Majo no Tabitabi Episode #02

Well everyone, here’s Elaina where she begins her journey as a witch into the Land of Mages. Would it be better if the country have a cool-sounding name instead of something generic?

Anyways, Elaina will enjoy her time and learn something new there.

Of course, her first day wasn’t that great when a novice magician went straight towards Elaina. Wait, is she gonna crash the witch on purpose?

Anyways, Elaina went down towards the rooftop along with the novice magician. Gotta say that he/she might get angry that the roof tiles got ruined.

Fortunately, Elaina can fix it up using her magic powers. I mean, she’s the Ashen Witch after all.

Not only the roof tiles are fixed, but the novice magician got healed.

Well then, looks like she’s done fixing up everything as Elaina will take her leave and find a place to stay.

Unfortunately, some of the hotels won’t accept Elaina just because she’s a witch. Okay, what’s going on here, is this supposed to be a haven for witches like her?

Oh well, at least Elaina found a rundown inn where she’ll spend the night there. Better than setting up camp outside the city.

Oh yeah, turns out that the rundown inn is being taken care of by that novice magician, now known as Saya as she asked Elaina to spare her life.

Of course, she’s not gonna bring divine retribution as Elaina wants to stay at the inn.

By the way, notice that her brooch is missing. Wait, did Elaina lost it somewhere?

With that said, Elaina tries to find her brooch in the middle of the night, but to no avail. Man, I feel that someone stole her brooch but I don’t know who did it.

Meanwhile, Saya asked Elaina to teach her about witchcraft as it turns out that she’s taking the witch exam, but Saya is struggling to pass the test as her younger sister managed to become a witch.

And while Elaina will gladly teach Saya the ropes, something tells me that the novice is hiding something…

Nah, it’s not like Saya will do anything bad, but I feel her pain of being left out as her younger sister succeeds on becoming a witch.

And so, Elaina trains Saya for a few days until the novice mastered witchcraft. Hmm, this reminds me of the time Fran teaches Elaina back in Episode 1.

While Saya managed to master witchcraft thanks to Elaina, it’s time to find Elaina’s brooch.

Fortunately, it appears that she found some new information as this lady told Elaina about her lost brooch.

Turns out that someone stole it, but who would do such a thing?

Well, Elaina learned that Saya stole it as she ask the novice magician to return her brooch. Wow, straight to the point there.

Of course, Saya denied it as there’s no way she would stole Elaina’s brooch. Really Saya, I wonder if you deliberately crash onto Elaina earlier rather than by accident?

Well actually, it turns out that she really plan to crash onto Elaina so she can steal her brooch.

Oh and the reason why she did it is because Saya is jealous that her younger sister passed the exam, while she’s stuck inside the inn doing menial tasks. Hence, her desperation to become a witch.

But you know what, it seems that Saya has the talent to become a witch as she mastered witchcraft in a few days.

The problem is that she’s not so confident in her skills as Elaina flicks her forehead for a reality check, reminding Saya that she doesn’t need to rely on her presence all the time to succeed.

Of course, if Saya forgot Elaina’s teachings, the Ashen Witch will remind her about that as Elaina gave her hat to Saya as a parting gift. I mean, she’s gonna leave soon y’know.

But yes, looks like Saya apologized for stealing her brooch as she promised to Elaina that she’ll do better in the witch exams. C’mon Saya, you can do it!

Well then, Elaina has finally got her brooch back as she went to another country.

Oh yeah, she’s reading the newspaper in which she found an article on who passed the apprentice witch exam.

Turns out that Saya has not only passed the exam, but also earned top honors. Now I’m hoping that once Saya becomes a witch, she’ll find her younger sister someday.

But that’s about it for the 2nd episode and man, seems that Elaina has transformed from a student of Fran into a teacher towards Saya. Of course, she wants to continue travelling to various places as I’ll see you next time to find out which country she’ll visit.

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