Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These Episode #18

Well everyone, it appears that the Lippstadt Nobles Coalition are inside the Geiersburg Fortress as Duke Otho von Braunschweig rallied his supporters to crush the Lohengramm-Lichtenlade Axis.

Of course, how will they destroy Marquis Reinhard von Lohengramm since he and his men took control of Odin?

Well, Admiral Staden had an idea of sending a detached force to reclaim Odin while Marquis Lohengramm and his fleet are busy fighting the Lippstadt forces in Geiersburg.

There, they could capture Kaiser Erwin Josef von Goldenbaum II and force him to declare the marquis as a traitor to the Galactic Empire. While it’s a great idea on paper, I doubt that it’ll work out.

Heck, even Commander-in-Chief Willibald Joachim von Merkatz felt preposterous about Staden’s plans as he told Lieutenant Commander Bernhard von Schneider that it’s doomed to fail and it’ll be a hard lesson for those noblemen.

Then again, their egos won’t even learn from their mistakes as the nobles will blame someone for it. Honestly, the Lippstadt Nobles Coalition won’t last long despite their large size.

Anyways, let’s proceed with the Lippstadt War as Wolfgang Mittermeyer and his fleet encountered the combined forces of both Admiral Staden and Count Hildesheim at the Altena Starzone.

Once they encounter the Lippstadt forces, the Mittermeyer Fleet created a minefield that would force their enemies to make a detour, all while traversing the minefields like a needle in order to expose the backs of both Staden and Hildesheim Fleets.

And really, Admiral Mittermeyer is a genius when it comes to fast and sneaky tactics as he ordered his men to fire their cannons.

And the results is quite devastating as both the Staden and Hildesheim Fleets can’t return fire as their backs are exposed. Oh and there’s additional damage when they triggered the minefield.

Unfortunately for the Lippstadt forces, it appears that they’ve split where Admiral Staden and his remaining forces retreated to Rentenberg Fortress, leaving Count Hildesheim and his fleet completely destroyed.

Well, I have to say that they shouldn’t mess with the Mittermeyer Fleet when it comes to setting up traps.

Now then, the only thing left to do is to capture the Rentenberg Fortress as both Mittermeyer and Reuenthal Fleets have arrived to seize control of it.

Of course, capturing the fortress would be very tedious as they’ll resort to melee weapons and slaughter everyone inside Rentenberg.

While they can use guns, it’s not advisable as there’s Seffle Particles inside the fortress, meaning that firing a laser weapon would blow up the entire fortress.

Also, I forgot to mention that the panzergrenadiers inside Rentenberg Fortress are lead by one ruthless commander named Ovlesser, the high admiral who guard the fortress with his battle axe.

Oh, and he has something to tell towards Commander-in-Chief Lohengramm that he doesn’t deserve to own the entire Imperial Space Fleet.

Also, High Admiral Ovlesser mocked the commander-in-chief as well as his sister for deceiving Kaiser Friedrich IV with their beauty. That was scathing coming from Ovlesser.

So much that Reinhard von Lohengramm lose temper as he ordered his men to capture him alive. Well then, it appears that High Admiral Ovlesser made his own death flag.

Yet, High Admiral Ovlesser is still standing as he proceeds to chop every intruder with his trusty axe. Someone needs to stop him as soon as possible.

Well, it appears that these two panzergrenadiers have volunteered to fight against High Admiral Ovlesser. Who are these two soldiers?

Why it’s none other than Oskar von Reuenthal and Wolfgang Mittermeyer where these two admirals will stop Ovlesser with their swords, although I doubt that they’ll outlast a ruthless Neanderthal like Ovlesser.

But you know what, they only way to beat High Admiral Ovlesser is to outmaneuver him with traps.

Sure that their methods are dishonorable, but that’s the only way to beat Ovlesser as neither Reuenthal nor Mittermeyer have the strength to fight him head-on.

With that said, looks like these two admirals managed to drop Ovlesser into a pool of radioactive material.

I don’t think Ovlesser would survive given that it’s powering up the fortress, therefore his armor and body would melt right away.

Except that this material didn’t melt his body, rather it freezes his armor until Ovlesser can’t move. And with that, Rentenberg Fortress has been capitulated.

But we’re not done yet as while Ovlesser was taken prisoner, Commander-in-Chief Lohengramm has some plans for him.

You see, Vice-Admiral Paul von Oberstein ordered High Admiral Ovlesser to return to Geiersburg Fortress as an envoy to Marquis Lohengramm’s forces.

You know something, this won’t end well should Reinhard von Lohengramm choose Ovlesser as his delegate as he’ll surely be branded as a traitor by the Lippstadt Nobles Coalition.

But anyways, High Admiral Ovlesser returned to Geiersburg Fortress, only to be captured by the Lippstadt soldiers as Duke Braunschweig ordered his execution.

And speaking of Otho von Braunschweig, this duke won’t even give second chances to anyone who failed to get Reinhard’s severed head, as well as traitors like Ovlesser.

Of course, Ovlesser felt that he got fooled by Marquis Lohengramm as he pleads for mercy. Not like the duke would listen to him anyway.

And so, Ovlesser was shot in the abdomen. Then again, this high admiral won’t go down without a fight.

In fact, he managed to throw an Imperial soldier with one hand. It’s no wonder why everyone feared him when it comes to hand-to-hand combat.

But ultimately, High Admiral Ovlesser was killed when Commodore Ansbach shoot him in the head. Not a great way to end his life.

Unfortunately for the Lippstadt Nobles Coalition, it’s gonna be hard for them to stage a counter-offensive now that the Lohengramm-Lichtenlade Axis occupied Rentenberg.

Honestly, I feel that losing the Rentenberg Fortress would fuel animosity among nobles within the coalition. It won’t be long before Marquis Reinhard von Lohengramm and his fleet would obliterate them.

One last thing, it appears that High Admiral Siegfried Kircheis encountered a merchant ship from Fezzan as they ask for supplies. Sounds normal, right?

And while High Admiral Kircheis will offer them food and medicine, little did he know that the Fezzan merchant ship contained followers from the Earth Cult. Still, I wonder where that merchant ship heading to?

Anyways, I’ll see you next time and while the Lohengramm-Lichtenlade Axis achieve a major victory, the civil war within the Free Planets Alliance is started to heat up.

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