga.

You see, that necklace is very important to his mother, although Jerga forgot about it ever since he began harboring hatred towards Anos Voldigoad.

But thanks to Anos and Kanon, looks like Jerga’s soul is finally put to rest…

…as the war between humans and demons are finally over. Well, that was spectacular and it goes to show that humans and demons can live together in peace.

Of course, now that Avos Dilhevia is gone even though that phony demon lord doesn’t exist, there’s a question on what’s gonna happen to both Anos Voldigoad and Kanon.

I mean, is Kanon gonna stay in Dilhade as Lay Glanzudlii, while Anos remain as a misfit in Demon Lord Academy forever? Then again, I guess those questions will remain unanswered until Kadokawa decided to have another season of this show.

For now, everyone is happy that Anos Voldigoad has returned as Sasha and Misha Necron are happy to see him again. C’mon, Anos can’t die so easily.

Also, looks like Kanon or should I say Lay Glanzudlii is reunited with Misa Ilioroagu. Good thing he didn’t get the death flag after proposing to her.

One more thing, Eleonore Bianca’s life is saved as Anos Voldigoad by forming a contract with her, thus he has the authority to use her magic.

Then again, Anos doesn’t want to abuse Eleonore since he has to take care of her along with dozens of Zeshia clones.

Now then, let’s end this episode as Izabella is happy to see her son once again after his trip to Azeshion. Of course, Anos’ mother will be surprised that he brought another guest.

This time, it’s Eleonore Bianca where he recently form a contract with her. Of course, Anos is not gonna take her as a bride yet.

But that doesn’t stop Izabella as she’s really happy that Anos has 3 brides. Oh Izabella…

Let’s not forget about Gusta where he’s also happy that Anos’ harem is growing. Seriously, glad that he has such amazing parents!

And that concludes Maou Gakuin no Futekigousha as they live happily ever after… until Season 2 comes around.

Well, I have nothing to say about this show, other than seeing Anos Voldigoad kicking ass and taking names throughout the entire series. Anyways, I hope I’ll see Anos again someday!

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