Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka? Bloom Episode #01

Hey everyone, this is Tippy as he’s just sipping iced coffee on a hot summer day. Oh yeah, and GochiUsa is back for a 3rd season which I’m very happy!

Anyways, the girls are here as Chino Kafuu and the rest went outside to do some shopping. You see, they want to make summer uniforms for Rabbit House since it’s hot outside.

Then again, would it be better if Chino-chan ask a tailor to make one? I guess she and the rest want to make uniforms by themselves.

After they spend their day shopping for materials, Cocoa Hoto stumbled upon Rabbit House’s storage room where she found old items. A few of them are actually sentimental to Chino-chan.

And this is where Cocoa got an idea of selling those old items at a bazaar for some quick bucks. I mean, buying materials to make clothes isn’t cheap after all.

On second thought, it appears that they might not sell anything as Rize Tedeza and Chino Kafuu are looking a bit awkward at the bazaar. Looks like they need some help.

Fortunately, Chiya Ujimatsu is here to help the girls as she shows how to sell a project… with a cherry on top. It’s very effective to sell a product with a smile on her face.

Oh and it’s not just Chiya-chan, but also Sharo Kirima and Cocoa Hoto where they manage to sell products while being friendly to the customers. Looks like they’re gonna rake in some cash in no time!

Meanwhile, looks like Rize found a lost child as she asked Chino-chan to take care of her.

Then again, how will Chino entertain a lost child while Rize is busy finding her mother?

Well, Chino Kafuu will use her bunny toy to make the lost child laugh. Then again, it looks a bit creepy.

However, it appears that the girl laugh a lot upon seeing Chino’s toy. Seems that she wants to own it, but I don’t know if Chino has a price tag to her toy?

Now then, looks like Rize Tedeza found the mother in which she’s reunited with her daughter. Of course, I wanna know if Chino will ask the mother if she would buy her bunny toy?

Actually, she doesn’t need to put a price tag because Chino gave it away for free. Now the daughter looked so happy owning Chino’s precious bunny toy.

Anyways, looks like Chino-chan and the the rest of Rabbit House made a profit on selling old stuff.

One last thing, the summer uniforms are finally finished. Then again, it looks like a sleeveless version of their old uniform but it’s still looks nice.

But anyways, I’m really happy that GochiUsa is back and even though it’s being animated by a different studio, it still captures the magic from the previous 2 seasons. Now then, I’m looking forward for the next episode!

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