Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club Episode #01

Well everyone, I would like to introduce you to Setsuna Yuki as she performs “CHASE” in Odaiba. You gonna love her passionate performance!

In fact, the protagonist known as Yuu Takasaki is mesmerized by Setsuna’s powerful voice and energetic dance that she wants to see this school idol up-close. Also, the stage is burning by the way, but that’s just her imagination.

Well everyone, this is where Yuu’s journey begins on this brand-new anime show from the Love Live! franchise, based on the School Idol Festival All-Stars mobile phone game.

Oh yeah, she’s joined by Ayumu Uehara where they finally found the school idol club in Nijigasaki High School, which modeled after Tokyo Big Sight.

Now the only thing left to do is to meet Setsuna Yuki inside the clubroom.

However, the school council president named Nana Nakagawa told them that the school idol club is disbanded, meaning that Yuu and Ayumu can’t see Setsuna ever again.

And really, what a shame that the school idol club has shut down. But why would it just left there to fizzle out? I have a feeling that there’s some disagreements among its members.

Of course, Takasaki won’t give up as she plans to revive the school idol club. Then again, Yuu is not the girl who’s suitable to be a school idol ’cause she’s more like a producer to me.

Oh yeah, and Yuu Takasaki is not the only one as Ayumu Uehara wants to revive the school idol club as well.

You see, Ayumu has the potential to be an amazing school idol as she performed “Dream with you” at the stairway. Also, notice that she’s wearing a cute dress on this sequence.

Then again, it’s just Yuu’s imagination as Ayumu is wearing her uniform most of the time. Still, it was a great performance by Uehara!

Well then, that was an amazing first episode of Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club. Despite the change of aesthetics, I’m truly happy that Nijigasaki got an anime show and they did it with style like Setsuna Yuki’s solo performance.

Of course, this is just the beginning of the show as Yuu Takasaki and Ayumu Uehara will have to bring back the school idol club on the next episode.


Also, this girl named Kasumi Nakasu is angry that the club is disbanded and she blamed Nana Nakagawa for it. Let’s hope that KasuKasu Kasumin won’t destroy the world!

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